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Can Kids Eat Rum Cake?

Can Kids Eat Rum Cake?

Can kids eat rum cake? If you’re a responsible and attentive parent, you’re probably wondering can kids eat rum cake.

We all care about our children’s diet and want to protect them from harmful food and drinks.

This can be hard when we don’t know the ingredient list of every meal, and that’s why we have to explore everything we want to know.

This article will help you to solve your dilemma. Additionally, you will learn some interesting things about rum and rum cake.

Can Kids Eat Rum Cake?

The answer to the question can kids eat rum cake is not a short one. It all depends on a few important facts.

Original, traditional rum cake contains real rum, not just rum aroma. Since the cake is baked, most of that alcohol disappears due to the high temperature.

Still, there is alcohol in rum cake.

A cup of rum is a bare minimum for making traditional rum cake, so you might want to think about giving this type of rum cake to kids.

This amount shouldn’t harm your kids.

However, you should be aware that there is some alcohol in rum cake and if you’re not okay with your kids consuming even the slightest amount of it, don’t allow them to eat rum cake.

You shouldn’t give rum cake to younger kids, toddlers, and babies. As I’ve said, the chances for something negative to happen are minimal, but with small kids, you never know.

According to other people’s experiences, kids can eat rum cake, because nothing bad has ever happened.

There are many versions of rum cake and some of them contain very little rum compared to traditional rum cake, and they’re safer to consume by kids.

Finally, many rum cake recipes use rum aroma, which doesn’t contain real alcohol. This is great for people who don’t want to consume alcohol in any form and for kids, of course.

So, can kids eat rum cakes? Yes, but you shouldn’t give them more than one piece.

Kids And Alcohol

You’re probably wondering can kid eat rum cake because you’re aware that alcohol is not suitable for children.

Alcohol is not healthy for anyone, but children’s bodies, organs, and mental strength are not developed, and the effects of alcohol on kids are much stronger.

The first thing that’s not good when kids consume alcohol is negative effects on their thinking, balance, digestion, and other body functions.

Just like adults can get drunk by consuming alcohol, kids can too. The difference is that kids get intoxicated much faster and the effects of alcohol are much stronger.

It happens that kids drink alcohol by accident. Sometimes adults give kids alcohol accidentally.

In most cases, when children consume alcohol, they get intoxicated quite fast and end up in bed.

Vomiting, nausea, headache, and other symptoms connected to alcohol consumption are also common.

They will also feel weak one day after they’ve consumed alcohol, and that’s pretty much it.

Of course, if a child has a certain medical condition or allergy, or you simply notice that symptoms after consuming alcohol are unusual, you should seek medical help as soon as possible.

Some people are actually allergic to alcohol, and that’s why it’s so important to monitor your child. Sometimes they simply can’t stand alcohol, and the only thing that can help is pumping out the stomach.

I just think it’s important to know what to do if your kid ever consumes alcohol by accident.

Just like you could accidentally give water to your newborn, you could accidentally give alcohol to your kid.

It happened more than once that people thought they were giving kids blueberry juice, but it was wine. Vodka and water look the same, and whiskey and soda are also similar.

I’ve heard of situations where kids stole alcohol from their parent’s liquor cabinet because they were curious.

The point is, things happen, and it’s always better to be prepared. Alcohol and kids don’t go together, but everything is possible.

Some kids are difficult, and parenting a difficult child is challenging for everyone.

As you can see, even one-time alcohol intoxication is not fun, and it can have consequences.

When we talk about kids consuming alcohol, it’s important to know that some kids out there consume alcohol quite frequently.

We’ve all heard stories of bad parenting, where parents gave their kids alcohol just to put them to bed earlier or just because they thought it was okay to give them alcohol.

Some parents think it’s okay to give alcohol to older kids, pre-teens, and teenagers. As I’ve said, one-time consumption usually ends up fine. But it’s not okay to give your children alcohol on purpose.

It’s scientifically proven that frequent use of alcohol can affect a child’s brain function and development.

So, even when the kids are older, we must remember they’re still growing and developing.

If your kid is curious about alcohol, you must be very cautious and strict about it. Don’t allow yourself to think it’s okay to give them alcohol sometimes.

Accidents happen, but sometimes the parents are too irresponsible.

I’m sure you already know this.

After all, you’re wondering can kids eat rum cake.

I just want to remind you that kids are kids, and even if you know this, maybe my information will help you to teach someone else about the consequences of alcohol.

All these things are why you’re asking about kids eating rum cake. As I’ve said, eating rum cake is different from drinking alcohol.

You can always choose kid-friendly rum cake, but even if you only have traditional rum cake, just give them a small piece, and everything will be fine.

Being responsible and cautious is essential when we’re moms. You never know what could happen.

If you’re someone who hates alcohol and you don’t even approve of rum cake with alcohol, then focus on setting up a good example for your kids.

As they grow, they will have a mind of their own. They will experiment, and one day you won’t be able to do anything about their poor life choices.

So, while you still can, teach your kids that alcohol is bad. It’s unhealthy, and it can lead to serious complications with both physical and mental health.

If you’re someone who enjoys a drink from time to time, that’s also fine. You’re an adult with the right to relax and treat yourself.

We consume many unhealthy things every day, and nobody is completely perfect.

Rum Cake

Rum cake, also called black cake, comes from the Caribbean. This is a dessert, and it’s usually popular during the holiday season.

Rum cake is so delicious that it has become famous worldwide. One of the main ingredients is rum – a sweet and dark alcoholic drink made from sugar.

Nowadays, there are many versions of rum cake. Some of them are non-alcoholic, others are made with a lot of alcohol, and some of the rum cakes contain alcohol in smaller amounts.

According to some research studies, overeating alcohol-containing rum cake could lead to alcohol intoxication.

For this reason, if you want to give your kids rum cake, make sure to give them a small amount if your cake is soaked in rum.

I will give you a couple of kid-friendly rum dessert recipes. Rum cake is not the only thing that’s made using rum and tastes delicious.

Child Rum Cake Recipe

For this kid-friendly rum cake, you will need the following:

  • 1 cup of crushed walnuts
  • 1 standard, yellow-cake box mix
  • 1 standard, instant vanilla pudding box
  • 1 cup of milk
  • ½ of the oil
  • 4 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons of rum aroma/flavoring

These are the ingredients needed for the cake. I will give you the ingredients for the glaze later.

First of all, grease and flour your baking pan. Pour walnuts over the pan, and then mix the rest of the ingredients in a bowl. You can use a mixer.

When you’re done mixing, pour the mixture over the walnuts and put it in the preheated oven. Bake for an hour at 350 F.

Use a toothpick to check if the cake is done. When the toothpick is clean, the cake is done.

After you remove the cake from the oven, let it cool for about 15 minutes, and invert it on a platter.

The cake should be cooled for an hour or two before you pour the glaze on it.

Ingredient for glaze:

  • 1 stick of butter
  • ½ cup of water
  • ½ of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of rum flavoring/aroma
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla

Mix butter, water, and sugar, and put it in a saucepan. Cook everything on medium heat, and let this mixture boil for a few minutes, with frequent mixing.

Add rum and vanilla, and mix for a minute or two. Pour the glaze into the baking pan where the rum cake was baked.

Put the rum cake back in the baking pan, and let it soak the glaze. You should leave it to soak for one hour and then invert it again on a platter.

This kid-friendly rum cake should be refrigerated overnight before you eat it. If you want to make a version with real rum, just replace the rum aroma with it.

Rum Balls

These rum balls are delicious, and there is no need for baking at all. Your kids could help you make these rum balls, or you could teach them how to make them.

There are no exact measurements; you just mix all the ingredients together until you create a perfect mixture for hand-shaping the balls.

Crush your favorite biscuits. You can crush them with your hands or with a blender. I like to put them in a bag and crush them with my rolling pin.

This way, you have some biscuit chunks left that taste great in a rum ball. Besides biscuits, you will need some cocoa powder, vanilla extract, sweetened condensed milk, and desiccated, fine coconut.

Add a splash of rum or rum aroma, and mix everything together. I suggest using a glove and mixing it with your hand. It’s quicker and easier.

The mixture shouldn’t be too thin because the ball will fall apart. When you make little balls, you can roll them in crushed walnuts or pour melted chocolate over them.

They taste better if you cool them really well.

You can experiment with toppings and add other ingredients to the mixture (raisins, peanuts, chocolate flakes, etc.)

The balls can be made without rum. Some people add chocolate or regular milk to it.

Fun Facts About Rum

The star of this article is rum. Rum is a trendy alcoholic drink. Some people like it because it’s the main ingredient of rum cake.

Others like to mix rum and cola, and some people like to drink cooked warm rum.

Rum is a sweet drink, and even though it contains a lot of alcohol, it doesn’t taste as strong as some other drinks with the same percentage of alcohol.

Many cocktails, desserts, and chocolates contain rum. It goes great with sweet food, and it’s great for mixing with other drinks.

I think these fun facts about rum aren’t just good for you to know. They could also be something fun to tell your kids if they enjoy delicious rum cake.

Rum was distilled for the first time in 1620 in the Caribbean. This means rum is the oldest spirit in the world, and it’s about 400 years old.

• The name of this drink remains a mystery. There are some theories about it, but no one knows for sure who gave this drink the name rum.

Some say that the word rum came from the Latin name for sugar cane Saccharum Officinarum. Others believe that it came from the word “Brum”.

Brum was a name for a sugar-based spirit.

The most accepted theory is the one where rum came from the word “rumbullion”. This was British slang for sugar-cane liquor.

• Rum was also used as a medication. Most alcoholic drinks were used as antiseptics and tonics before there were real medications.

• Rum, like many other liquors, is unlimited when discussing alcohol volume.

For example, Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum has 63% of alcohol, Sunset Very Strong Rum has 84% of alcohol, and the winner is Suriname’s Marienburg Rum with 90% of alcohol.

• Pirates began drinking rum in the 17th century.

• Rum was used as a preservative for food and drinks.

• Black Tot Day has a historic meaning connected to rum. Sailors from the Royal Navy would consume rum every day at 11.00 hours. A tot of rum was reserved for each sailor.

The last day of this tradition was July 31, 1970. This day is also known as Black Tot Day. Some sailors were very sad about this and wore black to express their mourning.

In the 1700s, sailors were even paid in rum. Since they wanted to be sure that rum wasn’t diluted with water, they would mix rum with gunpowder and set it on fire.

The fire was proof that rum wasn’t diluted with water; this is why “Navy Strength” is saying when we talk about alcohol.

Rum originated in the Caribbean, but there are different types of rum everywhere around the globe. It all depends on the process of aging, distilling, type of barrel, or type of additive.

Some types of rum contain caramel, spices, or even cinnamon.

• Rum can be translucent, brown, beige, gold, or black.

• Many famous people like rum a lot! George Washington was also a big fan of rum, and he made his Mount Vernon Eggnog with Dark Jamaica rum.

• Mount Gay, the oldest rum distillery in Barbados, has been making rum since 1703. If you’re a fan of rum, you should definitely try it.

• Many people claim that rum is great for hair growth. Of course, drinking so much rum to notice hair growth is not recommended, but applying rum to your roots is fine.

Rum is very sweet and robust, but it doesn’t have a lot of calories per serving. Of course, this applies to pure rum. Avoid rum cocktails if you don’t want to consume too many calories.

• I’ve mentioned that Royal Navy used rum instead of real money. However, they weren’t the only ones. In certain periods, rum was more valuable than gold and it was frequently used as a currency.

You’ve probably heard about the Rum Runner cocktail.

Maybe you even tried it. There is an interesting story behind this name. When alcohol became illegal in the USA in 1920., many people were smuggling alcohol.

People who would smuggle rum from the Caribbean to Florida, and then all over the USA, were called rum runners. This name stuck around, and that’s how a cocktail name was created.

• Bacardi is the largest rum distillery in the world. It’s located in Puerto Rico, and you can for a tour.

The reason why this is the largest distillery is connected to the fact that Puerto Rico is responsible for producing the majority of sugar cane in the whole world. As I’ve mentioned, rum is made out of sugar.

• Some of the most popular names for rum are Kill-Devil, Demon Water, Navy Neaters, Nelson’s Blood, Barbados Water, Grog, Pirates Drink, or Rumbuillion.

The name Nelson’s Blood is not just a funny name.

Since sailors loved their rum, when Admiral Nelson died in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805., sailors put his body in the cask of rum to preserve it.

With time, they wanted to drink the rum, so they poked holes to get to it. Eventually, rum got mixed with Nelson’s blood, and they kept drinking it.

That’s the true story behind this cool synonym for rum.

• In the past, sugar cane grew only in Asia.

This plan became available to the whole world thanks to Christopher Columbus, who brought it to Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic).


Rum cakes containing alcohol are not utterly off-limits to kids, but you should be careful.

If you’re searching for the answer to whether kids can eat rum cake because you already made it, giving them a small piece is okay.

Rum cake recipes are suitable for kids and people who don’t consume alcohol. If you want to make a traditional rum cake, you could use less alcohol.

Younger kids, toddlers, and babies should not eat rum cake because they weigh less, their bodies are small, and it’s possible for them to get intoxicated by alcohol even if they eat a small piece.

Kids over the age of 4 can eat rum cake but in moderation. If your child is a big fan of rum cakes, you should definitely try making this cake without real rum.

Use rum flavoring and your kid won’t notice the difference. Additionally, you can give them more pieces without worrying about alcohol.

It’s hard to take care of your kid’s diet. Sometimes it’s easier to decide to give them rum cake than it is to limit their snacks and sweets.

We’re so lucky to live in a time where we can learn everything about anything. However, this makes it even harder to be a good parent, but we have to keep going and keep investigating.

As the kids get older, it gets a bit easier.

When they’re babies, you keep wondering about simple things like whether babies can have vanilla extract or if sea moss is safe for babies.

It’s even harder while you’re breastfeeding.

During the breastfeeding period, you keep wondering if you are eating right if chocolate while breastfeeding is safe, or if protein powder is allowed.

Parenting is filled with questions and dilemmas; parents must find the right answers. You have to teach your kids so many great things and keep learning with them.

can kids eat rum cake