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Positive Birth Affirmations

Positive Birth Affirmations

Positive birth affirmations are more important than you think. Your mind is the most powerful tool.

When your thoughts and your attitude are in the right place, it’s much easier to survive something.

Pregnancy and birth are beautiful and challenging at the same time. These periods of your life are something that you will remember forever.

Some things can’t be changed. Some things are physical; no matter how you feel about it, you need medical assistance.

Sometimes you know in advance that pregnancy and birth will be complicated for you. Every woman is unique.

However, I want you to learn some of the positive birth affirmations. Stress is your biggest enemy during pregnancy and delivery.

Affirmations and positive thoughts can calm you down. They can keep you under control and they can help you do endure difficult moments you’re going through.

If you have no idea which birth affirmations could help you to feel more confident, read this article and help yourself.

Positive Birth Affirmations

It’s easy to find positive quotes for birth and affirmations that will make you feel peaceful. However, I will try to explain the meaning of these empowering, birth affirmations.

That way, you will be convinced that it’s all true. These affirmations are not something to amuse you. They are the truth.

I Trust My Body And Baby, They Were Made For This.

When you’re giving birth, you will think that you can’t do it. You will be in labor pain and you will be scared.

Giving birth is not easy, but you can do it. You will think you can’t do it when you’re giving birth.

Your body was made to go through this. You can endure the pain and you can push that baby out.

If you memorize this particular birth affirmation, it will help you to stay strong in every moment of your childbirth.

Whenever you feel like giving up, stop thinking about everything else, and repeat to yourself that your body knows what to do. Your body is capable of giving birth.

I Am Relaxed And Happy Because My Baby Is Coming.

This positive birth affirmation is probably the most powerful one. After all, you’re becoming a mom now.

Everything you did during pregnancy was to protect your baby. Everything you’ve sacrificed was for the sake of your child. When you’re giving birth, sometimes you can’t keep going. You’re tired and you’re out of strength.

But, when you remember that you have to power through because of that little baby, the strength in you grows.

After all, many doctors will try to encourage you by saying something about your baby. As a mom, you will always find the last drop of power inside you to fight for your baby.

Therefore, try to use this birth affirmation to remind yourself that all the pain and fight will pay off. You will hold your baby sooner than you think, so try to stay strong.

With Each Deep Breath, I feel Better And I Am Closer.

Learning the right breathing techniques is very important. Deep, slow breaths will make the whole process easier.

However, it can be hard to do this when you’re in a lot of pain. That’s why you should use this birth affirmation.

It will remind you to save your strength for pushing. Breathing too fast will make you tired. The right breathing technique will relax you and help you to deliver your baby a lot faster.

It’s good to start learning the right breathing technique as soon as possible. It can also help you during pregnancy. Deep breathing is helpful during stress and certain pregnancy symptoms.

I Am Fearless And Brave.

Pregnancy, labor, and delivery are not simple at all. It’s okay to be scared and worried. You’re just a human being and you’re afraid of something you don’t know.

However, you have to remember that you can do this. You should have more faith and you should believe your instincts.

Build your confidence and courage with this birth affirmation. Become fearless and brave, because you have that inside yourself.

I Can’t Go Around It, I Have To Go Through It.

This birth affirmation is great if you’re scared and if the contractions have started. No matter how nervous, worried, and scared you are, you can’t go back.

You have to go through this and there is no point in being dramatic. Don’t panic and don’t give up.

There is no other way to do this and you are stronger than you think. Stop with negative thoughts and believe in yourself more.

Pain And Labor Are A Part Of The Process. I Let It Be. I Know It Will Be Over Soon. My Body Is Strong.

It would be a lie to say that childbirth doesn’t hurt at all. It’s painful and most women are surprised when they endure that kind of pain.

There is no need to lie and say that it’s not painful and hard when it is. The pain is normal and expected.

Your mind controls your body. If you strengthen your mind with birth affirmations like this one, you will be able to control your body and fear better.

Everything will be easier and you will be calm and relaxed. You know what’s coming and you know that it’s going to hurt. You trust your body.

So, don’t lose control over yourself and focus on delivering your little angel. Your mind should be free from negativity and fear.

With Every Contraction, I Reach Through Heaven And Hell, Life And Death, And Bring New Life To This World.

All these birth affirmations will help you to detach yourself from the pain. This particular birth affirmation is quite poetic to me.

It’s not just about saying something realistic, it’s about showing the power of a mother.

Every woman is a hero and every woman goes through a lot to create, deliver, and raise a child. You are a miracle and you’re the one that will bring another miracle to this world.

You should feel special because you truly are special. You should feel strong and unique because that kind of thinking will give you the energy to endure this challenge.

I Have Time, Support, And All The Tools I Need To Process My Experience And Find Myself In It.

Luckily, we live in modern times when everything is so accessible and simple. You can create your personal birth plan, and you can decide about everything.

Of course, sometimes plans have to change for the sake of you or your baby, but most of the time, you can do things the way you want them to.

This is amazing because it will give you power and control. It will be easier to deal with everything when you realize that you can control this.

You are allowed to do things your way. You’re the mother and you’re the one who’s going to bring a new person into this world.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask for the things you need. Don’t be afraid to be heard and seen by everyone around you

I Will Heal.

Childbirth is not only about physical pain. It’s also about going through that pain and other challenges. You will be hurt. You will be in pain.

You will feel overwhelmed and drained. But, you will heal. The most important thing to remember is that you’re a superwoman.

If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Moreover, don’t reject help. You deserve someone or something that will help you heal.

You will heal, and it might take some time. You will heal because your baby needs you to be happy and healthy.

My Body Achieves What My Mind Believes.

This birth affirmation is the best explanation of birth affirmations in general. Everything is controlled by your brain. Your mind, your thoughts, and your attitude are essential for everything that happens to you.

So, use that power to survive these challenging times without trying too hard. Reshape your mindset and learn to be the master of your mind and body.

Your pregnancy and childbirth could be something easy and peaceful if you learn to protect yourself with powerful words.

Birth Plan

I’ve mentioned that it’s a good idea to include birth affirmations in your birth plan. However, maybe you don’t have a birth plan.

It’s okay to just go with it. It’s okay to go with the flow. But, if you want to make this process easier, think about creating a birth plan.

You don’t have to go into details, and you don’t have to come up with some unusual things. Just think about the things you want.

Think about your options. Nowadays, you can even organize childbirth at home or in the water. You can ask for epidural or other medications.

Write down your wishes and tell everybody what you want. Give your doctor a copy of your birth plan if needed. This is a great chance to purchase a mom planner that will be beneficial for other things too.

You can talk about C-section and episiotomy. It’s good to say your thoughts out loud. That way, other people will know them and they will try to follow them.

There is a small chance for something to go wrong, and it’s okay if your birth plan changes in that case. But, since it’s a small chance of that, it’s good to use your rights and options.

It’s perfectly normal to include birth affirmations in your plan. Most women just repeat their affirmations and take deep breaths.

Some women bring posters or music with their encouraging affirmations. It’s a good way to stay focused on them. Your body and baby will thank you for taking care of your mental power.

What Else Is Helpful?

This article gave you some of the best birth affirmations. If you’re wondering what else could make your childbirth easier, stay with me.

The first thing is the birth plan I’ve mentioned above. Talk with your doctor about your options. Speak up about your desires and preferences. If something is not possible, the doctor will tell you. That way, you will make the perfect plan with realistic expectations.

Another thing that will calm your mind is being prepared for your baby. It’s good to buy everything you need. Don’t buy everything and don’t buy too much. For example, buy some baby clothes, but don’t buy a lot of them.

Your baby might be bigger and the clothes won’t fit. Find some cute baby clothes. After all, it’s easy to amuse yourself with baby clothing trends.

Prepare the crib, pillows, and blankets. Feel free to get the best pacifier for your little one in case you want to use it. Buy the things for bathing the baby, and skin care products for your body and the baby’s body.

It’s also good to buy some lactation drinks in case you have problems with breastfeeding. Raspberry leaf tea is also great for the postpartum period.

Try to think about everything you might need and prepare yourself. This will make you feel confident and in control which will chase away your fears and insecurities. Self-care and organization will show you the right path to mental calmness.

Positive Birth Affirmations For Partners And Family

There are many birth affirmations out there that will help you to be braver and stronger. You just have to find the ones that inspire you. You can even come up with your own affirmations.

You’re the queen of this event. You’re the most important and you have to go through this.

However, since most women have a partner who will also become a parent, it’s a good idea to teach them about positive birth affirmations.

If someone from your family will be there for you during childbirth, it’s good to empower them too.

You may be wondering why are birth affirmations important for them. First of all, they should know your favorite affirmations. This way, if you get distracted, they will help you to remember and use them.

Secondly, they should also have some inspirational affirmations to remind them that they are important. Their love and support for you and the baby matter.

So, I will give you some great positive affirmations to pass it on.

I Am Just Who My Family Needs.

Pregnancy, labor, and childbirth are something you can compete with. However, a child needs more than one person. A child needs two parents and a loving family.

If you’re going to welcome a baby into your life, you must be nervous. You’re probably thinking about everything and you’re insecure.

Don’t be. Be confident and strong. You can be an important part of this birth experience if you make an effort.

Be supportive and show your kindness and care for the mom. Just be there with her and give her everything she needs. You need to be her rock right now and you can do this.

This Is My Experience Too.

It’s okay to acknowledge that mom is the main thing in this whole process of pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding, and similar. That is true.

However, if you’re part of that baby’s family, this is your magic period too. You shouldn’t run away from it. Embrace it and cherish it.

You can learn so many things and you can enrich your life with this experience. Even if the mom is not so interested in giving you a chance to present, make an effort. Show her that you care and that you want to be a part of all this.

I Am Proud Of You.

If you know pregnancy and childbirth are difficult, don’t be afraid to speak up about it. Your presence and kind words could do wonders for the mom.

You have to encourage her, and tell her that you’re proud of her. Speak up and tell her that she is amazing.

Her body is amazing and she can do this. You need to say your feelings out loud.

I Embrace My Partner’s Strength And Beauty At This Moment.

A lot of people, especially dads, have changed their perspective about children, pregnancy, and delivery, after being there to witness all of it.

It’s scary because it’s real. Real life is not a movie where everything scary and ugly is hidden behind the scenes.

You’re there to see it all. You’re there to see vomiting, crying, swollen feet, hairy body, swollen legs, hemorrhoids, stretch marks, scars, and everything else that can occur during pregnancy.

You’re there to see your partner lose a mucus plug. You’re there to see how painful contractions are. You see the mom pushing and screaming. You see her broken and in pain.

This can be shocking, but this is real. It’s real and it’s beautiful because it’s a part of creating a new life. There are some other things that could happen too that are not very pleasant to see and experience.

It’s hard to see them, but it’s even harder to feel them and go through them. So, take a moment and realize that mom is a superhuman being.

She is strong and fierce. She is suffering just to have her baby in her arms. She is experiencing this to get a chance to meet the baby. Understand this and appreciate it.

That kind of strength is beautiful and raw. It’s inspiring and life-changing. Be grateful for everything and show your love and respect.

We Breathe Together Through Each Contraction, And Soon We Will Hold The Baby Together.

Just because you’re the one who’s pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the process. When the time for giving birth comes, you should be there for the mom.

Breathe with her, and repeat affirmations for birth. You need to be her support and her light in the darkness.

You’re doing this for her and the baby. You have to be stronger and braver. You have to find the fire inside you.

Is Childbirth So Difficult?

You may be wondering are labor and birth are so difficult that you need affirmations to help you. Well, they are. That’s why I gave the best affirmations to use.

It’s something natural and beautiful. It’s something that will change your life for the better. However, it’s hard.

Natural childbirth is difficult, and C-section is also difficult because of the recovery. Many women have had problems with C-section scars for a long time.

Many women suffer from physical and mental trauma after they go through childbirth. So, it’s better to prepare yourself.

Use everything you can to make it easier. Besides plans, medications, and preparations, find support in people, affirmations, and quotes.

Everything can be useful. You don’t what is waiting for you. You should prepare and there is no harm in learning some encouraging words. It can only be helpful and inspiring.

Pregnancy can also be difficult and challenging, but it’s a great time to learn and prepare for everything that’s coming. With the right mindset, you can prevent many things.

Childbirth is painful and hard, but it will bring you something magnificent. You will finally meet your baby and everything will make sense.

When you look into your baby, you will realize that good things require a lot of effort and strength.


Positive birth affirmations are a great way to prepare yourself for childbirth. Some people find them silly, but they work. Your mind is your greatest weapon and you should use it for many things.

Many studies have shown that your mind can affect your physical state. If you learn to control your thoughts, you could do wonders with your body. As you know, giving birth is painful and hard.

It’s hard to endure all that pain. Simple birth affirmations could help you to ignore the pain and focus on the pushing. This way, you will have your baby faster and you will feel better.

Affirmations will prevent panic attacks, exhaustion, and excruciating pain. Therefore, you should try them. The best thing to do is to write some of them on a piece of paper and learn them.

You can also make your own affirmations that will motivate you to keep your composure.

The best thing to do for yourself is to prepare. All of this is natural, but when you’re aware of everything and you’re prepared, your mind is more peaceful and your mental stability will lead the way.

This is the time of your life that will change everything. It would be nice to have good memories connected to it. So, try to make those good memories by learning how to stay calm, present, and focused.

Prepare yourself to give birth and prepare yourself for the postpartum period. Learn more about breastfeeding, postpartum recovery, and everything else that’s waiting for you down the road.

Free yourself from fear and explore other ways to stay strong during the labor. You have to trust yourself and your words.

positive birth affirmations

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