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Pros And Cons Of Tanning While Pregnant

Pros And Cons Of Tanning While Pregnant

The pros and cons of tanning while pregnant are good to know, especially if you’re planning a summer vacation, or you’re just a person who likes tanning.

Most of us like it when our skin is darker because it looks better and shinier. Some people simply enjoy spending time in the sun.

Tanning in natural sunlight and tanning beds has differences and it can be hard to determine if one option is safer than the other.

This article will help you to learn more about the pros and cons of tanning while pregnant, and you will know if is it safe or not.

Pregnancy is a time when we have to think about every little detail. Everything we do can mean something, so it’s better to learn new things. That way, we will prevent possible negative outcomes.

Pros And Cons Of Tanning While Pregnant

Many people live in places where the is a lot of sun and it’s normal that they and to know more about the pros and cons of tanning while pregnant.

Others want to visit some places where it’s hot, and some women like using tanning beds.

Before I start explaining the pros and cons of tanning while pregnant, I want you to know that these pros and cons are related to natural sunlight and tanning.

Tanning beds are very dangerous, and because of that, they’re even banned in some countries. They’re much more dangerous than the natural sunlight, and my only advice is to avoid them now and forever.

All the things I will mention apply to tanning beds too, so if you’re still hung up on them, keep reading and multiply every risk.

Pros Of Tanning While Pregnant

The first positive thing about tanning while pregnant is vitamin D. Vitamin D is something we get from eating healthy, but it can’t be used in our bodies unless we’re exposed to sunlight.

Tanning beds can’t help you with vitamin D, because the bulbs inside tanning beds emit only UVA light, and you need UVB light to make vitamin D.

You need to spend some time outside if you want to be healthy because vitamin D is essential for many things in our bodies.

But, according to experts, you only need 10 to 15 minutes a few times a week. This amount of time is enough to produce enough vitamin D. Every excess of vitamin D is not being used, so there is no point in spending more time in the sun.

Vitamin D is essential for bones and muscles. You probably know that babies have to take vitamin D supplements in the first few months.

Vitamin D is also essential for fighting inflammation and strengthening the immune system. It’s also important for heart health and the nervous system.

Vitamin D can be found in many foods, but many people are using vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D supplements are a great way to be sure that you’re taking enough of this vitamin, but you have to be careful with supplements.

If you take too much of them, you could experience vitamin D toxicity. That will cause hair loss, anorexia, heart problems, kidney problems…

The best thing to do is eat healthy and expose yourself to natural sunlight a few times a week.

Vitamin D is important for a healthy pregnancy because it helps your baby to grow and develop normally. As you can see, tanning during pregnancy is good in moderation.

It can certainly help you to stay healthy.

Another pro of tanning when pregnant is normal blood pressure. According to studies, spending time in natural sunlight can have a positive effect on your blood pressure.

UV lights are good for dilating blood vessels, which is beneficial for lowering blood pressure. High blood pressure during pregnancy is dangerous because it can lead to preeclampsia o premature delivery.

Another benefit of tanning for blood pressure is a calming effect on your mental health. We all know that our mental health is important for many things, including blood pressure.

When you’re outside, enjoying the sun and nature, you’re more peaceful and your blood pressure is lower.

Tanning while pregnant is also good for your baby. According to some studies, natural sunlight is good for fetal health.

Moms who were tanning more didn’t have problems with preterm deliveries.

Additionally, their babies also had higher birth weights and they were healthier. There is no correct explanation for this, but many health professionals are researching why this happens.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s good for the mom and the baby.

These are the most important pros of tanning while pregnant. I would like to mention that all these benefits can only come from natural sunlight, not tanning beds.

Also, tanning in the sun should be moderate. Don’t spend a lot of time exposed to the sun unprotected. Now you know that it only takes a few minutes to enjoy the benefits of the sun.

Cons Of Tanning While Pregnant

All these cons I am going to talk about are more common if you’re tanning in a tanning bed. Tanning in natural sunlight is slightly less dangerous.

It’s a bit weird that something so natural and beautiful can be harmful. We all like to spend time in the sun, but it’s frustrating to learn that it’s so harmful.

Some of the most frequent consequences of tanning are dehydration and overheating. It’s easy to get used to high temperatures, bud our bodies are suffering.

When you’re pregnant, your temperature and fluid levels are much more easily disturbed.

Additionally, when you experience dehydration or increased body temperature, you’re putting your baby in a dangerous situation.

So, when you’re outside and it’s hot, drink water as often as possible. Protect yourself from the direct heat, and don’t be there for too long.

Another con of tanning during pregnancy is possible skin problems. You’ve probably heard that skin damage and skin cancer are more possible if you’re exposing yourself to the sun often.

This is even more possible if you’re using tanning beds. It takes time for skin cancer to develop, but you should still avoid tanning while pregnant.

When it comes to skin damage, skin discolorations like melasma are problematic for many pregnant women. It’s hard to get rid of them, so if you don’t want to have pigmentation problems, avoid tanning while pregnant.

A common consequence of excessive tanning is also sunburn. We’ve all had sunburns in life. They can be very painful and uncomfortable. Serious sunburns can lead to shock. This is just one more reason to avoid tanning while pregnant.

Sunstroke is also something that can happen if you’re tanning during pregnancy. Your body simply can’t take so much heat. Therefore, fainting, headache, and nausea can happen.

Tanning Beds and Natural Sunlight

Now that you’re aware of about pros and cons of tanning while pregnant, I would like to talk about natural sunlight and tanning beds.

A few years ago, tanning beds were a hit. They give you nice color and everything is so much faster. You don’t have to sit in the sun for a few days to get that nice-looking sun.

However, many studies have shown that tanning beds are very dangerous. They are effective for tanning because they radiate a lot of UV rays.

UV rays are very damaging to the skin. They cause premature aging, immunity disorders, skin cancers, allergic reactions, and many other skin problems.

Some studies show that UV rays exposure is connected to folic acid deficiency. Folic acid is essential for a baby’s growth.

Natural sunlight also has UV rays, but their concentration is not this high. All these health problems that can happen because of tanning beds take time to develop.

This is the reason why so many people are still using them to achieve the bronzed look. When it comes to using tanning beds while pregnant, they also have other dangers.

The first thing that tanning beds can cause is overheating. If you’re someone who will use a tanning bed no matter what the risks are, you have to spend a short amount of time inside it.

The other negative thing that can happen if you’re using a tanning bed is skin discoloration. Skin discolorations are quite common during pregnancy.

They happen because of hormonal changes, and when you spend a lot of time exposed to UV rays, those discolorations get worse.

I want to mention that excessive tanning can cause many serious complications for you and your baby. These things I am talking about are related to moderate tanning.

If you’re addicted to tanning, you are exposing yourself and your unborn baby to many dangers. As you can see, tanning beds are effective when it comes to achieving bronzed look in no time, but they’re very dangerous for your health.

Using tanning beds probably won’t harm your baby directly, but it can cause many health problems for you. As you know, your body and immunity are weaker during pregnancy.

All these bad things can also happen if you tan in natural sunlight, but it takes longer for them to develop. Natural sunlight is also risky, but it’s better than tanning beds.

Fake Tan

Pros and cons of tanning while pregnant will probably change your mind about having perfect, bronzed skin. But, there is always something called fake tan.

Using lotions, creams, and sprays has become a hit in the last few years.

In the past, these products weren’t so good. They would make your skin look orange. Nowadays, they’re quite good, and certain steps will make your fake tan look natural.

When you’re taking care of your health during pregnancy, and when you’re looking for pregnancy-safe mascara or pregnancy-safe dry shampoo, you probably want to use fake tan products that are suitable for pregnant women.

Some of the recommended pregnancy-safe fake tans are Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Foam, Beauty By Earth Self Tanner, Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Body Mousse, and  St. Tropez Self-Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse.

According to experts, even when you use other fake tan products, you’re safe. The ingredients in fake tan products aren’t harmful to babies.

Also, you won’t be using them every day or a few times a day, so a fake tan is a safe alternative if you want your skin to be darker.

Many women believe that it’s not possible to have good-looking skin with fake tan. But, you just have to prepare yourself. You should moisturize your skin a lot if you plan to use a fake tan.

It’s also important to moisturize it when you’re using self-tanners. One day before applying a fake tan, you should exfoliate your skin thoroughly.

Using a glove for a fake tan is also a suggestion. Follow a good tutorial and you’re good to go.

The trick with fake tan is to practice and to go faster when applying it. A fake tan will make you feel like you’re naturally darker, but you won’t have to tan in the sun to get that perfect color.

Most of these fake tan products are durable and they don’t live stains or streaks. Of course, it might take time to find the perfect product for successful self-tanning.

When it comes to spray tanning, most experts don’t recommend this type of fake tan. The substances inside spray tans could cause respiratory problems and pregnancy complications.

These substances aren’t investigated yet, but it’s better to stay away from them to avoid harming the baby. Spray tan seems like an easier option, but it’s quite pricey.

It’s better to learn how to properly apply regular self-tan products. It’s more affordable and convenient.

As you can see, just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stay away from your adored bronzed way. There are ways, you just have to be ready to practice and explore.

You should always follow instructions and you should always find a good tutorial. Removing fake tan is possible with a lot of products and scrubbing, but it takes time, and it won’t look good.

So, prepare yourself, and don’t take this lightly. You don’t want to look like a tiger. Learn every tip and trick there is and then get to work.

Embracing Light Skin

You’re reading this article because you’re someone who probably wants to do some tanning even if you’re pregnant. Maybe you’re a big fan of darker skin, and maybe you just want to try something new.

I always support women and I always like to encourage them to do what they like. However, when it comes to things like this, I also like to remind you that it’s okay to have lighter skin.

You should embrace your skin tone, and you shouldn’t feel bad because you’re not darker.

Tanning while pregnant is not recommended for too long, so you probably won’t get that bronze skin you want so much. Tanning beds are bad for your health now and always, so the only choice you have is fake tanning.

Some women aren’t very handy when it comes to using fake tans. Some of them can’t find the right products. So, you might be in a situation where there is no solution to look the way you want. And that’s okay.

I know that something is important for your confidence, but you will help yourself a lot more if you try and accept yourself.

White and light skin is also perfect. You should be thankful for having healthy skin and being healthy in general.

Don’t obsess over little things like skin color. Try to love yourself and don’t worry about anything else.

Women always want something they don’t have. Some women with darker skin are trying to bleach. Some women with light skin want to make it darker.

Women with curly hair want their hair to be straight. Women with straight hair are trying to have curly hair.

It’s okay to want different things, but it’s more important to accept your natural features. Be proud of yourself and don’t jeopardize your health to look different.

Learn how to be more confident and self-assured. You can do it if you work hard and focus on the right things.

How To Protect Your Skin From The Sun?

Tanning while pregnant is not so recommended, but that doesn’t mean you should stay inside all the time.

Sometimes you have to go outside, and sometimes the sun will get to you. This is why it’s important to protect yourself from sun exposure.

A good SPF is a must. But, it’s important to reapply it when needed. One application of SPF is not enough for the whole day.

Drink a lot of water, and use hats and other accessories to hide from the sun. Try to stay in the shade. A healthy diet with a lot of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants is also important if you want to prevent sun damage.

When you get inside it’s important to use skincare products that will hydrate your skin. You have to feed your skin.

Skin damage from the sun is not only connected to skin cancer and discolorations. Sun is also the main cause of wrinkles and skin aging.

This is why so many women use SPF and other skincare products to fight the sun. Some women want to have darker skin no matter what the consequences are, and others are aware that the sun can be very damaging.

It’s better to have light skin and look better in a few decades. So, this is your signal to change your skincare routine and protect yourself from UV rays.

If your skin is burned and damaged from sun exposure, use some aloe vera and yogurt to soothe it. You can also use suitable skin products to treat sunburns.

If you have to expose yourself to the sun again, protect those burned areas with clothes. It’s important to prevent further sun damage.

Skin pigmentation during pregnancy can happen even if you stay away from the sun. Hormones are the main cause of melasma and other skin discolorations. Most of these problems go away after birth, but sometimes you have to fight them.

Some pregnant women use argan oil and HydraFacial treatments to treat skin problems. Breastmilk lotion is also good for treating sun damage.

Sun exposure is also bad for your hair. Even if you don’t have fragile and weak hair, the sun will damage it. Try to wear protective hairstyles and hats.

Use some good heat protectants. You can also try Olaplex to revive your hair if it’s already damaged.

As you can see, skin and sun are a much more complicated combination than you’ve thought. Some people don’t care about it and they simply want to enjoy the sun. I am one of those that prefer protection.

If you don’t care about looks, you should care about your health. Skin cancer is more likely to happen to those who are spending a lot of time in the sun without any protection.

It can be overwhelming to think about sun protection and sun damage in the beginning, but when you get used to it, you will realize that it’s not a big deal.


Pros and cons of tanning during pregnancy will help you to decide about exposing yourself to sun or tanning beds.

It can be difficult to avoid every single thing that’s harmful, but when you’re pregnant you have to focus on everything.

Pregnancy and tanning are not best friends. Staying away from sunlight is not possible, but it’s possible to avoid it and it’s possible to protect yourself.

When you spend a little bit of time in the sun, it can be helpful, but you have to be careful and you have to take look at your watch more often.

Some people and some pregnant women spend their days in the sun, without any protection, and everything works out for them. Others have certain problems because they do the same.

Be responsible and take care of your pregnancy. If you’re skeptical, you can always ask your doctor. After all, the first prenatal visit is all about asking about every little detail you want to know about pregnancy.

I am sure that your doctor will suggest staying away from sunlight and UV rays. Everything is okay in moderation, but you have to set some boundaries for yourself. Pregnancy is a challenging time that will teach you many things if you want to learn.

Being careful will pay off and your patience and willingness to learn new information will be very useful in the future.

Pros And Cons Of Tanning While Pregnant

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