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Different Reasons Why to Avoid Banana During Pregnancy

Different Reasons Why to Avoid Banana During Pregnancy

Why to avoid banana during pregnancy?

Well, every momma out there knows that she must be careful while pregnant (in terms of the food she consumes). But then she hears that eating a banana during pregnancy is not okay and then wonders why avoid a banana during pregnancy.

What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Out of all the unhealthy things that pregnant women can eat, why specifically avoid a banana during pregnancy?

Most women think that eating a banana during pregnancy can only benefit them since it’s generally very healthy, and nutritive.

Even though I completely understand where you are coming from, today I’ll mention some things (concerning why to avoid a banana during pregnancy) that just might make things a bit clearer!

Is Eating Banana During Pregnancy Necessarily a Bad Thing?

If you ask a healthcare provider, “Why to avoid a banana during pregnancy?” or if eating a banana during pregnancy can potentially be harmful, a lot of them will tell you that it’s totally fine to consume banana during pregnancy.

But now everything (regarding why to avoid eating a banana during pregnancy topic) becomes even more mind-boggling.

The reality is that eating a banana during pregnancy is actually quite beneficial for you because it’s a spectacular fruit that’s packed with various vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Besides that, if you need some extra energy (you know how most pregnant ladies tend to be lethargic during this period) then grab a banana and you’ll instantly feel more energized.

But just bear in mind that eating a banana during pregnancy must be done in moderation (just like with most food items) to avoid jeopardizing your health (and the baby’s as well).

On the other hand, if by any chance, you are allergic to a banana or you are suffering from a health condition like gestational diabetes, then it wouldn’t be advisable to consume a banana during pregnancy.

Or at least make sure to do it slowly, as soon as your physician gives you the green light.

What are the best options when it comes to eating a banana during pregnancy?

It would be recommendable to opt for a fresh one, instead of overripe bananas. However, as previously stated, first, talk to your doctor before taking any further steps.

Is it Okay to Eat A Banana During Pregnancy Every Day?

Let’s jazz up this topic (why to avoid a banana during pregnancy) a little bit by answering this question. Generally speaking, eating a banana during pregnancy can be very beneficial, since it is widely known that this fruit can alleviate morning sickness.

And as aforementioned, it is filled with various essential minerals, and vitamins, such as vitamin b6, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber.

According to the National Institute of Health, eating a banana during pregnancy is okay if you restrict yourself to four servings per day during pregnancy.

What’s interesting is the fact that this delicious fruit is generally recommendable during the 3dr trimester.

How come?

Well, that’s because, during the third trimester, pregnant women need much more calories (approximately 450 to 500 per day), and since bananas are pretty high in calories (one is over 100 calories), they can be a great addition to your dietary regime.

Various Benefits of Eating Banana During Pregnancy

Let’s put aside the “Why to avoid eating a banana during pregnancy” topic for a brief moment, and focus on a variety of different benefits of eating a banana during pregnancy.

1. Excellent relief from morning sickness and vomiting – As I previously stated (when I was diving into the “Why to avoid eating a banana during pregnancy” topic) this food item can be of huge help to pregnant ladies who are dealing with a wave of morning nausea and vomiting.

Especially in combination with almond milk. Delicious!

2. It can reduce the risk of edema – Unfortunately, a vast majority of pregnant women suffer from water retention, or edema, especially during the second and third trimesters.

And edema is far from a pleasant thing. On the contrary. It can cause swelling of the feet, ankles, and other joints.

That’s why, if by any chance, you notice that your ankle and/or joints are swelling, then stop thinking about why you should avoid a banana during pregnancy, and allow yourself to have some because that’s going to help you decrease edema.

3. A spectacular energy booster – Here I am, repeating myself like a parrot, but I simply must, in order to accentuate important things.

So, let’s conclude once again that it’s a great idea to have a banana during pregnancy, whenever you feel like you lack energy because it’s going to help you get back on your feet in an instant. 

4. Aids in the development of your little one’s nervous system – So whenever someone tries to explain to you why to avoid a banana during pregnancy, just tell them that you are doing it for the benefit of your baby.

Namely, since this yummy fruit is packed with water-soluble Vitamin B6, it’s going to positively influence the development of the central nervous system of your baby. 

Therefore, eating a banana during pregnancy is particularly crucial during the first trimester, if you want to impact the baby’s nervous system.

5. Decreases the chances of potential birth defects in your baby – Besides being loaded with various minerals, and vitamins, this food item contains folate as well, which is an amazing thing for the baby’s spinal cord and brain.

In addition, eating a banana during pregnancy enhances folate levels in your body, which means, that at the same time, it will reduce the chances of folate deficiency, which sadly, can lead to numerous birth defects in the baby.

6. Perfectly controls blood pressure – Most pregnant women know that blood pressure can fluctuate during pregnancy. If you want to stabilize it, then make sure to eat a banana during pregnancy because it’s going to help you avoid this inconvenience.

7. Great skin & haircare – As stated above (here comes the broken record), bananas are packed with vitamin C, widely known as ascorbic acid, which is crucial for the absorption of iron in your body.

But besides that, it also positively affects your bones, hair, and skin. Another great thing about vitamin C is the fact that it assists in fighting infections.

So if you want to provide yourself (and your little angel) with huge amounts of vitamin C, then eating a banana during pregnancy should be part of your regular routine.

8. Helps you get rid of that awful heartburn – Why to avoid a banana during pregnancy when this omnipotent fruit can effectively safeguard your tummy and oesophageal walls from gastric acid?

No pregnant lady loves dealing with these things, hence there’s no reason for them to avoid eating a banana during pregnancy when it can help them keep heartburn and acidity at bay.

9. Ideal for bone development – Bananas are a good source of calcium, which is essential for the development of bones in both the mother and baby.

More importantly, it is important for the regulation of muscle contraction, consequently bananas should be part of your diet.

After everything that’s been written so far, I do not see a single reason why to avoid a banana during pregnancy. However, maybe the facts below will prove me wrong. Let’s see what’s lurking below!

Important Reasons Why to Avoid a Banana During Pregnancy

Now, let’s move on to the “Why to avoid a banana during pregnancy” topic that’s going to reveal some relevant info.

1. It increases the risk of an increase in glycemic index – I know that a lot of women love to eat bananas due to numerous health benefits and because they are a great substitute for food items that are high in sugar.

However, what you need to know is that bananas contain lots of sugar, meaning that you can potentially boost sugar levels in your body, which can increase the chance of having diabetes gestational.

I know that it’s hard to resist them, but if you want them to be perceived as “pregnancy safe”, then you simply must consume them in moderation.

2. You’ll be sleepier – Although I previously stated that bananas are great energy boosters, however, it’s worth mentioning that they are packed with Tryptophan which represents an amino acid that can lead to excessive sleepiness.

And there’s no need to remind you that something like this can cause symptoms such as anxiety, stress, mood swings, and restlessness.

Consequently, if you’re afraid of suffering from any of these issues (or any other pregnancy related problems), make sure to consult the doctor first before you start indulging in bananas.

3. Worsens headaches/migraines – In case you didn’t know, this fruit is high in Amino acids which can easily turn to Tyramine, which is a natural compound that can trigger serious headaches.

And since pregnancy is already difficult (at times), you do not want to worsen things by having serious headaches, and/or migraines.

4. Tooth decayIt’s safe to consume bananas in moderation; however, if you binge on them, it can cause issues with your teeth, like tooth decay.

And you already know how painful it can be. Therefore, if you want to avoid this, then do not consume it in excess.

5. Let’s discuss hyperkalemia – As stated previously, bananas are a great source of potassium, which is beneficial for both you and your baby.

But on the flip side, if you overconsume them, it can trigger hyperkalemia, which can disrupt the functioning of nerves and cells, which is not good for your overall well-being and the well-being of the fetus.

So, yes, you can include bananas in your diet, but just be sure not to eat them uncontrollably.

6. They can cause constipation – It is widely known that the metabolism rate of your body lowers drastically when you’re pregnant.

Although this fruit is rich in soluble fiber (which can speed up the process of digestion), if you overeat bananas, you’ll be suffering from constipation, which then leads to bloating, gas issues, and many other not-so-desirable things.

If you wish to prevent that, then I suggest at least eating ripe bananas because they are less likely to cause this.

7. Increases the risk of miscarriage – one of the biggest reasons why to avoid a banana during pregnancy is precisely because of this.

So what’s the deal with this?

Namely, a banana contains something like a latex-like substance, known as “Chitinase” that can cause body heat.

If you eat it in excess, it can seriously negatively impact your health and the health of your baby, causing a miscarriage, early labor, or any other serious complications.

Therefore, you should take things seriously (concerning why to avoid a banana during pregnancy) if you want to prevent this.

How to Properly Include Banana In Your Diet During Pregnancy?

Now that I’ve given you a plethora of reasons why to avoid a banana during pregnancy, I would like to give you some tips that will help you add it slowly to your diet (in a healthy way) to prevent all those potential complications from arising.

Banana milkshake – One of the best ways of eating a banana during pregnancy is through a milkshake. It is generally a great idea even for weight loss because it’s a healthy meal replacement that can quickly be made at home.

All you have to do is mix a ripe banana with milk, or yogurt, and voila. You got yourself a refreshing, tasty, yet healthy drink!

Banana OatmealIf you’re looking for something that’s also easy to make, yet very nutritive, then you should definitely opt for banana oatmeal.

This can either be a fulfilling snack or even a meal. So all you have to do is mix yogurt, sliced bananas, and nuts and then add this mixture to your oatmeal and you’re good to go.

Banana fries – If you’re craving some form of healthy fast food, then this is the best thing to consume while pregnant.

First things first, be sure to marinate raw bananas with chili powder, turmeric powder, and lemon juice.

And then this batch is supposed to be fried in oil (use coconut oil, olive oil, or any other healthy oil) so you can get something that is crispy, yet yummy.

Of course, just like with everything else, make sure to consume this in moderation, because even though it’s a healthy snack, it still swims in oil.


Yes, I know that this article is loaded with contradictions because I’ve given your plenty of reasons why to avoid a banana during pregnancy, and why it’s beneficial to consume it.

But the whole point of it was to introduce you to the consequences when you do something in excess. If you act wisely and avoid any form of exaggeration, then nothing can go wrong. So go ahead and treat yourself to one banana for me.

why to avoid banana during pregnancy


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