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Weird Things That Happen Before Labor

Weird Things That Happen Before Labor

Weird things that happen before labor are always good to memorize.

Every woman is different, and every body is unique. We all have different symptoms, and it’s good to know the usual ones and the unusual ones.

Sometimes you feel that it’s time to have that baby, but all those normal signs are missing. You know that some other things are happening, but you don’t know if they’re just weird signs labor is near.

This article will help you learn some weird things that happen before labor that will convince you that our bodies work in mysterious ways.

Weird Things That Happen Before Labor

If some of the things I mention describe you, don’t feel weird. These sings are simply interesting and odd, but they’re actually normal.

The human body is always full of surprises, and you’re not the only woman in the world to experience these things.

Acne And Pimples

Pregnancy is the chapter of our lives where our hormones are working like crazy. Many women have skin issues during pregnancy. Having acne is not uncommon for pregnant women.

However, most women experience bad acne breakouts during the first trimester. If you haven’t had any breakouts in the last trimester, and suddenly you see some acne, this may be one of the weird signs labor is near.

Don’t worry about breaking out, it will go away. Focus on more important things that are coming.


Most women have an increased appetite during their whole pregnancy. Some of them have no appetite at all. Once again, pregnancy and hormones are doing their work. Many women have witnessed that a change in their appetite.

For example, if you had a big appetite during pregnancy and you notice it’s decreasing, it could be a sign of labor.

Or if you had a decreased appetite, and you suddenly have the need to eat everything you find, this could mean your delivery is coming.

Braxton Hicks Contractions

Some people call Braxton Hicks’s contractions the fake contractions. Many experts say that this is not a sign of labor, but in most cases, it means your delivery is near.

Braxton Hicks contractions are tightening of your abdomen and uterus. They’re a bit painful, but they do prepare your uterus and cervix for delivery.

Some women say Braxton Hicks are not painful at all, they just feel uncomfortable. Since most experts say Braxton Hicks are not a sign of labor, it definitely belongs on the list of weird things that happen before labor.


Nausea, dizziness, and weakness are famous pregnancy symptoms. However, most of these things happen at the beginning of pregnancy.

If your due date is near, and you start feeling nauseous and dizzy, it’s possible that your labor will start soon.

Try to alleviate your symptoms with something you’ve already used because nobody wants to feel weak while waiting for their labor to start.

If your nausea and dizziness don’t go away, it’s good to consult with your doctor. Check your blood pressure and blood sugar to make sure everything is fine.

Exhaustion and Fatigue

Feeling tired and exhausted is something that most women experience during their whole pregnancy.

However, if you feel more tired than usual, this might be one of the weird things that happen before labor.

Try to energize yourself with some nutritious food or drink. If the exhaustion lasts for a few days, you should see a doctor just to check up on everything.

Lower Back Pain

The last trimester of pregnancy can be hard for your spine, back, hips, and joints. The baby is growing and sometimes it’s hard to carry all that weight. This is one of the weird signs labor is near because your body is in pain.

You’re so close to the finish line, and that baby is getting bigger. Your body wants to be free, and it’s giving you signs that it’s tired of carrying the baby.

Being Hot Or Cold

You’ve probably experienced being very hot or cold while pregnant, even though everybody else in the room were doing fine.

If you’re close to giving birth and you start feeling very cold for no reason or very hot, this might be a weird sign labor is near.

Baby’s Activity Has Increased

If you notice that your baby is kicking a lot and moving around, it could be one of the weird things that happen before labor.

It’s well known that babies can kick even during contractions, so don’t be scared that something is wrong.

Baby Has Dropped Lower To Your Pelvis

If your belly looks lower than before and if you feel more pressure on your bladder and lower part of the pelvis, it probably means that the baby has dropped lower.

When the labor is near, the baby is also preparing by dropping its head lower, so it’s ready to come out. This is also called “Lightening” or “Lightening Crotch”

Having The Urge To Pee

Most pregnant women urinate often because the baby in the womb is pressuring the bladder.

However, if it’s worse than usual, then your baby probably dropped lower and now your bladder is under more pressure than before.

So, even if you don’t notice that your pregnant belly has dropped and it hangs lower, you might realize it because you will be going to the bathroom all the time.

Loose Stools

Loose stools or diarrhea are also in the group of weird signs that can happen before getting into labor. Many health experts claim that this is not a sign of labor, but many women have testified that they had stool problems just before the labor.

I believe our subconscious mind is aware of many things, and all our fear and stress about giving birth are transferred to certain actions.

Diarrhea is often a consequence of stress, so this is a labor sign that can definitely happen.

Your Need To Prepare Everything

If you feel a sudden need to “nest”, once again your mind is probably aware of certain things you’re not.

You want to make sure everything is ready for your little one, and you’re doing everything in your power to prepare everything essential.

Cervix Dilatation

It’s possible that your cervix dilates a few days before the labor. This doesn’t seem like one of the unusual things before giving birth, but most women feel this on the delivery date.

You probably won’t feel it, but if you have a check-up, the doctor may notice it and expect delivery soon.

Mucus Plug

Mucus plus is what it sounds like – a plug made of mucus that is protecting your cervix during pregnancy.

It’s there to protect your pregnancy and keep you safe. When you lose a mucus plug, it’s positive that labor is near.

This is not one of the weird things that happen before labor, but sometimes losing the mucus plug happens earlier, and you might wait for a few days to give birth.

Of course, you still have to visit a doctor, but don’t be surprised if everything lasts a while. Losing a mucus plug is not painful, but it can feel weird.

Your Water Breaks

This is also a common sign of labor, but there are a few things you should know about this topic.

First of all, every woman’s experience of water breaking is different. Someone feels a pop, and someone feels like the urine is flowing.

It’s common to lose a little urine and think that it’s your water. As I’ve mentioned, your bladder is pressured and you can’t feel anything right.

Try to smell and inspect the fluid to see if is it urine or amniotic fluid. It’s also possible that you experience different symptoms, but your water doesn’t break.

Don’t wait for this to happen. It’s possible to have contractions without your water breaking. Sometimes a doctor has to pop it, to get the baby out. This is why it’s good to know some do’s and don’ts before being induced.

Your Pet Is Nervous

Many people aren’t aware of animals’ intuition and sensations. If they can help police to find people and objects, why couldn’t they feel your baby coming?

If your dog or a cat is nervous and whining, it’s possible that your labor is near even if you don’t feel any symptoms.

They will try to cuddle with you and warn you, and you probably won’t know what to do.

Mood Swings

I always like to point out that pregnancy is a time of hormonal changes and challenges.

If you’re moody, it’s a sign that your labor is near. Your brain and hormones are preparing for the baby even when you think that delivery is far away.

Your Breathing Is Better

Most women will notice that the baby has dropped lower just by looking at their tummy or going to the bathroom all the time. However, some women don’t notice those signs. They notice that they breathe easier like there is no pressure.

This happens because the baby dropped, and it’s not pressuring your lungs anymore, so it’s easier to breathe.

Wet Pants

There is no reason to be ashamed if pregnancy caused difficulties with holding your urine. The pressure is big sometimes, and you’re not always close to the restroom.

However, some women experienced problems with holding their urine before labor. The pressure is sometimes so big that you don’t even feel that something is happening.

It’s usually a small amount of urine, but you feel it when your pants get wet.

Another common thing that could make your crotch wet is vaginal discharge. When labor is near, your vaginal discharge changes and sometimes it’s so runny that it feels like urine.

It may be thicker than usual, but that is something you will also notice and feel on your underwear.

Cramps And Stomach Pain

If you feel cramps and pain in your stomach that reminds you of your period pain, the labor may be near.

It’s also possible to have a weird feeling in your stomach. Our intestines tend to work faster when we’re nervous, but you might not have diarrhea. You just feel like something is happening in your stomach.

Burst Of Energy

Some women feel tired, and some women complain about feeling lower back pain. Others lose their mucus plug, and some feel energized.

Sometimes, our body is preparing for contraction and pushing without us being aware of it. Besides, a burst of energy is always welcome, so don’t worry about this weird sign of labor.


Many women like to rely on certain medical rules, symptoms, and confirmed signs when it comes to labor.

I am also one of them because, in that situation, you want to have faith in all those health professionals around you.

However, a woman’s intuition is not just something we like to brag about. It’s real and it’s there.

I always like to read experiences about woman’s intuition and gut feelings. It would amaze you how “a feeling” can be real.

Intuition applies to labor a lot. Our mind is an unexplored field, and as I’ve said before – our brain knows things and sometimes we’re not aware of them.

I believe in intuition, but when it comes to mothers and their children, I believe even more. When you feel and somehow know that your baby is coming in the next few days, it will probably come.

Even if there are no symptoms, and even if the doctors are laughing at you – the chances of giving birth are high.

You can’t make anyone believe you, but it’s enough to believe in yourself. Make some final preparations for the baby, relax, and wait.

Mom always feels her baby and she feels that something is about to happen. Don’t dismiss your feelings.

However, I want to warn you about something. Having this feeling and expecting your little one even if there are no signs of labor is common, but there is something you have to control in certain cases.

Our bodies and minds are more connected than we think. If it’s still early for your baby to come out, and you feel like something is happening, please visit a doctor to make sure everything is okay.

If everything is fine, then you have to stop thinking about it. It’s like a placebo – your mind might convince your body it’s time to give birth when it isn’t.

So please be careful with your thoughts and beliefs. Sometimes they are much stronger than we think, and their effect is not always positive.

Preparing For Labor

Now that you know some unusual signs of early labor that are warning you that the end of pregnancy is near, it’s good to know what you can do.

The first thing to do when you feel some labor signs is to prepare a hospital bag. Most doctors will give you a list of essential things, but you can always add something that will come in handy.

Before you start packing a hospital bag, ask your partner to install the baby’s car seat. This is also important if you feel that the baby is coming soon.

Packing a hospital bag is important because you never know how long your labor will last. You might even end up having a C-section. Make a list, so you don’t forget anything.

You will need some postpartum pads or postpartum diapers. A maternity bra is also important if you want to breastfeed.

Hygiene essentials are a must, and some cozy, soft clothes too. Make sure to wear something you don’t mind ruining. Postpartum bleeding happens when you least expect it.

Don’t forget your ID, hospital documents, and other relevant documentation. Your birth plan should also be in that hospital bag if you have one.

You probably won’t forget your phone, but the phone charger might stay at home. So, make sure to double-check for a charger.

Bring some snacks that can be in that bang for days – a protein bar or some crackers. Of course, you can always add something you like – a book to read, headphones, a pillow, or cosmetic products.

I suggest bringing a hemorrhoid ointment even if you don’t have hemorrhoids now. They might pop out while giving birth.

It’s always good to bring some things to keep you busy if you’re scheduled for a C-section or induction. You’re lucky to have this option since in some countries women can’t bring some of their stuff. They have to use what the hospital gives them.

I suggest packing everything you want and need, but don’t push it. You don’t need a large suitcase. If something goes in another direction, someone can always bring you something you need from home.

Preparing a hospital bag and installing a baby’s car seat is a priority, but if you know that the baby is coming, it’s good to take a shower or a bath.

Doctors and nurses don’t really care if you’re sweaty or hairy, but if you’re someone who will feel embarrassed, fix yourself up before going to the hospital.

Your partner can help you. Many women schedule a waxing appointment when as soon as they reach the 9th month of pregnancy.

Wash yourself thoroughly and remove nail polish if you have one. Removing gel nails or fake nails is a bit harder at home, but this is something you should do earlier.

Many things can be noticed on human nails, so it’s better to keep them clean and short. Besides, shorter nails are essential to hold your baby safely.

It’s also good if you can have a bowel movement. In the past, the nurses would give you an enema to flush you out, but nowadays it’s not so common.

Most women poop while pushing, so if you want to avoid it, try to poop before going to the hospital.

Once again, health professionals don’t care about these things, but you might feel better.

Another part of the preparation for labor is eating. Being hungry won’t help you to give birth. Choose something healthy and filling.

If you’re feeling the symptoms of labor for a few days already, but nothing is happening, it’s good to start perineal massage if you haven’t already.

This means massaging your perineum and entrance of the vagina with two fingers and some oil. This will stretch out the area, and the delivery will be easier. Doing perineal massage will also prevent episiotomy and tissue rupture.

Last but not least, learn some positive birth affirmations.

I’ve mentioned that the mind is much more powerful than we think. Positive thoughts and positive words will help you to survive this the easy way.

Additionally, learn more about the golden hour. You need that knowledge for yourself and your baby.


There are many usual and usual signs of labor. I am sure that this article gave you some information about labor that you’ve never heard before.

At the end of the day, everything is normal. There are no normal and weird things when we talk about pregnancy and birth.

Everything is normal and possible. As I always like to say, every woman is unique and whatever you feel might be a sign of something.

As a woman who is about to become a mom, you’re probably tired, confused, and worried. All of these things are probably making you even more anxious.

I would like to tell you to stop learning new things, facts, and signs, but it’s always better to know, so keep exploring.

Giving birth is very difficult, and you want to prepare yourself. Preparation is essential, especially if you’re an anxious person

It’s okay to feel scared and stressed, but try to stay realistic and careful. Don’t lose your focus because this is the time of your life when you need it the most.

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