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Travel Toys for 1 Year Old: Top 10

Travel Toys for 1 Year Old: Top 10

Planning a trip, but now you have a little baby to worry about? Especially if you’re travelling by train or plane, it can be challenging to manage a child. What if your baby starts crying in a crowd of people?

You need the right travel toys for 1 year old babies.

Having the right toys prepared can help you keep your baby occupied and entertained.

So, what are the best travel toys for 1 year old babies? That’s the question that we will work to answer in this article. However, managing a 1-year-old is more than just giving them a travel toy. During this age, you’re not dealing with a baby, but not exactly a toddler either.

Stuck somewhere in-between, your child can often act unpredictably.

How do you stay on top of things? Well, the best travel toys for 1 year old babies certainly help, but it’s all about providing the right kind of opportunities for your child to develop.

After 12 months, your baby’s more curious than ever, eager to learn and explore the world around them. With a vast and colorful imagination, staying still for prolonged periods of time is unlikely. So, you need to stock up on the best travel toys for 1 year old babies.

Now that you know that there’s a way to navigate your child’s unpredictable nature, let’s start exploring the characteristics of the best travel toys for 1 year old babies, as well as their purpose, safety recommendations, regardless if it’s a quick outing or a long trip.

What Makes a Travel Toy Ideal?

The best travel toys for 1 year old babies are a blend of safety and enjoyability, and they make the trip as fun as the destination, but what other characteristics do you have to keep in mind? Ideally, the toys you provide during the trip should also be educational.

Let’s talk durability, because the best travel toys for 1 year old babies can withstand rough play. Remember that your baby’s still developing their fine motor skills, and especially when travelling by car or train, it’s likely that they will often drop their toys.

Not to mention the risk of your child throwing the travel toy. While there’s no end-all and be-all solution to stopping your baby from throwing toys – be present and observe your child.

Besides durability, the next thing you want to ensure is easy portability. The best travel toys for 1 year old babies are compact, lightweight and easy for parents to store away.

Other than that, with durability and portability sorted, the next thing you want to focus on is making sure that the travel toys you bring are age-appropriate for a 1 year old baby.

Luckily, there’s a whole range of best travel toys for 1 year old babies that easy for their small hands to firmly grip, with no small parts that could potentially cause a choking hazard. As a responsible parent, your child’s safety is always your number one concern.

Finally, even though you’re packing a bunch of best travel toys for 1 year old babies to make sure that your child stays occupied and entertained for the duration of the trip – you also want to make sure that the toys you provide for them have educational value.

Depending on which developmental area you want to target, there’s a variety of toys that stimulate creativity, promote problem-solving and develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

So, even with travel toys, you can support your little baby’s development.

In summary, here’s what makes a travel toy ideal:

  • Durability
  • Portability
  • Age-appropriateness
  • Educational value

By purchasing travel toys that meet these key aspects, you’re getting the best of each world. With just a few toys, you’re making the trip all the more fun and all the less stressful for you and your baby. Still, toys come in all shapes, sizes and purposes.

What kind of travel toy is best suited for a long road trip or a plane ride?

We’re here to help you make an informed decision.

What Types of Toys Are Suited for Travel?

The very thought of traveling with a 1 year old at first seems intimidating.

It can be, yes, if you’re not adequately prepared. This guide aims to provide you with a detailed list and explanation of the best travel toys for 1 year old babies to make it less stressful for you.

Toys come in all shapes and sizes, but before we dive into our recommendations, let’s take a few moments to analyze what types of toys are suited for travel, and what to avoid.

Planning to travel by bus, train or plane? It goes without saying that you want to avoid bringing musical toys or any kind of toys that may disturb or upset other passengers.

That’s why some of the best train or airplane toys for 1 year old babies are soft books.

We advise bringing a brand new soft book for the trip, because a new book is certain to keep your baby entertained for a longer period of time. Soft books are great not only for developing fine motor skills, but for inspiring imagination and nourishing exploration.

That said, car toys for 1 year old babies include musical toys, but it’s essential that the driver of the car is fine and unbothered by the noise. So, make sure to consult with the driver or just pack different toys that don’t have an element of noise pollution included.

Overall, sound and noise is something that you absolutely have to consider.

Quiet toys are a must on any kind of public transportation, and that’s why soft toys, such as plushies, are a great choice – but you may want to get something more interactive.

Stuffed animals and the like are great companions, but they’re not guaranteed to hold your baby’s attention for prolonged periods of time. Therefore, the best travel toys for 1 year old babies are both soft and engaging, such as certain types of travel mobile baby toys.

In general, finding that perfect blend of quietness and interactivity is key. Not to mention that you need toys that can easily be stored away, especially if you’re traveling by plane.

When traveling, managing space is always the biggest concern. By making sure that you pack compact, lightweight and portable toys, you’re already practically halfway ready.

Additionally, you may want to avoid bringing toys that use batteries and need to be charged. The last thing you need is your baby crying out for a toy and the batteries being empty. But, if you’re insistent of bringing such toys, make sure to have a backup plan.

By taking all of these factors into consideration, finding the best travel toys for 1 year old babies becomes a much more tolerable process, helping you prepare adequately for your baby’s awake time during travel. Now, let’s start exploring toy options, ideas and more.

Best Car Toys for 1 Year Old Babies

A car is probably the best transportation option for young babies and toddlers. Why? Well, you don’t have to worry about your little one annoying strangers. So, there’s probably less stress involved overall in the mental preparation for a road trip by car.

However, your precious little angel still needs access to activities that are engaging, safe and portable. Depending on the distance, car rides can get a little bit boring for your little one. Therefore, having the best travel toys for 1 year old babies at hand is essential.

We’re talking sensory stimulation, interaction and imagination-focused activities.

Luckily, there’s a variety of options for parents to choose from. Even buckle toys are an excellent option!

1. Soft books

Yes, we’ve glossed over them previously, and we’ll probably mention them again, because soft books are our favorite car toys for 1 year old children. Basically, the benefits they provide are great while also being made from soft materials, which makes them quiet.

Soft books come in variety. From different colors, patterns to textures, and even extra features such as buttons and flaps – soft books encourage exploration and are a sure way to keep not only babies, but even toddlers, entertained for the entire duration of the trip.

What’s more, using a soft book is a source of excellent visual and sensory stimulation, not to mention that it also introduces your little one to more complex knowledge, such as letters, numbers and shapes. So, soft books top our list of car toys for 1 year old babies.

Another thing that you’re going to love about them is their portability. Easy to pack and transport, soft books can easily fit into any compartment, making them a convenient option for families on the go. On top of that, they’re great for public transportation, too.

2. Car seat activity center

Some of the most ideal and practical car toys for 1 year old children are, in fact, car seat activity centers. However, they are a bit more pricy. Still, a car seat activity center is designed specifically for car rides. It provides a variety of activities for the whole trip.

What makes them ideal for parents is the fact that they also imply a safe environment. With your baby strapped into a car seat activity center, your child has all the best travel toys for 1 year old babies within reach. That makes the trip more stress-free and enjoyable.

However, there’s a lot of variety. Finding the best car seat activity center may take some time. Consider non-toxic options that are durable and easy to use and clean. Don’t forget to take into account the actual size of the activity center and that it fits your baby nicely.

In general, a car seat activity center is one of the best car toys for 1 year old children due to the amount of entertainment and stimulation it provides. On top of that, having their baby strapped in safely into the car seat activity center allows parents to have easy access.

3. Stacking rings

If you’re looking for some of the best car toys for 1 year old kids, then you can’t go wrong with stacking rings. Ideal for developing hand-eye coordination as well as promoting problem-solving skills, stacking rings resemble a simple but fun and effective activity.

What makes them ideal for road trips is their portability. Stacking rings are compact, lightweight and easy for parents to pack. When you’re traveling by car, the best travel toys for 1 year old kids are always going to be the ones that don’t take up too much space.

Go for non-toxic options that are durable and safe for long-term use.

Additionally, you want to consider to purchase age-appropriate stacking rings. They come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find the ones that are suitable for 1 year olds to play with. Therefore, you have to bear in mind the size of the stacking rings.

4. Sensory fidget toys

One of the more common car toys for 1 year old kids include a variety of sensory fidget toys. Why? First of all, they’re usually small, which makes them ideal for car rides. On top of that, they’re easily handled by young children, so they’re unlikely to drop them.

Besides that, sensory fidget toys are focused on promoting the development of fine motor skills. These types of toys provide a fun and engaging activity that efficiently reduces boredom and keeps your little one thoroughly engrossed for the duration of the trip.

If you’re looking to find the best travel toys for 1 year old kids that simultaneously improve focus and reduce the risk of restlessness, then sensory fidget toys are probably your best bet. Not to mention that they also notably improve hand-eye coordination.

So, you’re getting a lot out of them. Even toddlers benefit from using sensory fidget toys. Just make sure to stock up on age-appropriate variants, because you’re looking to find the ideal car toys for 1 year old children. As always, prioritize your child’s safety first.

5. Travel activity bags

Looking for something really convenient? Preassembled travel activity bags make for an excellent traveling option. They take away the stress of planning. Filled with a variety of car toys for 1 year old children – they provide hours and hours of seamless stimulation.

What makes this option so great for parents? Well, the answer’s obviously portability. You have all these toys, such as soft toys, sensory fidget toys and more, neatly organized in a compact, portable bag, specifically designed for prolonged periods out on the road.

With just one activity bag, you get everything you and your baby need. Your little one gets a variety of activities all in one place, which makes the travel activity bag one of the best travel toys for 1 year old kids. Just make sure to purchase an age-appropriate bag.

More things to bear in mind include durability and safe, non-toxic materials. Some of these bags are a little bit pricy, but there are cost-effective options for parents on a budget, too. However, you may have to do a little bit of research and some field scouting first.

In general, travel activity bags include the best toys for 1 year old babies and children. The all-in-one design is simply too irresistible. Perfectly convenient for parents and kids on the go, the activity bag provides an unparalleled traveling experience for everyone involved.

Best Airplane Toys for 1 Year Old Babies

Car rides are pretty easy, but what about airplanes? How do babies and toddlers react to air travel in the first place? While that’s a topic for a different time, we’re here to show you that traveling by plane doesn’t have to be that stressful when you have the right toy.

It may at first seem challenging, but having the right toys and activities prepared makes it all the more enjoyable. No matter the duration of the flight, the best airplane toys for 1 year old children are lightweight, portable, easy to use and completely safe and quiet.

However, you want to take into account a few factors first. For example, how long is the flight? For longer flights, a single toy may not cut it. You need a variety of airplane toys for 1 year old babies in order to keep them engrossed for the duration of the flight.

Other than that, you want to keep your baby’s interests in mind, as well.

Here’s our selection of the best travel toys for 1 year old kids to take on a plane.

1. Board books

A board book is a more durable option in comparison to paper books. As covered previously, durability is one of the key aspects of the best travel toys for 1 year old children. The more durable the toy, the less chance there is for it to be damaged.

When traveling, it’s important to have durable airplane toys for 1 year old kids.

That’s where board books come in. Not only are they resistant to wear and tear, but to accidental drools, as well, due to the fact that they’re easy to clean with a bit of wiping.

A board book provides a fun and stimulating way for the baby to explore and learn from a variety of colorful illustrations. Some board books include text, as well, which is great for young kids developing their language skills. So, board books have many benefits.

It’s really a no-brainer if you’re flying with a baby on board.

2. Spinners

A spinner is a small but effective toy to bring on an airplane.

What makes it interesting is the fact that it’s visually captivating. We advise keeping the spinner as a backup plan in case your baby starts to cry or fuss. Babies love spinners. Whenever you take one out, it’s certain to catch and keep their attention for a while.

Spinners come in all shapes, colors, sizes and patterns. They can be spun and rotated. The colorful spinning is certain to keep babies and toddlers entertained for a certain while, and that alone makes spinners one of the more efficient airplane toys for 1 year old children.

When your little one spins the toy, the action improves their hand-eye coordination as well as their fine motor skills, so there’s a lot of physical development involved. While a spinner can keep your baby occupied for a little while, it’s not a long-term solution.

Flashy as they are, spinners can get boring rather quickly, sort of like a one-trick pony. So, you will probably need additional airplane toys for 1 year old children ready for the trip.

3. Teething toys

Most babies start teething at around 6 months. Therefore, your child may experience teething pain and discomfort during the trip. Bringing a few teething solutions is crucial. A good teething toy can help soothe your baby’s gum and provide much-needed relief.

What kind of teething toys are best suited for airplane travel? Well, the best airplane toys for 1 year old kids are always going to be made from safe, non-toxic materials. On top of that, teething toys should always be easy to clean and durable, preferably from silicone.

Another thing you want to consider when you’re looking into the best travel toys for 1 year old kids that are experiencing teething pain is, of course, the fact that they have to be easy for your child to hold. Preferably, the teething toy should have handles or rings.

All things considered, bringing at least one teething toy is crucial if you want to keep your baby not only entertained and stimulated, but distracted from teething pain and discomfort.

4. Finger puppets

Finger puppets offer a stimulating distraction. Small, portable and easy to use, finger puppets are some of the most useful airplane toys for 1 year old children. Similarly to spinners, they provide a way for parents to keep their baby entertained during the trip.

However, finger puppets come in all shapes and sizes. So, which ones are the best? Well, we advise choosing something that fits your child’s preferences. For example, if your little one loves dinosaurs, then you can pick dinosaur-themed finger puppets for them.

Bear in mind that you want to purchase finger puppets that are made from safe and durable materials. After all, the best travel toys for 1 year old kids are the ones that are safe for them to handle. Finger puppets are usually made from plush materials or silicone.

Even though finger puppets are considered a great distraction for young children, they’re also useful in regards to your baby’s development. By playing with finger puppets, your little one is improving their hand-eye coordination, dexterity and their sense of touch.

Therefore, airplane toys for 1 year old children should ideally provide efficient distraction and entertainment while simultaneously offering developmental benefits and education.

5. Tablet

You can have all the best travel toys for 1 year old kids prepared, but a tablet outdoes them all in terms of entertainment. Providing a practically endless variety of educational and entertaining apps, tablets are a great way to keep your little one thoroughly engaged.

Bear in mind that even though it’s not advised for a young child to use a tablet, there’s a variety of tablets specifically created for children. In fact, they pretty much fall under the toy category. By effect, that makes them some of the best travel toys for 1 year old kids.

Aside from the fact that tablets can be used for entertainment, there’s a great variety of educational apps on the market that you can utilize to engage your baby. These apps very on a case-to-case basis, but you can use them to teach shapes, colors and language skills.

Another thing you have to remember is to charge the tablet. Make sure to bring an extra charger, as well. Especially on longer flights, you need to ensure battery life for the trip.

Extra Tips for a Stress-Free Trip with a Baby

Finding the best travel toys for 1 year old kids certainly helps, but a single toy isn’t going to guarantee a stress-free trip. There’s a lot of other things you have to keep in mind. We aim to prepare you adequately with our selection of tips and tricks for families on the go.

First things first, pack smart. What you bring is what you have. One year olds demand a lot of extra care, so make sure that you pack the essentials, aside from all the best travel toys for 1 year old children. To name a few, you will need blankets, pacifiers and snacks.

When you go down your checklist and make sure that everything is properly sorted, turn your attention to planning a schedule. Even though you’re on the road, your little baby’s going to need a relatively fixed schedule in regards to their feeding and sleeping habits.

If you’re going by car, then you don’t have to worry about seats. However, if you’re flying by plane or bus, then you need to take seating options into account, too. For example, a window seat is best suited for kids and toddlers, since it provides extra entertainment.

Another tip for traveling families is to bring extra clothes. You’re traveling with a small baby. So, the best travel toys for 1 year old children aren’t going to help when your baby has an accident. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have extra clothes and wipes.

When traveling, it’s wise to expect delays. Not everything goes according to plan. That’s why you’re going to need snacks and various entertainment options in order to keep your baby engaged during awake time. To be prepared, pack for unexpected circumstances.

All things considered, even the best travel toys for 1 year old children aren’t magically going to make it easy. Your baby may act unpredictably. The most important thing is that you and your partner remain patient. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Follow these tips and tricks and you’re certain to enjoy a much smoother trip.

In Conclusion

Toys, games and activities – they’re essential whether you’re traveling with a young baby or even a toddler. Bringing the right toys makes the journey more enjoyable for babies and parents. The best travel toys for 1 year old kids guarantee a stress-free experience.

Our guide provides an overview of what you have to take into account. From durability to portability, the best travel toys for 1 year old children are age-appropriate, engaging and educational, as well. We’re here to simplify the planning process and make it exciting.

From soft books to teething toys and finger puppets – there’s a lot of toys and activities to choose from. Ideally, the toy you provide for your little one on a trip should be fun and educational in equal measure. That’s what makes the best travel toys for 1 year old babies.

However, even the best soft book out there or the most engaging activity bag isn’t going to provide enough comfort and stimulation on its own. A toy helps, yes, but preparation for a trip involves so much more – as covered in our tips and tricks section of the article.

Another thing to remember is that every baby and toddler is different. So, a toy that works for another baby or toddler may not be as efficient or stimulating for your own.

A good way to go about is to test what toy works best your little one before the trip.

However, you may also want to bring a toy that your baby or toddler hasn’t seen before, because a new toy is going to seem so much more interesting. As a result, a new toy is going to keep your little one preoccupied for more time, maybe even the entire trip.

Be flexible, patient and plan smart.

With a little of planning and prep-work, you’re going to have an enjoyable journey.

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