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15 Exhausted and Tired Mom Quotes

15 Exhausted and Tired Mom Quotes

Being a superhero mom is hard work. Yes, it’s fulfilling and, yes, it’s rewarding, but being a mom is both physically and emotionally exhausting. For that reason precisely, we have compiled a list of exhausted and tired mom quotes to uplift and restore your energy.

Sometimes, you just need a little push to keep going, a little wind in your sails.

Our selection of exhausted and tired mom quotes provides a little pick-me-up for moms that are finding it demanding to take on the countless responsibilities of being a parent.

So, if you’re feeling tired on a regular basis, overwhelmed with responsibilities, stressed to the brink of tears, let us help you find strength.

Take the time to sit down and connect with superhero moms across the world who, like you, are keeping everything from falling apart.

From a lack of sleep to the endless housework, exhausted and tired mom quotes offer a breath of fresh air.

Reading these quotes reminds you that you’re not alone, that you have a purpose, and that you can only take care of those you love by taking care of yourself.

On top of that, we aim to shed light on various life-changing tips for moms experiencing burnout.

From knowing when to say no to practicing self-care, these coping strategies allow you to handle the stress and the chaos of being a mother gracefully and diligently.

How Quotes Help You Feel Less Alone

When life gets hectic, words can be eye-opening.

In the midst of the chaos, quotes for an overwhelmed mom offer sanctuary.

They express wisdom and awaken motivation. Things you might have missed become clearer. Things you obsessed pointlessly about lose their weight as your mind and awareness sharpen.

Reading quotes impacts you in a positive way.

Let’s explore how, precisely.

When you’re struggling to stay on top of things, quotes provide validation. Often, being a mom is an isolating experience. You feel as if your problems are only yours with no one to offer a helping hand. Therefore, feeling validated for your experiences is important.

Stress is a part of us and we all need coping strategies. Reading quotes from exhausted and tired moms reminds you that you’re not alone and that you can overcome whatever challenges you face. Quotes remind you about the importance of prioritizing self-care.

Sometimes, however, humor is the best tool mothers have. After all, laughter provides stress relief. By reading exhausted and tired mom quotes, you will often come across humorous and relatable sayings, which help you tackle and overcome everyday stress.

Another benefit of reading quotes is finding a sense of empowerment. Every woman needs to know how to empower herself, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Remind yourself that you’re doing your very best and that perfection isn’t attainable.

Maybe the most important benefit of reading exhausted and tired mom quotes is the feeling of connection. It helps to know that you’re not alone. Other moms everywhere are going through the same thing. Let that energy uplift you and nourish your connection.

The benefits of reading stressful mom quotes are many, but you have so many other self-care tools at your disposal. We will explore them later. For now, let’s dive into the world of exhausted and tired mom quotes and help boost your energy and make sense of things.

Quotes to Get You Through a Sleepless Night

Not getting enough sleep?

We know how it feels.

Motherhood is filled with sleepless nights, but it doesn’t have to feel hopeless. Getting a full night’s sleep isn’t easy, and it can be extremely mentally draining.

Waking up to feed or calm a crying baby is stressful, but there are certain ways to navigate this problem.

Mental fortitude is important. The way you achieve it is through self-care.

By reading exhausted and tired mom quotes, you can reflect, find comfort and even expand your knowledge with tips on navigating sleep deprivation as a tired and overwhelmed mom.

‘Sleep when your baby sleeps.’ Everyone knows this classic tip, but I say why stop there? Scream when your baby screams. Take Benadryl when your baby takes Benadryl. And walk around pantless when your baby walks around pantless.

– Tina Fey

Parenting a young child is difficult.

Especially if your little one is having trouble sleeping well. Tired moms usually try to sleep when their baby sleeps, but this humorous quote suggests that we take this advice to an extreme. Suffice to say, don’t take it literally.

Tina Fey pokes fun at the challenge of getting a good night’s rest when you have a little baby to worry about. Oftentimes, it seems impossible, but you have to remember that being a mom is a privilege, and that you will end up treasuring each sleepless night.

Yes, my kids come first, but as a parent I need to come to them with a fresh mind. I can’t be too exhausted or too tired. And I am a better parent when I have more energy.

– Molly Ringwald

Every mother inherently puts her baby and family first. However, every mother needs to be well rested in order to stay on top of things.

To be an effective caregiver, an effective parent and an effective member of society – you have to practice self-care every day.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, finding it impossible to engage with your children in a productive way or to handle household chores, take a break and don’t feel guilty about it.

Find the time for self-care and self-love. Do what it takes to maintain a healthy mind and sufficient energy levels. The more you do it, the more capable of a parent you become.

The nights are long, but the years are short.

– Gretchen Robin

Right now, it may seem like you will never see the break of dawn. You tuck yourself back to sleep, only for your baby’s crying to snap you back to reality.

Despite how exhausting these sleepless nights can get, one day you will get a full night’s rest and actually miss it.

Children grow up so fast. You’ve heard it a thousand times, but it’s not until you see it happening before your eyes that you really start to understand how time flies.

Cherish every moment. More importantly, cherish every challenge and enjoy the journey.

Motherhood is messy. And challenging. And crazy. And sleepless. And giving. And still unbelievably beautiful.

– Rachel Martin

Despite the challenges and the stress, motherhood is a beautiful journey.

At times it’s difficult, but it’s always rewarding. You’re tired and you’re doing everything you possibly can to be a good mom, but juggling too many responsibilities is demanding.

Exhausted and tired mom quotes, such as this one, serve to remind us of our purpose as mothers.

More than that, they help us reflect on the love and care that we’re capable of giving. Being a mother takes strength, resilience and sacrifice, but it’s all worth it.

Let this be a powerful reminder that your love sheds light on every unknown.

Even though you have learned the skill of running on empty, now is the time to learn the art of breathing deep all over again.

– Morgan Harper Nichols

Running on empty or running on fumes implies that you’re basically at a point where you’re completely physically, mentally and emotionally drained, but still trying to push forward at the cost of your own well-being.

That’s why you need to prioritize self-care.

Self-care is as important as anything else you got going on.

Find the time. Give your brain a boost and get physical. Be determined about leading a healthy lifestyle as a mother. It takes practice, discipline, but it’s never been impossible.

Most of all, be patient. If you’re experiencing yet another sleepless night, remind yourself that it’s only temporary. Get back on track as soon as you can and keep moving forward.

Quotes to Help You Handle Housework

Especially if you’re a working mom, it’s hard to keep up with tedious and time-consuming tasks. From laundry to washing dishes, there’s always something that needs to be done.

On top of that, you have a child to look after. Not to mention other obligations, as well.

So, how do you manage doing housework without losing your mind?

Since housework is just outright tedious at times, it’s important that exhausted moms stay motivated.

That’s why we have selected the perfect exhausted and tired mom quotes to give you an energy boost and a fresh, positive, uplifting perspective on doing chores.

Every parent is busy, but doing housework with an optimistic and joyful mindset is possible and can help you get things done more efficiently.

Remind yourself of the importance of taking care of your home and let these quotes inspire and motivate you.

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing.

– Phyllis Diller

This quote is a humorous take on the endless and absurd nature of housework.

Even without children, keeping a house clean and tidy takes a lot of work. However, when children are involved, they make a mess out of anything.

Cleaning up after them takes patience. Especially during the first few years of their growing up, it’s a full-time job.

However, despite the challenge of keeping up with chores, exhausted and tired mom quotes such as this one attempt to remind you that mess is simply a part of the journey.

Yes, it can get frustrating, but you’re not making a fool out of yourself by cleaning up after your kids. You’re setting an example.

Don’t stress yourself. This is just a phase. Focus on enjoying the time spent with your kids instead of overworking yourself with housework.

When you’re cleaning, you’re not just cleaning. You’re organizing peace of mind.

– Terri Guillemets

Remember how we touched on the importance of self-care?

Cleaning can have a positive effect on your mental well-being.

You’re not just cleaning your home; you’re purifying your mind.

You’re getting rid of negative energy and inviting serenity into your life.

When you organize and declutter your home, you directly organize and declutter your thoughts, which allows you to think more clearly.

So, housework isn’t just a list of mundane tasks that we do on repeat. By doing so, we intentionally cultivate tranquility.

When you start to perceive chores as a positive way to improve your mental and emotional well-being, it takes on another form entirely.

That’s why exhausted and tired mom quotes are so powerful, because they often help us see things in a different, more profound way.

I hate housework. You make the beds, you wash the dishes and six months later you have to start all over again.

– Joan Rivers

Does doing chores feel like pointless and absurd work? Just because it’s never-ending doesn’t mean that it’s pointless. Most of the things we do on a day-to-day basis are things we do every single day.

However, that doesn’t take away from their importance at all.

Let’s be honest, we all tend to be lazy more often than we would perhaps like, and that’s all right. The last thing you want is guilt-tripping yourself over skipping chores. Yes, it’s important to get them done, but you first have to find a good way to stay organized.

If you feel like you’re stuck in some sort of vicious and repetitive cycle, consider the alternative.

Don’t you feel good after cleaning and tidying up? While it’s not always enjoyable, it’s always rewarding and necessary in order to maintain a clean home.

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.

– Marie Kondo

When we’re happy, we actively seek out chores and do them gladly. When we’re feeling down, however, doing chores feels like climbing a mountain.

So, how do you get yourself to do housework when you’re not feeling particularly upbeat about it?

It’s rather simple.

All you have to do is make housework fun.

By making it a workout, playing music or just focusing on the mental benefits of doing chores, you can set the stage for a more fun and exciting way to do ordinary tasks.

After all, your home is a reflection of your values and your personality. By cleaning your home, looking after it and pouring your love into it, you will find that your home reflects everything back to you and makes you happier. So, find the time to practice feng shui.

The best time to plan a book is while you’re doing the dishes.

– Agatha Christie

Doing mundane tasks such as washing the dishes is, in fact, a meditative process.

When you’re on autopilot physically, you don’t have to be on autopilot mentally. While you’re doing housework, you can let your mind wander and explore new ideas. You can use your creativity to spark new insights or take some time to reflect on your life.

From planning a book, as the quote suggests, to thinking about vacation ideas and planning gifts – the opportunities are endless if you only manage to focus your mind.

That way, you take full advantage of your day-to-day opportunities to meditate.

Quotes to Inspire You to Push On

A tired, overwhelmed mom is an unhappy mom.

Sometimes, it gets so difficult that you just feel like giving up. Besides, you’ve already sacrificed plenty. However, with the help of exhausted and tired mom quotes, you can find the strength to push on, to keep giving your best as you overcome your challenges.

Motivation plays a huge factor, but words of encouragement aren’t enough. You need to stay disciplined. You need to take yourself seriously and to practice self-care and self-love.

After all, you deserve it. You’re a superhero mom and you make miracles happen.

Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do.

– Matt Walsh

Everyone’s got opinions. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, what people think and say must never have an impact on your self-confidence and self-worth.

Are you doing your best even if you’re an overwhelmed mom? Then, you’re doing enough.

Parenting a child takes a lot of hard work, patience and sacrifice.

Some exhausted and tired mom quotes try to remind us that it’s all right to make mistakes, but it’s not all right not to learn from them. Don’t expect yourself to get things right all the time. Be fair.

Reach out for support when you need to. There’s nothing wrong about asking for help when you’re struggling to balance life. Take the good advice and dismiss the bad.

Being a mom is hard work, and you’ve got to be compassionate and kind to yourself, always.

Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.

– Marion C. Garretty

Even when you’re tired, the sheer magnitude of your love allows you to do the impossible.

The love you have within you is its own source of energy. Where others fail and give up, you press on, finding  miraculous ways to do the unimaginable and to be a good mother.

In essence, that’s what motherhood is all about – love.

Exhausted and tired mom quotes often focus not on the challenges of being a mom, the physical, emotional and mental demands, but on the strength and courage you have in ample supply, deep within you.

That love can inspire you to persevere against all odds.

No matter how tired you are, no matter how physically exhausting this work may be, it’s beautiful to bring a smile into someone’s life, to care for someone in need. What greater joy can there be?

– Mother Teresa

When you’re at your wit’s end, think of your purpose. The beauty and purity of purpose that comes with being a mother far outweighs the difficulties and the challenges you face.

You have brought life into this world.

How beautiful is that?

You are responsible for this little human being. You are your child’s brightest beam of light, and they yours greatest source of joy and happiness. Let that bond give you the strength to endure struggle.

Let it strip away the shackles of exhaustion and give you renewed life.

No matter how tired you may feel, the purpose of exhausted and tired mom quotes is to help you focus on what’s important – and that is to bring a smile to your child’s face.

Enjoy the little things in life because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.

– Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Notice the small things. They matter. Notice the small moments like a smile on your child’s face, laughter that comes from inside the house while you’re working in the garden.

Be present with your child. Every single moment is a memory to look back on.

We don’t have to tell you how fast time flies. Every mother knows it.

Sleepless nights quickly fade and suddenly you’re watching your child graduate. It all happens in an instant, and that’s why moms have to appreciate the small moments while they last.

That’s why we’re thankful to have insights in the form of exhausted and tired mom quotes to remind us to be present. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress, but if you start to appreciate all the little details that truly matter in the long run – you will find strength.

There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.

– Jill Churchill

Every child is different, and every mother is different, too. There’s more than one parenting approach. So, what works for others may not work for you and vice-versa.

It’s important to know this because there’s no end-all and be-all approach to parenting.

Sometimes, we make it up as we go. What matters is that you’re doing your best, giving love, care and devotion to your children. Find what works best for you and your family.

Self-doubt is real, and it can drain you completely. That’s why you have to stop expecting yourself to be perfect, to have all the answers. Instead, aspire to be good. That’s enough.

Be good and trust your intuition rather than chasing the elusive ideal of perfection.

When you’re self-questioning your approach, that only means that you want to do what’s best. That’s a quality in and of itself, a quality to be proud of.

These exhausted and tired mom quotes help you focus on your strengths as you work to improve your weaknesses.

Reflect on them whenever you feel yourself slipping, struggling or losing self-confidence.

In Conclusion

When you feel like giving up, or overwhelmed, stop and breathe.

Being a mom is hard, so it’s natural for you to feel like this. It happens to all of us from time to time. What matters is that you learn how to deal with it in a self-motivating way.

An exhausted mom is a mom that’s doing her very best to make sure everything stays in order. However, every mom needs to learn how to practice self-care and self-love.

The physical, emotional and mental demands of having kids is sometimes too much to bear.

That’s where heartfelt reminders and humorous quotes come in. These quotes tell you that you’re not the only mom struggling to make sense of it all.

More than that, you’re not the only mom who will overcome the challenges you face with love and persistence.

Having kids is a lifelong investment. Sometimes, however, we forget how quickly time goes by and spend less time present in the moment and more time worrying about the future. Relax, and don’t feel guilty about recharging your batteries when you have to.

By reading quotes, you can inspire yourself to keep up with the demands of motherhood, as well as renew your energy, your focus, and your hope, and often attain a new perspective.

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