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When Is It Too Late To Start Breastfeeding?

When Is It Too Late To Start Breastfeeding?

When is it too late to start breastfeeding? This question comes up more than you think.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go as we plan. Things happen, and we’re forced to do things differently.

Almost every pregnant woman has a plan to breastfeed her baby, but sometimes those plans fail. Your body is amazing, and you will be surprised to hear some interesting facts about breastfeeding and lactation.

When Is It Too Late To Start Breastfeeding?

According to experts and health professionals, it is never too late to start breastfeeding.

This might be something that surprises you, but your body is truly amazing. There are some things to consider in this situation, but the main point is that it’s never too late to start with breastfeeding.

There are several reasons for this situation of yours. Maybe you or your baby were sick, and you had to stop with breastfeeding, or you didn’t even have the chance to start.

Maybe you wanted to use a formula, but you’ve changed your mind. It’s never too late to start breastfeeding, but you should start as soon as possible.

If you want to re-lactate soon, you simply have to start breastfeeding your baby.

The more you extract the milk from your breasts, the more milk will be produced. This is a simple thing our body does – if there is a signal for milk, the milk comes.

There will be some challenges, and you might not get what you want, but persistence is the key.

It can be hard to re-lactate when your baby is formula-fed for a while. The child is used to a bottle, and you will have to spend some time trying to get a successful latch.

Another problem that could happen is the lack of milk. Your body will produce breast milk, but it might not be enough for your baby.

You will have to combine breast milk and formula to feed your little one. It’s never too late to start breastfeeding, but there will be many challenges and setbacks.

You will have to be patient and disciplined. Breastfeeding can be hard even after you start with it right after birth. Since some time has passed, you will have to make an effort to re-lactate.

How To Start Breastfeeding Again?

Now that you know it’s not too late to start breastfeeding, you will need some tips and tricks.

The first thing you need is calmness, patience, and persistence. Re-lactation process can last for a few weeks, and you might not be successful.

You have to remember that breastfeeding means you have to take care of your diet.

So, if you’re using some medications that are not allowed during breastfeeding, or you’re consuming something else that’s not recommended during breastfeeding, you will have to think about some changes.

If they’re not possible, then forget about breastfeeding, re-lactation, and breast milk supply.

If you’re pregnant again, then you should consult with your doctor. Many experts think it’s better to avoid breastfeeding during pregnancy.

If you’re good to go, then it’s time to take your baby and make a contact. Skin-to-skin contact does wonders even when your baby is not a newborn.

Take your baby into your arms, and choose a good position. Make yourself comfortable because it will take a while.

For a proper latch, keep your baby’s head against you. The lips should be around the nipple, and you should watch out for signs of swallowing.

If the baby doesn’t want to latch, don’t give up. Be gentle and patient. Don’t get nervous because your baby will feel it.

You probably won’t get your baby to latch the first time, but keep trying. When the first breastfeeding session happens, you have to know that your baby will get a small amount of milk.

It takes some time to create a new breast milk supply. Prolactin is a hormone responsible for lactation. Prolactin levels are increased during pregnancy, which is why it’s easier to start breastfeeding right after delivery.

When you want to start breastfeeding later, prolactin levels are lower, and it takes time to increase them.

The more you breastfeed, the more milk you’ll produce. When you lactate, prolactin levels go up, and your milk supply starts increasing.

This is quite simple to understand, but it can be hard to do the work. Just remember- your baby can’t be hungry.

There is not enough milk, and you have to use a formula. This is a great reason to start pumping.

You could pump every 2 hours, just like you would breastfeed your baby. However, many experts recommend pumping whenever you can. The more you pump, the more milk you’ll have.

Another great reason for pumping is the fact that your baby might refuse to breastfeed. If it’s used to being bottle-fed, it will be a challenge to introduce breastfeeding.

Maybe it wouldn’t be hard if you had enough milk to breastfeed your baby whenever that’s needed. Since there is a small chance of that, your baby will have to be breastfed and bottle-fed.

This can be confusing, and it could be a reason for unsuccessful breastfeeding. If you decide to pump and give your breast milk to your baby through the bottle, you have a higher chance of success.

When you succeed, you can always create a personal breastfeeding and pumping schedule that will keep you on the right track.

Choose the best breast pump for yourself and enjoy. This can be hard on you if you wanted to connect with your baby through breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is something unique, but there are tons of other ways for creating that special bond.

Many women would ask why would someone think about restarting breastfeeding. There are many reasons for that.

The best reason for this are many health benefits of breast milk. Breast milk is the greatest thing to give to your child.

It’s amazing for their immunity and progress. Of course, the formula is perfectly acceptable, but nothing beats breast milk.

Another common reason to think about re-lactating is to connect with the baby. Or you simply want to try now.

Don’t listen to negative opinions. If you want to do this, there is nothing that should stop you.

Another great thing to try is drinking lactation drinks.

This might help you to produce more breast milk, and this whole process will be easier. Besides, these drinks are healthy and they will be beneficial for you.

If you want to start breastfeeding a bigger child, you should prepare for possible biting, injuries, and protests.

If this is the case, don’t push it. Try pumping and give your kid a bottle. You don’t want to get hurt, and bottle feeding is more than fine.

If the baby is still small, there are a few reasons why breastfeeding hurts. Try to overcome those things with patience and tranquility.

Considering All Options

It’s never too late to start breastfeeding, but it can be a difficult process. The directions are simple, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

If you’re truly interested in re-establishing milk production, you should find a good lactation specialist.

Breastfeeding is natural, but sometimes we need someone to help us. A lactation consultant is a trained professional who will help to establish and increase milk production.

Supplemental Nursing System

A supplemental nursing system (SNS) is a device that is made as a help for moms who want to feed their babies with breast milk and formula at the same time.

This device is great when you want to start breastfeeding again, or for induced lactation.

It can also help to boost milk production. A supplemental nursing system is often used by mothers who stopped breastfeeding. It exists to help you produce more milk and create a good milk supply.

Your baby can drink breast milk and formula at the same time if you use this device. It is useful because this way your baby will be fed, and your breast milk production will be induced.

Using SNS is very simple. First, wash your hands and clean the device even if it’s brand new. You will get instructions for cleaning with it.

Then, pour the formula into the tube, and close it tightly. Put the device around your neck, and try to keep it in one place.

You can use a clip or paper tape for that. Put your baby in the right breastfeeding position.

Squeeze the bottle in order for milk to start flowing, and that’s it. Everything should look like you’re normally breastfeeding without SNS.

Interesting Facts About Breastfeeding

I am sure you already know how good it is to breastfeed your baby. That’s the reason you want to start breastfeeding again. There are many tips and tricks about nursing.

I will try to motivate you by giving you some interesting facts about nursing that aren’t very useful, but they’re fun and interesting.

Breastfeeding Burns Calories

Your body is putting in a lot of energy and whatever you eat goes to your baby too.

This is why breastfeeding makes you hungry and why you should eat a little bit more while nursing.

Eating enough calories is important for lactation and energy. Many moms lose that pregnancy weight while nursing.

Of course, you shouldn’t starve yourself. If you track your calorie intake, it’s possible to feel good, have enough milk, and lose weight. If you don’t want to lose any more weight, then simply eat more.

Baby’s Cry Can Cause Milk Leakage

Hormones are truly powerful and our brain works in mysterious ways. Many moms had unpleasant experiences of milk leakage in public just because they’d heard a baby cry.

It doesn’t even have to be your own baby. Milk could start flowing even if you hear another baby crying.

Breast Milk Contain Stem Cells

Breast milk is not just healthy for babies. There are many things that can be healed with some milk.

It contains many important nutrients and stem cells too. It has a powerful effect on everyone.

Breastfeeding Is Good For Moms And Babies

Breastfeeding is a natural thing and it’s something that should happen after giving birth.

It’s not just about feeding your baby. It’s about providing your baby with nutrients and helping your baby to create an immune system and antibodies.

It’s proven that breastfed babies have fewer health issues throughout their life. Their immune system is stronger and they have more antibodies.

It’s also proven that nursing moms are more immune to developing breast cancer, ovarian, and uterine cancer.

Breastfeeding is healthy for the mother’s body, and it can prevent many future complications connected to reproductive and hormonal changes.

Nursing Can Help Preemies

Premature babies are usually fed with formula because of the circumstances. They have to spend time in NICU, and they’re usually isolated.

Therefore it’s easier to feed them with formula. However, if there is any chance to feed them with their mother’s milk, that should be done.

They can still be bottle-fed, and mom could pump her milk. Many people don’t think about this, but it’s proven that preemies who drink their mother’s milk have better chances for recovery.

Additionally, feeding them with mom’s milk lowers the chance of any health complications in the future.

When the baby is born earlier, we all focus on keeping it alive. In this case, moms are also in a bad shape, since their bodies were not ready to give birth that early.

Therefore, not many people focus on pumping and feeding the baby with mom’s milk. As I’ve said, it’s never too late to start breastfeeding again.

Asking For Help

Finding a good lactation specialist is sometimes essential when things don’t go the way you want them to.

Creating a milk supply can be hard even if you have a breastfeeding baby from the start. Creating a milk supply after some time, while you’re bottle feeding your baby, is even harder.

Breastfeeding can hurt even with a good latch, and it can be difficult to make everything work.

Once again it’s possible if you keep persistent. Don’t get discouraged. Even if you can’t increase milk production, it’s fine. Just combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Your baby will still reap the benefits of breast milk, even if it’s a little amount. Your lactation specialist will help you to increase your milk supply, and recommend the best foods and drinks to boost breast milk production.

You can even get some advice on how to make your breast milk fattier.

However, I want you to think about asking for help from someone else. A lactation consultant will help you with some technical issues, but if you’re worried and anxious about re-lactating, you should see someone who will help you calm down.

Your anxiety and stress are stopping your body from creating a good breast milk supply. If your baby doesn’t want to breastfeed, it’s highly possible that it feels the tension.

After all, you’re transferring all that tension to your baby through the skin to skin contact. When you’re at peace your baby feels that and everything goes a lot smoother.

You have to find a way to relax. Even if you don’t get what you want, stay relaxed. It’s never too late to start breastfeeding again and it’s possible to re-establish nursing, but it takes time, dedication, and hard work.

I want you to protect yourself from negativity and bad thoughts. You don’t need additional stress in your life when you have a baby in your life.

As long as your baby is healthy, happy, and growing, you don’t need to worry. Some things will go just as planned, but some won’t. And that’s okay.

Don’t obsess over these things because one day you will be sorry for wasting time on this. Your baby needs a happy, relaxed mom, so make sure to take good care of your mental health. Everything else will fall into its place.


Since it’s never too late to start breastfeeding, go for it. Start now and be positive about it.

Try to have a good attitude and be relaxed when you’re trying to breastfeed. It’s possible to feed your baby with your milk and formula at the same time.

Luckily, we live in a time when we have professionals and devices that can assist us. We can easily learn new information, and we can do so much to ensure our success.

Every baby and every woman is unique. Some tips and tricks won’t work for you, but keep going until you find something that does work.

Breastfeeding is natural and beneficial. However, it’s a choice. Even if you can successfully re-establish your breastfeeding, it’s okay if you don’t want it.

Your milk is truly special for your baby, but if breastfeeding makes you feel bad in any way, don’t force yourself.

Your attitude and energy are essential. Your baby needs love, care, and kindness. Everything else can be good or bad in a certain way, but you should deal with every problem with a smile on your face.

Some things will be more complicated, but don’t waste your time and energy on negative emotions.

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