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Is Taro Boba Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Taro Boba Safe During Pregnancy?

If you’re wondering if taro boba is safe during pregnancy this article will help you.

Taro boba milk tea is very popular in the past few years. Many people like it, and it’s an unusual drink.

Pregnancy brings us many challenges and most of them are associated with our diet. We just want what’s best for our baby so we want to know what’s safe and what’s not.

Is Taro Boba Safe During Pregnancy?

According to some medical studies, there is no right answer to the question is taro boba safe during pregnancy.

Some studies have shown some negative effects and some studies can’t find anything harmful.

I will try to explain some important facts connected to this topic, so it’s up to you to make the decision.

Some professionals claim that taro root contains some harmful ingredients. According to them, if you consume taro boba while pregnant, you might cause complications. Therefore, it’s not safe to drink taro milk tea during pregnancy.

Caffeine is another reason to consider when thinking is taro boba safe during pregnancy.

Taro tea does contain caffeine and caffeine is not recommended during pregnancy. You can limit your caffeine intake, but the best thing would be to avoid it completely.

The daily limit of caffeine for pregnant women is 200- 300mg. Some experts claim that caffeine can cause slower development of the baby since it’s a strong stimulant.

It can also cause sleeping problems and fussiness. Another reason why caffeine is not a great choice during pregnancy is the fact that it easily causes nausea and morning sickness.

Taro tea with caffeine can also cause problems with fetal heart rate. Many pregnant women have to vomit if smell something that’s caffeinated.

Because of this, if you can’t find taro tea without caffeine, avoid it. Taro tea with caffeine will make you dehydrated and tired.

Another reason that makes taro boba unsafe during pregnancy is the fact that taro root contains oxalates that bind to minerals in your body like calcium. That can lead to kidney disease or kidney stones.

These are the main reasons why taro milk tea is not safe during pregnancy.

As I’ve said some professionals think that taro boba is safe during pregnancy.

Taro root contains certain ingredients that can have a positive effect on morning sickness and nausea.

As you know, digestive problems and stomach issues are quite normal during pregnancy. Since taro milk tea can help with this, many people think that taro boba is safe during pregnancy.

Other benefits that make people think that taro boba is safe during pregnancy are connected to nutrients in taro milk tea.

Taro milk tea contains a lot of fiber, vitamins A, E, C, and B, folic acid, magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium.

All these nutrients are highly important during pregnancy. Folic acid is essential for a baby’s growth, and potassium helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar.

Many pregnant women have issues with high blood pressure and high blood sugar which can lead to serious complications.

As you can see, taro milk tea can be safe and unsafe at the same time. Some people say that it’s okay to drink it in moderation and not all the time.

On the other hand, some people think it’s better to find other forms of refreshment. All the positive sides of taro boba can be found in other foods and drinks.

My suggestion is to talk about this with your doctor if you’re so much into drinking taro milk tea.

Maybe it will be easier for you to decide when your doctor tells you if taro boba is safe during pregnancy.

What Is Taro?

Since you’re here it’s good to learn more about taro. Maybe you will decide that taro milk tea is safe for you.

Taro – Colocasia Esculenta is a root vegetable that originates from Asia, but it can be found in other tropical parts of the world.

Taro has white flesh with purple specks behind their dark skin. Taro leaves and corms can be toxic because of the oxalates, but when you cook them, they’re safe to eat.

Taro should be handled by using gloves since it’s toxic and can lead to irritations. However, once you cook taro, it’s safe to consume it.

When it comes to preparation, taro should be cleaned and prepared just like a regular potato. Scrub it well under the water, and then peel it.

You can prepare it however you want. Bake it, fry it or steam it. The choice is yours. Taro should be kept in a cool, dark place in order to stay fresh as long as possible.

Taro Recipes

Now that you know more about taro, I want to share some recipes with you. Taro has a lot of benefits, so even if you don’t want to eat it during pregnancy, you can still prepare it for your family.

Taro Fries

Making taro fries is as simple as it sounds. Unlike potato fries, taro root fries are a bit sweeter.

Heat some oil, slice your taro, season it the way you want in, and start frying! You can serve it with some mayo, garlic sauce, or ketchup

Coconut Taro

This is a great desert with a lot of nutrients. You need to steam your taro until it’s soft enough to mash it.

Add coconut cream and a little bit of sugar, and mix well. You will be surprised by the exotic taste of this dish.

Mashed Taro

If you want to try mashed taro, you need to cook it in water or steam it. Mash it and add some sour cream, herbs, salt, and pepper.

Adding a little bit of chilly is a good move.

Taro Sauce

Cook the taro and add it to the blender. Add a little bit of water, olive oil, and garlic, and season it well.

Blend it until you get the perfect sauce texture. You can also add a little bit of lemon juice.

Taro Milk Tea

It would be pointless to talk about taro recipes without mentioning taro milk tea.

Taro milk tea is the recipe that made this vegetable so famous around the whole world.

For this recipe you will need:

  • taro root
  • granulated sugar
  • black or green tea (the best choice would be jasmine green tea)
  • milk ( it can be plant-based milk)
  • condensed milk
  • purple food coloring

The first thing you have to do is clean and peel the taro root. Cut it into cubes and cook it in water until it’s soft.

When the taro is completely cooked, you will need a food processor, hand mixer, or blender to make a taro paste. Mix cooked taro and sugar and blend together until it’s smooth.

Pour the mixture into a bowl and leave it in the fridge to cool off.

While your taro paste is cooling down, brew the tea. Take one bag of jasmine green tea and brew it in one cup of water for a couple of minutes in a kettle. Set the tea aside to chill.

It’s time to prepare boba. If you didn’t get the instant boba, follow the instructions on the packaging.

Simmer the boba for 20 minutes in a covered pot. After that, remove the pot from the seat, and leave it covered for 30 minutes.

Drain the boba, and start with the steeping. You will need ½ of hot water, ½ of dark brown sugar, and ½ of granulated sugar.

Steep the boba for 30 minutes in a bowl with these ingredients.

Using a blender or a food processor, mix 2/3 cup of taro paste, condensed milk, jasmine tea, milk, and purple food coloring (purple sweet potato powder).

Blend this mixture until it’s smooth. Then, take your boba pearls, add them to a glass with ice, and pour the tea from the blender.

If you prefer your taro tea milk to be sweeter you can add more condensed milk or sugar. Some people use simple syrup instead of condensed milk.

Condensed milk is better because it adds both creaminess and sweetness.

You can make a few batches of taro paste and freeze it, so you can make it any time. Taro milk tea should always be served cold.

Also, you don’t have to add purple sweet potato powder color. Taro root is purple, but the color is not so intense, so it looks better when you add the powder.

There are also some premade taro mixtures available to make taro milk tea. You can also buy tapioca pearls to make your own bubble tea. Tapioca pearls are easy to find in bigger stores.

However, this recipe is the healthiest option without too many artificial ingredients.

Choosing The Best Pregnancy Drink

Pregnant women like to drink bubble tea – taro boba tea. It’s refreshing and different.

As I’ve mentioned before, taro boba tea is not completely safe for pregnant women. There are certain risks, so it would be wise to avoid this tea or limit its consumption.

There are many other options, and it’s better to find some safe drinks to consume during pregnancy.

Bubble tea is fun, but it should wait some better times. You can practice making your bubble tea until those times come.

This is a perfect time to choose another tea during pregnancy. There are certain types of tea for pregnant women that are beneficial for many things.

If you also want to prepare for the postpartum period, you should learn more about postpartum teas.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is a great tea for pregnant women. It’s not as fun as bubble tea, but it’s refreshing and beneficial.

Ginger is famous for its positive effect on nausea and morning sickness. Many women are drinking ginger tea or ginger short to get rid of constant vomiting and nausea.

You can buy ginger tea, but I suggest making your own. You will need a few slices of ginger and a cup of water.

Add water to the pot, then add ginger. Bring it to a boil, and then simmer it for 5 minutes. Drain it, and serve it with a lemon slice if you wish.

Ginger tea is great for digestion and energy. Since most women experience problems with stomach and fatigue, ginger tea is a great pregnancy tea.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm tea is a good choice of tea for pregnancy period. Lemon balm tea for pregnant women is beneficial because it’s soothing.

It helps pregnant women to relax and fall asleep. This herbal tea is easy to make.

You will need some dried lemon balm and some water. Boil some water and pour it into a cup filled with a few dried leaves of lemon balm.

Steep the tea for as long as possible. It will relax you and calm you down.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has some amazing benefits that will help you with certain pregnancy symptoms.

Bubble tea has some benefits, but neither of them can compare to the benefits of peppermint tea.

This natural, herbal tea relieves stomach pain, nausea, and cramps, and it helps with vomiting.

It’s also great for morning sickness and heartburn. It helps you to have fresh breath and it makes you feel more alert. It’s one of the best herbal teas.

It’s easy to make, you just need some peppermint –dried and fresh, and some hot water.

Rose Tea

I think that drinking rose is just as fun as drinking bubble tea. This delicious tea is a great antioxidant, and it’s rich in vitamin C.

It helps with stomach pain, cramps, and anxiety. It’s great for stressed moms who have trouble sleeping.

Rose tea is fun to make. You will need some rose petals. Wash them thoroughly and place them in a pot with one cup of water. Bring to a boil and then simmer until the rose petals change color. Drain the tea, add some honey, and enjoy.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

It is well known that raspberry leaf tea is great for postpartum healing.

However, this tea is also great for pregnant women. You just have to wait until you’re at least 32 weeks pregnant.

This tea is amazing as a uterine tonic. It helps to prepare the uterus for labor and contractions.

It’s also great for ensuring a good breast milk supply. Many women tried this tea before delivery and it made their lives easier. Raspberry leaf tea is made by steeping the clean leaves in hot water.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is recommended during pregnancy because it has a calming effect. It’s good for insomnia and stress.

Many pregnant women have mood swings and anxiety. Since they can’t use certain medications, it’s always good to consume something natural.

Chamomile can be found everywhere. If you want to enjoy all these benefits, find organic chamomile tea.

Besides being a relaxation tea, chamomile is also good for upset stomach and constipation. Constipation is quite common during pregnancy.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea for pregnancy became popular in the last few years. This tea is ideal for pregnancy period because it does not contain caffeine.

It’s filled with antioxidants and minerals like calcium, iron, and zinc. The best benefit of this tea is its ability to detoxify the body and fight against inflammation and infection.

It also helps the body to absorb iron. As you probably know, iron is important during pregnancy.

Another benefit of rooibos tea is its power to boost your immunity and improve digestion. This is a super-tea for pregnant ladies.

Green And Black Tea

Green and black tea should be consumed in moderation if you’re pregnant. However, if you like to drink coffee, these teas are a great way to have some caffeine without going overboard.

Green and black tea are great for detoxification and digestion. They’re also beneficial for skin, allergies, and high blood sugar.

Stinging Nettle Tea

Stinging nettle tea is good to drink because its other name is pregnancy tonic. This tea is rich in vitamins and minerals essential for health.

It promotes healthy blood flow and good circulation.

Rosehip Tea

Rosehip tea is amazing for everyone, not just pregnant women. It’s great for the immune system and energy because it has a lot of vitamin C.

Drinking this tea can also help with severe diarrhea.


Water is the best pregnancy drink. Without water, many complications are possible. Water nourishes your body and it allows your baby to develop normally.

How To Memorize All These Information?

It can be hard to memorize all these things. Is taro boba bubble tea safe during pregnancy or is a certain drink healthy and allowed?

If you’re a first-time mom you will find yourself confused many times.

You will forget about some things and sometime you will even consume something forbidden.

The most important thing is listening to your doctor. Certain foods and drinks are off the limits, but when it comes to some things like taro bubble tea, it’s easy to be unsure.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your safe pregnancy is to ask everything you want to know during your first prenatal visit.

This way, a health professional will answer your questions and you will be at ease.

If a certain decision is up to you, my advice is to always be safe. I know that many people will advise you to do something because it didn’t hurt them, but you never know.

If something bad happens just because you could not avoid or reduce something, you will feel awful.

Pregnancy is a time of stress and challenges. Sometimes it’s wonderful, but sometimes it feels like torture.

When you become a mom, then you’ll have to worry about breast milk and postpartum recovery.

However, one day all of those questions and dilemmas about simple things like eating and drinking will be replaced with something else. Every phase of motherhood is filled with hardships, but moms can do anything.


There is no certain answer whether taro boba is safe during pregnancy. Some people agree that it’s better to avoid it, while others think that it’s perfectly fine to consume.

Both of these groups have one thing in common – taro boba can have negative effects on pregnant women.

If you decide to drink it while pregnant, you have to limit your intake. Have a taro bubble tea once or twice a week maybe.

Some experts suggest making your own bubble tea because it could be safer. The point is, taro boba is not completely safe.

If you can’t stay away from it, I strongly advise you to consume it in moderation. Many pregnant women consumed foods and drinks that are strictly forbidden during pregnancy and had no problems.

On the other hand, some women followed every rule in the book, and they still had issues. There are no rules because every pregnancy is special.

That’s why you shouldn’t rely on people who say that nothing bad can happen. Follow your intuition and resist certain things to protect yourself and your unborn baby.

There are different kinds of drinks that can be very beneficial during pregnancy. Explore them and find which one you like the most.

You can easily replace your beloved taro bubble tea if you make an effort to find something that suits you.

Pregnancy juice recipes will help you to find something you love.

The problem with wanting certain food and drinks is not about your strong will. It’s usually about pregnancy cravings and hormones going wild. Therefore, it’s hard to resist certain temptations.

That’s why you have to work hard to fight against your cravings. Every unhealthy craving can be replaced with a healthy one with a little bit of research.

Your pregnancy is a life-changing experience that deserves your undivided attention. There will be ups and downs and sometime the simplest things will make you feel bad.

Sometimes you will feel tired and overwhelmed with all the information you hear. But, all that worry is for a good reason. You’re doing it for something important.

All these confusing moments will go away one day and they will seem funny to you.

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