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What To Wear To First Prenatal Appointment?

What To Wear To First Prenatal Appointment?

What to wear to first prenatal appointment can seem like a silly or even unnecessary question.

Most future moms are thinking about other things, like questions to ask at the first prenatal appointment. Some of them or wondering how long they’ve been pregnant or when it’s possible to find out the baby’s gender.

I agree that the question – what to wear to first prenatal appointment – is not as important as some other things connected to your first prenatal visit.

But, many women are wondering what the answer to this question is, and even if this information is not so relevant, it’s still good to know.

Certain answers we find are not essential for our pregnancy journey, but they’re definitely interesting and useful. Besides, many pregnant women care about their clothes and shoes, and it’s important to talk about those things too.

Some of these things will change your opinion about clothes and you will keep following certain rules even after you give birth.

What To Wear To First Prenatal Appointment?

The answer to this question is quite simple and logical. You should wear loose and comfy clothes to your first prenatal appointment.

Loose clothing is important because the doctor will do an ultrasound, so you need something easy to remove or lift up.

Just imagine wearing something tight and then pulling it up when the doctor wants to examine you.

It’s also good that your clothes are wider in the chest area. Sometimes a doctor will examine your breasts too.

Another reason for loose clothing is possible staining. Your ultrasound will be done using ultrasound gel.

This gel can leave wet stains on your clothes if you don’t wipe it off well. When your clothes are not too tight, they probably won’t get too dirty. Also, wear something that’s easily washable so you don’t have to worry about stains.

The doctor will check your blood pressure, and it might take him time to find the baby’s heartbeat, so think about that when choosing what to wear to first prenatal appointments. You want a piece of clothing that is easy to manipulate, pull, and move.

Comfortable and loose clothes on your first prenatal appointment are also important because of your personal comfort.

Your first prenatal visit could last a while, and you need something comfortable and made out of good materials.

I suggest cotton or linen clothes. As a pregnant woman, you’re probably experiencing sweating and exhaustion.

If you wear some material that’s not good for sweating and keeping the smell under control, you will feel embarrassed. So, natural fabrics, loose clothes, and comfort are your priority.

Pants And Shirt

Wearing simple pants/jeans and a shirt is perfectly fine. There is no need to feel like you’re underdressed if you choose this combination.

It will be comfortable enough and it will provide you with easy access. I would recommend wearing a shirt or a T-shirt that’s either white or black. This way, sweat stains, or ultrasound gel stains won’t be so visible.

Skirt And Shirt

Wearing a skirt that’s not too short with a comfy shirt or a T-shirt is also a great choice to wear at first prenatal appointment.

This choice could be even better than the pants and shirt because if the doctor decides to perform a pelvic exam, it’s going to be easy to take the skirt off and put it back on.

I don’t recommend wearing a dress without leggings, because you will have to lift it all the way up and be in your underwear.

Good Underwear

When you’ve asked yourself what to wear to first prenatal appointment, you probably didn’t think of underwear.

Even though it seems logical, some women don’t know that they should wear comfortable, full-coverage underwear.

The first reason is that you want some privacy. If you have to take off your clothes, it’s good to wear underwear that gives some coverage.

Another thing to pay attention to is elasticity and comfort. Don’t wear something tight or something that’s hard to take off. You never know what kind of exam the doctor will do, and it’s always good to make everything easier from the beginning.

Comfortable Shoes

If you were wondering what to wear to first prenatal appointment, you thought of shoes too.

The most important thing about your shoes is that they’re comfortable and easy to take off and put on.

Most people recommend wearing slip-off shoes, slippers, or flat sandals. However, you can also wear your favorite pair of sneakers or flat shoes as long as they’re easy to remove.

It’s also important that they’re comfortable in case you stay for too long at your doctor’s.

What Not To Wear To First Prenatal Appointment?

Many women think about what to wear to first prenatal appointment, and even without reading this article, they eventually come up with the best option for comfort and easy access.

On the other hand, some women don’t think about what to wear to first prenatal appointment and they often end up wearing something wrong.


I’ve mentioned that a dress is not a good choice when you’re figuring out what to wear to first prenatal appointment.

Even if it’s comfortable and breathable, you should still wear some leggings underneath it. It’s simply inconvenient to wear a dress.

Jumpsuits Or Rompers

I think that it’s quite logical why jumpsuits, jumpers, or rompers are not a good choice when deciding what to wear to first prenatal appointment.

Just like it’s weird to take it off completely when using the restroom, it’s also weird to take it off for a prenatal exam.

One-piece outfits are always a bad decision when visiting a doctor.

Boots, Heels, Or Strappy Shoes

If it’s cold outside, and you’re thinking about what to wear to first prenatal appointment, boots will probably slip your mind.

It’s important to stay warm, but if you really have to wear boots, choose some sneaker boots or ankle boots.

They’re simply too chunky and they’re often hard to take off. Heels are definitely not a good option even when you have a pair that’s easy to take off and put on.

Heels are simply not a good choice because there is some certain dress code that should be respected.

Strappy heels, strappy sandals, or strappy shoes take forever to take off and it’s even more difficult to put them back on. This fashion trend should be left for some other occasion.

Clothes With Chunky Details

Clothes that have some big metal decorations, big belts, or similar accessories, are also not recommended to wear to first prenatal appointment.

These things can easily get stuck and even hurt you when you’re in a rush to pull something up or down. This is another reason to choose simple things. Wearing a belt is okay if you really need one.

What Else Is Important To Consider Before First Prenatal Appointment?

Now that you know what to wear to first prenatal appointment, you should also think about some other things.

First of all, make a list of all questions to ask at your first prenatal visit. Don’t hesitate to ask about everything you want to know. Please don’t be shy because it’s normal not to know everything.

Another important thing that’s connected to your appearance and first prenatal visit is your hygiene. The doctor has to examine you, and it would be nice to be clean and fresh for your visit.

So, remove unwanted hairs, take a bath or a shower, and put on good deodorant. It’s important to think about what to wear to first prenatal appointment, but it’s also important that your clothes are clean.

This will prevent some uncomfortable situations. Pay extra attention to cleaning your private parts and belly button.

In case your doctor wants to perform a pelvic exam, you should thoroughly clean your private area.

Use water and mild cleanser that won’t disrupt your ph balance. Clean your bum well to avoid any bad smells.

Cleaning your belly button is also important. Some people don’t do this often and they don’t do it well. It’s not enough to clean it with water. You have to get in there with your finger or a cotton swab.

Use some soap or body wash to get rid of dirt, dead skin cells, and bad odor. The belly button tends to collect some nasty things.

Your hair, face, and teeth should also be fresh smelling and clean. The doctor won’t examine them, but it’s important to keep them clean to avoid bad smells.

Avoid going to your doctor’s office straight from work or some other activity. Find time to do your hygiene routine.

The doctors don’t pay so much attention to these things, but it will make you feel better knowing you were well prepared and cleaned for your appointment.

The doctors like women who think about what to wear to first prenatal appointment and who are always clean and fresh.

Most clinics, offices, and hospitals have everything you need, but I always like to bring tissues and wet wipes.

Sometimes you want to go to the toilet and clean certain things. If you’re someone who is obsessed with hygiene, you should definitely prepare yourself.

It’s also good to bring a deodorant. Sometimes it’s hot outside, or you’re simply sweating for some reason.

Sometimes you have to wait a bit longer for your appointment, and having some tissues, wet wipes, and deodorant is useful to refresh yourself.

Pregnant women pee a lot, and it’s not uncommon that there is no toilet paper in the restroom. This is a good reason to have your own equipment.

I also suggest bringing a bottle of water with you. You might be there a while, and as a pregnant woman, you should hydrate yourself often. Big water bottles are a great way to motivate yourself to drink more water.

If your doctor is a bit far away, or you’re prone to morning sickness, bringing some crackers with you is a good idea. It will help you with nausea and it will calm down your upset stomach.

Of course, if there is something else that is easy to carry with you, and it helps you with nausea or motion sickness, bring it with you.

Ginger chews are very effective for pregnancy nausea, morning sickness, motion sickness, and similar problems. They’re very convenient to carry in your purse or bag.

Another important thing to bring with you is relevant medical documentation and medical history. If you have a certain illness or a medical condition, or if you had problems with pregnancies in the past, your doctor needs to know this.

If you’re not sure what to tell your doctor, it’s always better to bring the papers so there are no mistakes.

Besides important documentation, you should also consider coming in with another person. It can be your partner, friend, or anyone else who is helpful.

A first prenatal visit is always important, and it’s good to have support. It’s good to share this special moment with someone, especially if you’re pregnant for the first time.

I don’t want to scare you, but sometimes the first prenatal appointment can reveal upsetting news, and it’s always good to have someone there with you. Maybe the doctor will tell you that your pregnancy is a high-risk one, and you will need someone to rely on at that moment.

How To Dress Yourself During Pregnancy?

Choosing what to wear to your first prenatal visit is not difficult at all when you understand this article.

There are some other things to think about before your first prenatal visit and those things will always be a part of the preparation for prenatal appointments.

Good hygiene and some things to have in your bag will become a routine when going to your doctor’s office.

Clothes are important during pregnancy because they can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Many women don’t understand the power of comfortable and breathable clothes.

When that pregnancy test comes positive, it’s time to stay away from uncomfortable, suffocating clothes.

Tight clothes are unsuitable for prenatal appointments, but if they’re comfy and stretchy, you can wear them at home or when you go somewhere.

I still believe that something tight can’t be as comfortable as something loose. This is a great opportunity to wear some wider, looser clothes.

This will prevent excessive sweating and pressure. During pregnancy, our skin is often sensitive because it’s stretched. It’s itchy and red, so choosing loose clothing is the best choice to avoid additional irritation.

Another reason to choose high-quality material and loose clothes is possible vaginal infections. Your immune system is weaker while pregnant, and there is a higher possibility to get sick.

Wearing tight, unbreathable clothes will increase your chances of getting a yeast or bacterial infection, especially if you have problems with vaginal discharge during pregnancy.

This means you should also forget about some lingerie you like. Lace, silk, and similar fabrics should wait.

Cotton underwear is your best friend in these pregnancy weeks and months. I would also suggest light-colored underwear to notice possible bleeding, spotting, and changes in your vaginal discharge. These are hard to spot when you’re wearing dark panties.

A good bra is also essential. Most women think about a bra after they give birth since postpartum and breastfeeding bras are needed.

But, a good bra supporting your growing breasts during pregnancy will make your life easier. It’s also common that your breasts to get very sensitive and tender, so having a good bra can solve many problems.

Wearing the wrong bra can cause back pain too. Your back carries a lot of weight when you’re pregnant. If you don’t have a bra that will support your breasts, your back will suffer even more.

As you can see, clothing is much more connected to health and pregnancy than you thought.

Some women had allergic reactions to some synthetic fabrics during pregnancy, even though they didn’t have problems before. After all, our skin is an organ, and everything can affect it.

Feeling nauseous, and having headaches and stomach problems is not rare when pregnant. When you wear something that feels suffocating and uncomfortable, you will feel even worse.

So, choose your clothes wisely when you’re expecting. Being pregnant and pregnancy symptoms are difficult to handle, but it’s only temporary.

Changing Your Style

Many women like to dress up elegantly, and they probably hate this idea of loose clothes, cotton underwear, and similar recommendations.

I completely understand that, especially if you work in a place where a certain dress code has to be followed.

However, it’s still important to change some things. Try to wear cotton underwear if you have to wear clothes from synthetic fabric.

Find at least a few combinations made from breathable materials, and try to wear them more often. It can be difficult to invest in clothes that you won’t wear after pregnancy, but some things have to be done.

If you’re buying new pieces of clothes, always go for something that can be worn even after pregnancy.

Luckily, oversized clothes are very popular these days, so I am sure you will find something good.

Choosing Good Shoes

It’s important to choose convenient shoes for prenatal visits, but it’s even more important to have some good shoes during your pregnancy chapter.

Your feet are usually swollen during pregnancy and you’re probably in pain. If you’re moving around a lit or sitting at your desk, it’s essential to find good pair of shoes to support your feet and spine.

If you have to wear more elegant shoes, invest in something good. Avoid wearing heels because they’re unhealthy even for women for aren’t pregnant. Your pregnancy back will thank you if you forget about heels.

Choosing A Good Bag

We all know good bags that can carry many things are important when going to the hospital to give birth and during the postpartum period.

However, getting a good bag during pregnancy is also a good idea. As I’ve mentioned, pregnant women often need additional wipes, tissues, and deodorant.

You should also always have a big bottle of water with you and some snacks. A plastic bag for vomiting or trash is also wise to carry with you.

Of course, this is not a must, but it’s very useful if you’re active and away from home often.


Deciding what to wear to your first prenatal visit can be a challenge if you’re into fashion and you always want to look good.

Even though this occasion requires some simple clothes, you can still look good if you make an effort. But, think about this as something that’s not so much about aesthetics.

Choosing convenient clothes will make your visit easier and more comfortable. Therefore, follow the tips and tricks from this article.

Besides doing that, write down some other useful recommendations before your first prenatal appointment. Prepare questions and be focused on this visit.

It’s also important to think about your healthcare provider. Remember, you only want what’s best for you.

Being pregnant has never been harder. So many things are not recommended, and sometimes I wonder what is left for pregnant women to wear, eat, drink, and use.

Most women decide to follow most rules, but some rules are unknown to them. Whenever you’re unsure about something, ask your doctor and do your research.

After all, being perfect is not possible, but it’s good to be responsible and do everything you can for a safe, and comfortable pregnancy. Following some good pregnancy tips will make your journey easier.

Clothes made of good materials for your skin and body are usually a bit more expensive, but it lasts much longer. If you haven’t tried these types of clothes, you will be positively surprised. Life is too short to wear something that’s not comfy and soft.

Nowadays, fashion is changing and there are some great clothes that look great and feel even better when you wear them.

What To Wear To First Prenatal Appointment