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Pregnancy Tips for the First Time Moms

Pregnancy Tips for the First Time Moms

Knowing that soon you’ll become a mother is both frightening and overwhelming, and this is one of the main reasons why so many pregnant women go on a hunt for pregnancy tips for the first time moms.

They want to be one hundred percent sure they are doing all the things that are good for their health during pregnancy.

But then most of them are flooded with various sensations and concerns that are at times too much to bear and can oftentimes negatively affect both their physical and mental health.

Many of us have been there before, so to put your mind at ease.

Today I decided to uncover all the things I know about pregnancy for first-time moms and provide you with some informative and helpful pregnancy tips for first-time moms.

You can rely on them each time you have doubts about something.

So let’s dive into this (for now) unknown yet beautiful world together!

It’s going to be an unforgettable experience, I promise you!

Most Important Pregnancy Tips For First-Time Moms

Before I dig up some essential pregnancy tips for first-time moms and tell you all the things to know about pregnancy for first-time moms, I would like to remind you that this is the period of time when you simply must put yourself first.

I mean, prioritizing yourself must always be the case. However, as a first-time mom that’s now more important than ever!

You need to take care of yourself, no matter what if you want to stay healthy and give birth to a healthy baby.

I know that you will spend the vast majority of time searching for pregnancy tips for first-time moms trying to reveal all the answers (which can frequently cause additional stress), but try not to overthink as much.

Now, I’ll move on to all the things to know about pregnancy tips for first-time moms.

I just wanted to remind you first to take care of yourself in the best possible way so you can properly enjoy your pregnancy.

That was it, nothing more.

Now, let’s move on to some interesting tips that will ensure you take care of yourself the right way and stay healthy!

Rest As Much As You Can

There are numerous things to know about pregnancy for first-time moms, however, I wanted to mention this one first because that’s something that a lot of first-time moms overlook.

I don’t need to remind you that having a baby inside your tummy is very difficult because you are not only taking care of yourself, but another living being too. That can be a pretty overwhelming experience.

The physical strains (due to carrying a baby) you’ll be dealing with can at times (or to be frank, most of the time) become unbearable, particularly as you go through the trimesters of pregnancy with additional weight and a huge belly.

Therefore, it’s not essential, but mandatory to have adequate rest because God knows whether you’ll have it once your little one comes into the world and your life as a new mom begins.

Then all those naps and rest that you took for granted will become so rare, that you’ll probably forget (at least in the beginning) how it felt to sleep for hours, or even minutes.

Consequently, make sure to get as much rest as you want, even if it means having a gazillion naps throughout the day. You need to take care of yourself, so who cares?!

Something like this is going to prepare you for a variety of (new) different changes that are currently lurking around the corner.

Stay Away From Caffeine

There are lots of things to know about pregnancy for first-time moms and one of them is that caffeine is not their best friend. At least not during this period of time.

So what’s so detrimental about it?

Namely, there are numerous risks that come with it. It gets digested much slower and goes straight to the baby’s bloodstream.

So what does it mean?

It means that all those unpleasant side effects that you as a first-time mom will most likely deal with (such as high blood pressure, tachycardia, etc.) will impact your baby as well!

And that can result (although rarely) in miscarriage. Unfortunately, even very small amounts of it can increase the risk of low birth weight for your little angel.

So what are you going to do if you can’t resist the urge to have your favorite drink?

One of the best pregnancy tips for first-time moms when it comes to this that I can give you is to make sure to replace coffee with a naturally decaffeinated herbal tea.

Even though this is generally a great idea, please be sure to consult your physician first before you opt for any other alternative, due to the fact that there are still some herbs out there that can lead to premature labor.

Know Everything There’s to Know About the Birthing Process

I know that these pregnancy tips for first-time moms that I’ll be adding are going to be of huge help.

However, no matter how amusing and useful (how modest am I?) they may be, there are still lots of educative sources that will provide you with so much new and interesting information.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be anything that’s tangible, like books, or magazines.

You can always opt for childbirth classes that will tell you exactly what to expect during each new month of pregnancy, as well as during labor. So don’t hesitate to give them a try!

Why is this crucial?

These sorts of pregnancy tips for first-time moms are not only going to prepare you for everything that’s about to occur but will also positively affect your body confidence.

As a first-time mom, you probably have tons of new questions (your mom cannot always answer that, sister, friend, grandma, and many other women) regarding the pregnancy and all the things that come after.

Hence, make sure to have someone/something by your side to eliminate all your doubts.

So what can I recommend?

There are numerous books out there that you can benefit from, and today I’ll single out the ones that are loaded with excellent pregnancy tips for first-time moms:

1.”The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth” by Henci Goer
2.”Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth” by Ina May Gaskin
3.”What Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Know about Cesarean Section”
4.”Pathway to a Healthy Birth”

Create Birth Plan (Be Sure It’s a Good One)

This is one of those pregnancy tips for first-time moms that are as equally relevant as others but are (for unknown reasons) not mentioned as much. I don’t know why!

Although motherhood practically starts once the baby is born, it’s still very important to focus on creating a birth plan now, while your baby is still in your tummy.

So what is it supposed to look like?

For starters, concentrate on jotting down your daily schedules, along with different pregnancy precautions.

Bear in mind that the 1st trimester of pregnancy is the most essential one, hence be sure to make a note of all the do’s and don’ts during it.

All the things that you will do (and won’t do) are going to influence the baby’s growth. Of course, I do not need to remind you that the doctor’s advice must be there every step of the way.

It also wouldn’t hurt if you purchased a huge calendar where you can write down all activities that you had during the day, as well as doctor follow-ups, and various routines that are part of your pregnancy schedule.

Adding More Helpful Pregnancy Tips for First-Time Moms

One Of the Most Important Tips For First-Time Moms – Avoid Google!

If you ask me, this is one of those tips for first-time moms that have to be said multiple times in order for every first-time mom to properly remember it.

I know that most pregnant women will now say that it’s easier said than done.

Especially when you’re dealing with weight gain, morning sickness, constipation, and many other things during pregnancy which you need to search the internet for.

But don’t forget that even though the Internet knows a lot of things, after all, it is not your healthcare provider.

Googling every single symptom that you experience will seriously impact your mental health, which can potentially affect your unborn baby.

It’s completely understandable if you want to use Google for some pregnancy tips (because the truth is, as a pregnant woman, you can always use some pregnancy tips).

However, for something more serious, there’s no one else but your doctor and ask everything you want to know.

So leave it all up to him/her.

I know that you are all excited about having a new baby (just like a vast majority of new moms) but doing something like this isn’t going to get you anywhere.

If you do not follow this pregnancy advice, I will personally come to your house and turn off the internet!

Exercising Is Very Beneficial For You

There’s no doubt that having a baby can take a toll on both your physical and mental well-being (particularly starting from the second trimester).

But if you want to cope with all these issues that come along the way properly, then you should definitely turn to any form of physical activity.

You’ll see how various problems (including both physical and mental) like mood swings, back pain, lethargy, and many others will simply go away once you start working out.

Not to mention the fact that it will strengthen your ligaments, and muscles in preparation for labor too!

So what is the most recommendable in these instances?

Do not immediately think that you should opt for something that’s too physically demanding. No way Jose!

Instead, begin with something light, such as prenatal yoga, walking, swimming, and why not, you can even crack your back (this is advised if you feel some tension in your back), etc.

The point is that you do not need to suddenly turn into a fitness guru in order to stay and be active. But just incorporate some light activities to stay healthy and go through pregnancy relatively smoothly.

Prenatal Vitamins Are Actually a Good Idea!

If by any chance you notice that your current diet isn’t exactly the healthiest and most balanced one and you would like to cover all those nutritional gaps in it, then it would definitely be great if you took some prenatal vitamins.

Why is that?

Well, that’s because they are rich in minerals, and nutrients that can positively affect your baby’s growth.

In addition, they are packed with iron, iodine, and folate-rich as well which is one of the main reasons why you should perceive them as a perfect sidekick during pregnancy.

They are going to cover all nutritional gaps that are present in your diet for the time being.

Furthermore, you can also take into consideration a mercury-free omega-3 supplement while pregnant to alleviate symptoms of depression.

In case you didn’t know, it’s advisable to take these vitamins even when you’re trying to conceive because that’s one of the most efficient ways to improve a baby’s development, particularly during the first month of pregnancy.

Oh, and I would like to say something to all future dads.

You should take zinc, vitamin C, and folic acid if you want to accomplish optimal sperm quality.

Water, Water, Water

It is widely known that water is generally advisable to every single living being out there. However, since pregnant ladies are special kinds of human beings (in the best possible way), their bodies require a lot more water than usual.

And it’s all by virtue of the amniotic fluid that creates a secure layer around their baby.

I do not mean to scare you. However, if you do not drink enough water while pregnant, you will increase your chances of some serious complications, including (God forbid) miscarriage.

That’s why you have to do everything that’s in your power to drink as much water as possible.

If you are prone to forgetting these sorts of things, then you can always rely on a birth planner that’s going to “pay attention” to your water intake count.

Keep in mind that pregnant women quickly get dehydrated during pregnancy. Thereby, it’s advisable to have around 2 to 3 liters of water per day to avoid dehydration.

Moreover, having enough water is going to help you get rid of the toxins that tend to pile up in your body.

Do Not Hide How You Feel

I know that getting pregnant was one of your biggest goals in life, but then once it happened, you were flooded with various emotions that you didn’t know how to control.

And although you believe that you should be the happiest person in the world, it’s completely okay if you’re not.

There are some emotions that cannot always be explained, especially now when you’re susceptible to mood swings.

But there’s no point in sweeping problems under the rug when there are so many resources and people who can help you cope with anything.

Unfortunately, you can still come across the stigma that surrounds pregnancy-related mental health issues, but don’t let it bother you.

Instead, put yourself first and hunt down treatments and experts who can help you solve every mental ache you’ve been feeling.


Although pregnancy is without a doubt a wonderful milestone in the life of any woman, it’s also a bumpy ride during which many pregnant women have to deal with a rollercoaster of emotions, various types of pain, and many other things.

But that’s precisely why I’m here. I wanted to provide you with some awesome tips that will help you bring the most awesome baby in the world, and still keep that lovely smile on.

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