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Why Do I Vomit After Drinking Water During Pregnancy

Why Do I Vomit After Drinking Water During Pregnancy

Vomiting after drinking water during pregnancy is not that uncommon.

It may sound strange since water is neutral, but it happens often. Pregnancy is a period of your life when your body is going through many changes.

Many pregnant women have experienced negative changes connected with their eating, drinking, and digestion.  You’re eating for two now, and it’s normal to feel uncomfortable from time to time.

There are some tips and tricks that can you help to deal with these issues, but sometimes nothing helps. Some women have digestive problems during their whole pregnancy.

This is individual, and someone feels amazing while pregnant, and someone doesn’t. As long as your doctor says you’re healthy, don’t worry. Stress won’t help, and you should focus on something that will take away vomiting, nausea, stomach aches, and similar problems.

This article will help you understand why vomiting after drinking water during pregnancy is common, and how to avoid it.

Why Do I Vomit After Drinking Water During Pregnancy?

If you’re asking yourself – why does water make you nauseous- keep reading and you’ll find answers.

The main reason for vomiting after drinking water during pregnancy is the difference in the temperature of the water and your digestive tract. If you drink a lot of hot or cold water, it could upset your stomach and cause vomiting.

This is why health professionals recommend drinking room-temperature water. It’s amazing to feel that cold water going down your throat, but if your stomach doesn’t want to keep it, don’t drink it.

I’ve never met someone who likes to drink hot water, but I guess there are people who like it. If you’re one of them, stop with that habit if it makes you vomit. During pregnancy, your body is much more sensitive and fragile, and it responds in weird ways.

But, you don’t need to be pregnant to have these problems. It’s possible for men and women who aren’t pregnant to have problems with severe nausea caused by water. As I’ve said, this problem can be solved in no time, by choosing room-temperature water.

This is not the only reason for vomiting after drinking water drinking pregnancy. Maybe your water is contaminated. Maybe your stomach can’t stand a certain brand if you’re drinking bottled water. Maybe you’re just consuming poor-quality water.

Make sure you’re drinking good and clean water. Even if others don’t have problems with water, you should still be careful. You are pregnant and your body catches certain things sooner and faster.

It’s also possible to vomit after drinking water during pregnancy because you’re not following a light and clean diet. Nausea after drinking water could just mean that you ate a lot, and water to all of that is simply too much for your stomach.

Try to pay attention to your diet for a few days, and see what happens. Also, try to eat better, without eating too much in one meal.

Finally, the reason for vomiting after drinking water during pregnancy can simply be a symptom. Severe nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, and acid reflux are quite common during pregnancy.

No matter what you’re eating and drinking, you’re feeling nauseous. It’s awful to have nausea after drinking water because you can’t stop drinking it. Water is very important, especially during pregnancy.

My advice is to drink it in small sips. Occasionally, you can a few lemon drops to your glass of water. It might help.

 How To Help Yourself If The Water Makes You Nauseous?

As you can see, the answer to – why does water make you nauseous- is quite simple. There are a few options, but all of them are easy to understand.

If nausea after drinking water is just a pregnancy symptom, then you can’t do much. Of course, you should still pay attention to the temperature of the water and the quality of the water.

If you’re 100% sure that your water is fine, then you have to experiment with it. As I’ve said, drink your water in smaller sips, or use a straw. This way, the stomach won’t get filled with water fast, and you could avoid vomiting after drinking water.

If your morning sickness and nausea after drinking water is caused by simply not liking the water, try to improve the taste. Water has no taste, but pregnant women can be weird when it comes to food and drinks.

Add some fruit, like lemons or oranges. Cucumbers and fresh mint are also great to add freshness to your water. Of course, drinking plain water is the best option.

Finally, it’s okay to take some medicine for nausea and vomiting. Of course, you have to consult with your doctor, because pregnant women can’t use every medicine. You have to find out which medicine is safe to use during pregnancy.

There are also some natural things that can help you with morning sickness, nausea, and stomach ache.

If you can’t eat because you feel nauseous all the time, it’s okay to use meal replacement shakes sometimes. You can buy them pre-made, but you can also find recipes to make your own shakes. Of course, it can still make you feel sick, but there is a lower chance of that.

If you’re a lucky lady that doesn’t have to deal with morning sickness and nausea, but you’re vomiting after drinking water during pregnancy, the water is the problem.

Check your water quality, and try to drink different water for a few days to see what happens. If you’re still vomiting, then it’s time to experiment with the temperature.

Forget about ice in the water or heating the water. Fill a few water bottles, and keep them on the counter. That way, you will always have room-temperature water.

You could even purchase a water thermometer to be sure. The temperature for drinking water is around 20°C / 68°F.

This may not be the best way to refresh yourself, but if it’s keeping you from vomiting after drinking water during pregnancy, then it’s worth the sacrifice.

It doesn’t matter why water makes you nauseous, you have to drink it slowly. It’s good to drink plenty of water, but don’t chug it all at once. Drink it slowly and enjoy. This will be easier for your stomach.

Sometimes, it is possible that a certain neurological or metabolic illness can cause vomiting after drinking water during pregnancy, but this is rare. If you’re worried about your health, you can always go to the doctor’s office and run some tests.

How To Deal With Pregnancy, Nausea, And Morning Sickness?

If you’re pregnant, you know that nausea and morning sickness are quite normal. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re vomiting after drinking water during pregnancy or because you can’t stand the smell of food.

Vomiting is normal during pregnancy, but it’s not good for your health.

If you vomit a lot, you’re losing water from your body and that leads to dehydration. Dehydration can be dangerous for you and your unborn baby. Water is essential for a baby’s development and growth.

Besides losing water, you’re also irritating your mouth, throat, and digestive food. Your stomach is filled with acid. That acid is responsible for digesting food. When you vomit, you’re also vomiting the acid. It can burn your throat and mouth.

Additionally, it can damage your tooth enamel if you’re vomiting a lot. When you finish vomiting, try to wash your mouth with water, gargle for some time, and then brush your teeth and clean your mouth. You can also drink a little bit of milk to neutralize that acidic taste.

If you’re feeling dehydrated, it’s a good idea to visit the doctor. The doctor will probably give you a saline solution through IV, and you will feel much better. This is the best way to deal with dehydration.

If this is not the best choice for you at the moment, the doctor will give you a prescription for some medicine that will help you. If you’re dehydrated, but still feeling ok, you can also use some home remedies.

Things That Help With Pregnancy Nausea and Morning Sickness

If you’re not into taking medicine to help yourself, you can always try some popular tips and tricks at home. Do whatever you need to do to feel better.

Eating Smaller, More Frequent Meals

If you’re not used to eating small meals, and if you have trouble with pregnancy cravings, this will be a difficult task for you.

However, this is a great way to avoid pregnancy morning sickness, vomiting and stomach ache. Your stomach will have time to digest a smaller amount of food, and the possibility of feeling sick will be decreased.

Eating Bland Food

This definitely doesn’t sound appealing. We all like to eat delicious food that is well-seasoned. Unfortunately, if you’re very sensitive when it comes to pregnancy nausea and vomiting, it’s better to avoid spices, seasonings, and anything else that has a strong flavor.

Eating bland food that is not strong, will help with your digestive problems. It simply won’t irritate your stomach because it’s so plain.

Unseasoned cooked rice, boiled potatoes, soup, lean meats, oatmeal, bread, and crackers are great if you’re not sure what bland food is. Once again, avoid seasonings and spices.


Ginger is amazing for stomach problems and nausea. You can try making ginger tea or find some ginger pills for nausea. Nowadays, you can purchase different ginger snacks to alleviate nausea.

Just make sure you’re buying something safe for pregnant women. Don’t worry, most ginger-based products are safe for pregnant women since they are made to help during pregnancy.

Avoid Unhealthy Food

I know that you’re crazy about chocolate and hamburgers, but slow down a little bit. Even if you know that unhealthy food is not making you sick, avoid it.

Unhealthy food is usually filled with sugars, unhealthy fat, and artificial ingredients. All of this is heavy for your stomach and it increases the chance of nausea and vomiting.

However, if you notice that a certain healthy food is making you sick, you should avoid it too. There are other healthy foods to include in your diet. If something is upsetting your stomach, stop consuming it.

A pregnancy diet can seem complicated, but it’s just a healthy diet with some exceptions. You should always talk with your doctor about your eating habits.

Most women had no problems with pregnancy, delivery, or their babies even though they ate everything. But, it’s always better to make good choices, just in case.

When you eat good food full of nutrients, you can be peaceful and confident that you’re giving your baby everything it needs to grow and develop.

Avoid Strong Smells

Pregnant women have a strong sense of smell. Many women have reported feeling nauseous just because they’ve smelled something. It doesn’t have to be anything bad, it can be something you’ve liked before pregnancy.

Any smell that irritates you should be avoided. In general, every stronger smell should be avoided during pregnancy, just in case.


It sounds impossible to exercise if you’re nauseous, but try to make it happen. Sometimes it’s good for the body to move. As you know, exercising has a lot of benefits, and it could reduce your digestive problems.

So, if there aren’t any obstacles for you to work out, it’s time to get on your feet! Find some safe exercises for pregnant women, or simply go for a walk. This will make you feel energized and refreshed.

Fresh Air

We spend too much time inside. If you’re pregnant and having problems with nausea and vomiting, you’re probably inside all the time. Resting is good, but some fresh air could help you a lot.

Breathing in some fresh is something you need to do not just for yourself, but for your baby too.


Milk is a great drink if you’re vomiting often because it makes your stomach feel better. It also removes that acidic taste from your mouth and throat. Additionally, it also helps with acid reflux.

Almond milk is a great option since almonds are also famous for curing nausea. Almond milk is very healthy and you should inform yourself about this amazing drink.


Massaging your stomach is a great way to ease the pain. You can grab some lotion, and gently massage the whole area of your stomach. This will be good to promote bowel movements and digestion.

Taking Prenatal Vitamins Before Bedtime

Consuming supplements can make you nauseous. When you’re not pregnant, it’s easy to stop using certain vitamins. However, if you are pregnant, you have to take your prenatal vitamins.

They can be difficult to digest, so avoid taking them on an empty stomach. Taking them before bedtime is a great way to avoid nausea and vomiting.

Drinking Water

This probably sounds funny since the main point of this article is vomiting after drinking water during pregnancy. But, the truth is you can’t go on without water.

Water isn’t something you can avoid. You have to be hydrated. Set a goal for yourself to drink enough water. Find the perfect water bottle that will make this process easier and go for it.

As I’ve said, you can make sure to drink water at the right temperature. You can also check the quality of the water. You can try drinking it slowly, in small sips. You have to find a way to deal with this problem.

If you’re vomiting, you still have to drink water because you will get dehydrated. If you truly can’t hold water inside you, then just go to the doctor’s office and ask for medicine.

This pregnancy can’t go on without drinking water, no matter how sick you feel. Many women had to go to the doctor’s office all the time to receive IV fluid. It has to be done because dehydration can cause serious health problems.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Hyperemesis gravidarum is a medical condition that is characterized by constant vomiting and severe nausea during pregnancy. It leads to dehydration and ketosis.

Many experts believe that this condition is caused by changes in your hormonal balance during pregnancy.

As I’ve mentioned before, it can be treated by changing your habits, taking care of your lifestyle, and going to the doctor to get medicines for this.

More serious conditions of hyperemesis gravidarum require constant IV fluid and even total parenteral nutrition. This means giving all the essential nutrients through IV.

It usually goes away after the first 3 months of pregnancy. It’s not fatal and dangerous for you or your baby if you visit your doctor on time to get the care you need.

Vomiting and pregnancy at the same time can drain all of your energy and affect your mental health. Besides, vomiting a few times a day is also bad because of possible weight loss.

Weight loss is not something you want while pregnant. However, some women experience it, and it’s not fun at all.

I’ve already mentioned using meal-replacement shakes, but you can also talk with your doctor about some other alternatives. Maybe your doctor will give you certain vitamins and food supplements to stop the weight loss.

Weight loss during pregnancy is not lethal or too dangerous, but it’s a concern. You have to follow your weight and you have to listen to your doctor’s recommendations.

Mental Health Awareness

If you’re dealing with vomiting and pregnancy at the same time, you’re probably going crazy. This is more upsetting if you even vomit after drinking water during pregnancy.

You feel bad and you look bad. Nothing can stay inside you, not even water. You’re worried and you feel sick. You’re a responsible person, so you go to your healthcare provider.

You’re doing everything you can. Medicines, IV fluids, home remedies, tips, and tricks are not helping, and you feel lost. It will go away. However, this is a physical state that can seriously affect your mental health.

You wanted to have the best pregnancy time ever. You didn’t expect this. You don’t even have time to think about your future baby. You don’t have time to plan every little detail.

At this moment, nothing seems important. You just can’t focus because you feel drained and weak.

You feel defeated and even unhappy sometimes. To be honest, I don’t know how to comfort you. As always, I want you to see a professional and have a good talk. I want you to find love and support in the people around you.

It’s hard for anyone to help you, you just have to be strong. Don’t be alone in this, but know that it’s up to you to endure all of this. It will pass. You will have time and concentration for some happier things.

Pregnancy is a difficult time for all women. Some women have no pregnancy symptoms, and some women feel like they’re being tortured. It’s not fair, but it is what it is.

This is not forever, so don’t think about this too much. Don’t be obsessed with it, and don’t let the negativity poison your mind. The last thing you need right now is anxiety and stress, so take care of yourself and your unborn baby.

Vomiting and severe nausea are bad for you, but stress and sadness can also bring many health problems. So, stay alert and patient.

You could try to find some distractions to your condition. It is well known that the mind is very powerful. Some women have tried listening to white noise, or calming sounds to ease the pain.

There is no harm in trying this, so find something that will calm your mind. Maybe it will calm your stomach too and improve your problem with vomiting during pregnancy.


Vomiting after drinking water during pregnancy is not something unusual. This is one of the pregnancy symptoms that can be very frustrating. It’s hard to limit your water intake, and even if it wasn’t, you shouldn’t be doing that.

This can be even more difficult if you’re pregnant for the first time. You’re probably disappointed that something like this is happening, especially if you’re experiencing more serious symptoms.

Vomiting and pregnancy are hard to endure, but your body was made for this. Luckily, you can easily get medical help. You can also do many things mentioned in this article to help yourself take better care of your pregnancy and baby’s health.

Try to protect your mental stability by thinking about something else. Find the last drop of strength in your body to prepare yourself for a new chapter in your life. One day, you will understand why all of it was worth the pain.

why do I vomit after drinking water during pregnancy

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