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Ways to Speak Life Into Your Man

Ways to Speak Life Into Your Man

Words do not always come easy; that’s the truth. However, what I do know is that frequently, they are more powerful than you can ever imagine.

That’s why whenever you feel like your husband needs some encouragement or needs to hear something uplifting, speak life into your man to show him that you care.

At times, he won’t show you that he needs it (although he’s yearning for it), but that’s precisely the moment when speaking life into him comes into play.

He may believe that he isn’t a devoted father, a loving husband, or an overall good human being worthy of love, but just think of all the words you’ve been telling yourself up until recently and do whatever it takes to speak life into your man and to speak the truth that’s going to build your husband.

He will most certainly appreciate it.

As his partner, you have the power to lift him up and encourage him to rise from the ashes like no one else. (after all, you are his biggest fan, right?)

If you have the desire but you’re not sure how to speak life into your man, then maybe these encouraging words that I’ll put below will be a perfect guide on this journey.

So let’s check them out together!

Encouraging Words to Elevate Your Man’s Spirit

Believe In Him Like No One Else

Yes, I know that sometimes he may be too grumpy or may not seem engaged in your relationship, but perceive all these mood swings as normal and temporary. No marriage is ideal.

The reality is, what you think of him, means actually a lot more than he is willing to admit.

That’s precisely one of the reasons why speaking life into him is essential.

Do you perceive him as your Clyde to your Bonnie, your “ride or die” person? Or do you see him as someone who “accidentally” entered your life and is not here to stay?

Is he your king who you love the most and want to build a home with, or just a random person passing through your life and marriage?

How you see your husband matters a lot because that’s going to impact your overall relationship with him and marriage of course.

If you want to speak life into your man then do it straight from your heart and out of love.

Although he may be surrounded by a bunch of people who supposedly love him, at the end of the day, it’s you who he lays and wakes up with and who knows all his struggles, doubts, and fears.

That’s why it’s so crucial for you to be the one who will speak life into your man and believe in him like nobody else.

If you believe in God, then just put yourself in God’s “shoes” and view your husband the same way He does. Many bible verses will help you do it.

Now, that doesn’t instantly mean that you should excuse everything he does, but simply have more faith in his potential and strength.

That’s precisely what God does. He shows love even in the darkest hours, and that’s what you as a wife should do in your marriage.

Be Consistent When Speaking Life Into Your Man

Consistency is the key, and this same goes for speaking life into your husband.

I know you are scared if you speak life into your man on a daily basis you will start sounding like an echo, or a broken record.

That definitely won’t be the case! I am one hundred percent sure he’ll love the fact that his wife is so supportive and wants to build him up.

In fact, there can never be too many supportive words.

Oftentimes, you’ll say something meaningful to your husband and immediately lift him up, but then if you take a break from speaking life into him, his spirit may become broken once again.

Therefore, it’s of huge importance to be consistent. Of course, don’t do it 24/7, but take a few minutes each day to speak life into your man and show him how your life wouldn’t be as precious if he wasn’t there.

Pray, Pray, Pray!

Those of you who believe in God know how omnipotent marriage prayer can be. Prayer plays a major role in everyone’s (those who define themselves as believers, of course) life. It helps us stay positive due to its encouraging nature.

That’s why you should perceive praying as a blessing that will enable you to speak life into your man and make him stronger without him even knowing it.

That’s how powerful a single prayer can be.

So ask yourself, how frequently do you pray for your husband?

Do you love when he prays for you too?

If you haven’t done it in a while, now is the perfect time to establish that connection with God and send some positive, encouraging energy to your partner.

It wouldn’t hurt to consult your husband about this to see if maybe there’s a particular aspect of his life that you should be focusing on when praying.

But after all, no matter what you say when saying a prayer, I am absolutely sure that you will speak life into your man effectively, just like every loving wife.

Stop Being Overly Critical

I know it’s often hard to bite your tongue and stop yourself from saying all the words to someone, particularly your husband.

He didn’t pick up the kids from school on time, he left his dirty clothes all over the house, he, again, made a burnt oven dish, and now your home smells like a sewer, etc.

I understand all these nerve-racking situations that make you want to yell at him like there’s no tomorrow or throw him out of the house. I’ve been there!

But remember one thing, no one is perfect! (okay, except for me, but that’s not the topic)

I know that at times your expectations are too high because you know him the best (all his strengths and weaknesses), which makes it relatively easy to scrutinize him, but just don’t.

Dwelling on his weaknesses is only going to make him feel worse. Of course, when there’s a situation when he does something terribly wrong, it’s perfectly fine to be open about it.

However, do not pick apart everything he says and does. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want him to do that to you, right?

What many women tend to overlook and forget is that precisely scrutiny devours marriage (and your husband too) like the hungriest beast in the world.

So keep telling yourself this, every single time you have the desire to nag like he is the most sinful man on the planet.

If you want to speak life into your man and make him anew, then you have to stop being so critical and be more encouraging. Believe me, when I say, that will definitely build up his confidence.

What Else Can You Do to Speak Life Into Your Man?

Accentuate His Strengths, Not His Weaknesses

When it comes to the most precious things in life, marriage is one of them (of course, if you believe in it), hence it’s important to do whatever you can to make it as beautiful as possible.

And frequently, people tend to focus mostly on negative things, then on positive ones.

That’s especially the case with their partners.

What they oftentimes forget is the fact that it’s a lot easier to concentrate on someone’s weaknesses, instead of emphasizing their strengths.

In this complex (yet divine) husband-wife relationship it’s of huge relevance (from time to time) to let each other know much you appreciate the strengths of the other one.

Remember, words sometimes speak louder than actions!

If you acknowledge his strength (by using some power words) you will not only speak life into your man but encourage husband to conquer the world if he feels the need to do so.

And that’s all because you’ve employed some all-powerful words of affirmation to show your partner what you truly see in him.

But what are you going to do if you cannot find the words to show him how much you cherish everything he does and everything he is?

Well, then, it most likely means that (unfortunately) you are too obsessed with his flaws and weaknesses.

Bear in mind that there’s not a single person in this world who doesn’t possess some strengths, but it’s up to you to decide whether you want to see them or not.

If you are currently blinded by shortcomings, then it’s time to start properly “investigating” your husband to reveal his virtues and strengths all over again.

This isn’t a life-death situation, but it’s surely something that will positively impact his being and your overall relationship.

Celebrate Any Type of Progress

Life for sure isn’t all milk and honey. There’ll be many situations in it that will challenge you, forcing you to make several steps back before you move forward.

I once had a friend who was severely depressed. When I say severely, I think of someone who wasn’t capable of functioning normally, let alone doing something that’s even remotely demanding, such as cooking, working, leaving the house, etc.

And I was positively sure that this form of “lifestyle” would end her.

So I decided to talk to her and show her how beneficial it would be if she made even the slightest effort to change her life for the better.

I didn’t mean that she was supposed to wake up one day and feel like a completely new person, but just to take baby steps towards a better tomorrow.

At first, she wasn’t willing to make any changes. But as time passed, I started noticing the difference (positive) in her behavior.

She suddenly became more determined and resilient. She chose to wake up with purpose each day and do something that would positively influence her current situation and overall well-being.

Now, drastic changes didn’t occur overnight (it took her several months), but the small ones (which are at times even more important) happened within several days.

The point is you should always focus on these tiny steps. No matter how small they may appear to be at first glance, they are far from it.

If there’s something that you do not like about your husband, the way he does certain things, etc. and then one day you decide to talk to him about it, and you notice that he is willing to change, embrace that.

Praise him for having the strength and will to become a better person for and because of you.

But you should remember one thing. No significant progress will happen in a blink of an eye. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate anything that he has achieved in the meantime.

As I stated somewhere above (and I will repeat that numerous times if I have to), no one is perfect.

And if that’s your expectation, then I must disappoint you and tell you that your husband will never live up to it.

So if you’re not ready to value any form of progress (no matter how small), then maybe the problem doesn’t lie in him.

Tell Him How Thankful You Are For Him

Whether you like to admit it or not, I am absolutely sure that your life has turned upside down since your hubby has entered your life.

Yes, there are moments when you want to strangle him, but if you want to be completely honest with yourself, then you must admit that without him life wouldn’t be the same.

He isn’t just your husband but has become your family. He has given you a home, a shelter from any negative things that may try to break you.

And that’s definitely something you should be thankful for, and more importantly, not keep it to yourself.

But instead, whenever you can, tell him how much you’re thankful for him. Even though I assume he already knows that it never hurts to remind him.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t like to be reminded how thankful someone is for their presence? So be sure to do it whenever you can.

It doesn’t have to be every single day.

However, the more you do it, the better!


I know that you’ve heard a lot of times that behind every man, there’s a great woman. And I completely share that opinion.

However, that all-mighty woman must also be aware of the fact that she is standing behind an equally great man who, at times, needs some encouragement to avoid a significant downfall.

I honestly hope that all of these empowering words that I used here are going to be of enormous help whenever you decide to speak life into your man and be the wind beneath his wings.


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