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What Are the Best Activities for 14 month old?

What Are the Best Activities for 14 month old?

14-month milestones can be both very stressful and fun. Your toddler is no longer a typical sleepy baby but has become a curious little toddler who finds everything interesting.

But the question is, what are the best activities for a 14-month-old that’s going to keep your toddler both entertained, yet safe?

Usually, during these 14-month milestones, you can expect bumps and falls (yay for you!) due to the fact that coordination and perception are not quite developed yet. But that’s just how toddlers roll.

But if during those activities for a 14-month-old, you notice that your toddler has toppled over, you shouldn’t immediately scream and panic; otherwise, you may scare your toddler too!

So what are you supposed to do then?

Bear in mind that rarely something serious happens while your little one is “practicing” those activities for a 14-month-old, so instead of going crazy, just say “well done”!

This way, you will prevent further drama and tears. So if you want to get yourself familiar with a variety of different things that you’ll be tackling during 14-month milestones, and uncover some of the most amusing activities for a 14-month-old, then stick with me and I will tell you everything!

Let’s Start With 14-month-old Development

Before I dive into the activities for a 14-month-old, let’s first mention some other things that are part of the 14-month milestone.

For starters, let’s discuss the weight. How much should your toddler weigh and measure? Namely, the World Health Organization suggests that the average weight for toddlers of this age is roughly 20.7 pounds for baby girls and 22.3 pounds for baby boys.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that if your little angel doesn’t reach this weight (or is slightly overweight) during this 14-month milestone, something is wrong.

Instead, just focus on his/her growth and ensure that it’s healthy. A vast majority of toddlers usually gain around a half pound and a half inch each month.

Once this whole 14-month milestone is over, you should take your baby to the pediatrician, to see if everything was fine during a 14-month milestone.

What Does a 14-month Milestone Involve?

You’ll notice a variety of different changes during a 14-month milestone. And it’s going to be very fun, to say the least, especially for toddlers.

So next question is, what can you expect during a 14-month milestone?

1. Walking (motor skills) – Many toddlers of this age are capable of standing by themselves and walking without anyone’s assistance.

Now, this doesn’t instantly mean that he/she will be developing some acrobatic skills right off the bat.

It’s just that you’ll notice that your little angel is walking much better, however, if he/she is ready to kick start some activities for a 14-month-old, then some running might be involved too!

2. What about speech? – Some “serious” conversations will most likely happen internally (because talking to yourself is always recommendable).

However, do not expect your kiddo to spark up a conversation with you too!

Mama and dada will probably be the most common words he/she will be utilizing, along with some other hard-to-understand words.

Be patient! You’ll have decades to discuss something more relevant. (like anything is more important than mama and dada)

3. Teething – Some toddlers may be erupting their first molars. If you notice that your baby is in pain, then make sure to use some cold teething rings to mitigate it.

Don’t be afraid to use ibuprofen or acetaminophen if you notice that the situation is getting worse.

4. Potty training – Now, you’re probably wondering if potty training can be included in activities for a 14-month-old.

I will have to disappoint you and tell you that the answer is no.

I mean, of course, nothing bad will occur if you give it a try; however, according to most physicians, now is not an ideal time for it.

If by any chance, you notice that your wunderkind is ready, then why not?

But normally, activities for a 14-month-old do not involve potty training.

This normally happens once they are over two years, which means that you do not need to stress over it too much right now. However, if you’re generally interested in this topic, then you can always purchase books that cover it.

Diving More Into the Developmental Skills of a 14-month-old

Before activities for a 14-month-old become the epicenter of this article, let’s dig up some more interesting information regarding this 14-month-old milestone. What can you expect from this developmental milestone? Is it going to be fun?

Gross Motor Skills

Generally speaking, most toddlers figure out how to walk anywhere from 9 months to 18 months.

You cannot expect your little angel to bust some moves at this very moment, however, running around may just be the most common activity for a 14-month-old which will still positively affects his/her gross motor skills.

That’s especially the case if you already have older children in the house. Oh, and climbing stairs (not mountains) may be another tempting activity for your little one, besides playing with toys.

During this period of time, you can expect some bumps and bruises as they are trying to get a grasp of how this whole “walking” thing is functioning.

Keep in mind that it’s essential to make sure that your baby is in a safe space, otherwise, he/she may seriously hurt themselves while doing some of these activities. And it’s no fun to see your child hurt.

Fine Motor Skills

When it comes to motor skills, as I stated previously, most babies at this age are very curious. They constantly want to reveal different things and everything that’s new to them is nothing less than fun.

What’s generally cute about them (during that age) is the fact that they are prone to waving to strangers, and even animals. (I still tend to do this, does it mean I am a baby then?)

Another thing that your child might do is to bring utensils to his/her mouth. But remember that it doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she is capable of picking food with them without your help.

Apart from that, books and toys will pique your baby’s interest too! He/she will find it exciting to turn the pages constantly.

And you can also expect to be flooded with different toys, and some toys may even end up behind the bed, underneath the table, or (if you’re lucky enough) in the toy basket.

Language Skills

At some point above, I mentioned that your kid will mostly use the words Mama and Dada (to be frank, it will most likely be dada first because that’s a lot easier to pronounce).

In the beginning, it will sound most like babbling, but that’s completely normal for younger toddlers. Or if there’s a sound that you are oftentimes using (while singing, for instance) don’t be surprised if you notice that your little angel is imitating it.

That will particularly be the case if it involves a sound like augh, etc. Once your baby is 15 months old, he/she will most definitely expand their dictionary and will start understanding up to 120 words!

But it doesn’t immediately mean that they will start employing them as well! So, for instance, if you say “No” to your child, and they smile, it doesn’t mean that he/she doesn’t understand you.

On the contrary, the truth is you are most likely dealing with a sneaky little devil who just loves messing with you. That’s too much fun for them, sometimes even more fun than playing with toys.

Cognitive Skills

Speaking of misbehaving, I have to prepare you for some negative things regarding your baby’s behavior.

Tantrums are pretty frequent during this age, due to the fact, that your kiddo is not a baby anymore and is going to become very opinionated.

In that period of time, they want to be independent (wait until they are 18) and do every single thing on their own, however, they are not capable of expressing that because they are restricted by communication (lucky for you!).

But don’t worry. Just because they can’t use the words, it doesn’t mean they cannot use their hands to prove their point!

Another thing that you’ll notice is that your child will most likely stick to you like glue. And that’s totally normal. You will become more important than any toys!

14-month babies usually suffer from separation anxiety, which is one of the main reasons why they want to be with you 24/7.

And I know that no matter how much you adore your little angel, something like this can at times be very exhausting and overwhelming.

So what’s left to be done to lower the stress caused by even the briefest separation?

Ensure to be very gentle, yet honest with your baby.

Tell him/her that you two will be separated for only a short period of time, that he/she can play with their toys and grandma/grandpa, and that you will return quickly.

If your kiddo has a favorite toy, then make sure to bring that toy with you, if you’re planning on taking him/her to the grandpa/grandma’s house.

It’s highly likely that your little angel will start crying, but don’t worry. That’s not going to last forever. Just until he/she finds something amusing to do (like playing with their favorite toy).

So What Are the Most Interesting Activities For a 14-month Old?

Now, that I finally covered some basics, it’s time to discuss more fun stuff, such as interesting activities for a 14-month-old baby.

When it comes to 14-month-old, the activities that I’ll mention below are the best! So let’s check out these play ideas together that are far better than any toy!

Embrace the Great Outdoors!

Yes, toys can be entertaining and all, but there’s nothing better than going outside with your kiddo. That’s for sure one of the best activities for toddlers that are 12 – 18 months old. 

There are so many things that can be seen and investigated, plus not to mention the fact that it’s a great sensory activity for your baby.

But when I say “embrace the great outdoors,” I do not mean that you should keep your child constantly in the stroller.

No, no, no! It’s time to play and explore, and if it means getting dirty, so be it! It doesn’t matter where you live.

I am positively sure that there are so many amazing things that can be seen and done. You two can play in the park, splash in the creek, opt for a nature walk, etc.

The point is to encourage your kid to be curious and enjoy spending time outside. These types of activities will positively impact their overall well-being.

Placing Lids Onto Containers

This is for sure one of the most popular activities for toddlers, and that’s especially the case when they are 11 to 20 months old.

Generally speaking, kids love to play it because they want to figure out which lid goes where, which will definitely enhance their problem-solving skills. Not to mention that these sorts of activities will improve coordination too!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that everything will go smoothly in an instant, but in time, your baby will fall in love with it (this refers even to over 2 years old toddlers), plus you’ll be able to take a break from constant playing.

These types of activities bring a huge relief, am I right?


A lot of toddlers who are 14 months old have issues with eye coordination. That’s precisely one of the reasons why I decided to bring this suggestion up.

Namely, catching is a great way to stimulate your kiddo (and play with him/her at the same time) to focus on catching an item that you throw to them.

For starters, it would be great if you opted for something that’s relatively light and that easily be caught.  If you ask me, brightly colored scarves are a great option for these sorts of activities.

How come?

Well, that’s because they are very light, meaning that your child will have enough time to prepare himself/herself to catch it while time tracking them with their eyes.

Plus, since they are pretty lightweight, it means that your kiddo will easily grasp them, which is a great thing for any toddlers out there who are having some motor coordination problems, or who cannot grab things with both hands that easily.

Another item that you can use is a handkerchief. Be sure to drop it from above your toddler’s head, or simply play catch with it by throwing it in the air and then catching it.

Of course, as time goes by, you will most likely notice that this no longer represents a challenge to your baby. Feel free to replace it with something else, such as a balloon, or play with any other thing that your child generally loves.

Any Water Play Activity Is a Great Choice

Now that your baby is no longer a baby (he/she is already 14 months old, which is pretty “serious”), it’s time to introduce some water activities. I personally adore any water-related activities, which is why I’m recommending them.

Children generally have loads of fun when doing something that’s related to water. Just make sure to bring some sunscreen, especially if you’re planning to play outside yet it’s too hot.

So what are your options when it comes to these types of activities?

1. Paint with water – This is something that’s going to express the creative side of your little angel, plus it doesn’t require anything in particular. So all you have to do is take some house paintbrushes and rollers and allow your toddler to paint maybe one side of a wall or a box that you no longer use, etc. Allowing your baby to play with various colors is very amusing and encourages his/her creative side!

2. Combine colored water – Your kid is going to adore this. What’s amazing about it is that it’s super simple, yet very entertaining to most children. So set up several colors and see how your kid will react.

3. Recycle old glue bottles and use them as water squirters – It might be too early to utilize them now (since winter is still not over yet), however, it’s certainly an activity that’s worth trying. Not to mention that it’s not only amusing but will positively influence your kids’ motor skills. And once the summer comes, both of you will be able to beat the heat effectively with them.

4. Go fishing – Now, here’s a suggestion that can be implemented both indoors and outdoors, depending on your mood and weather. So all you have to do is to grab a washbowl for instance (or anything else that’s relatively large) and put some animals inside. Water in these types of situations will represent the ocean, and the whole point of this activity is for your child to catch a certain animal.

Squishing Play-Doh

Haven’t we all done this when we were young? I assume that most of us have done it, since it’s generally something that a vast majority of children adore, particularly 14-months old toddlers.

Although there’s no denying that this activity is very thrilling and enticing, make sure to closely monitor your baby because they have a tendency to eat it, which is not a great thing.

Of course, if you have a lot of free time on your hands (which is hard to believe), then you can always make your own homemade play dough.

But if that’s not the case, then just simply use a Play-Doh set. And then all you have to do is to take some plastic letters and spoons and give your little one a huge amount of  Play-Doh.  If he/she isn’t sure how to use it, then do not hesitate to give them a thorough explanation. (such as how to squish any item into Play-Doh, etc.).

This plain, yet very entertaining activity will positively impact your kid’s motor skills and will help him/her learn all about letters, colors, and shapes. If you ask me, it’s for sure one of the best baby activities out there.

Exploring Hidden Items

Turn your kiddo into Dora the explorer by hiding some things. This is an activity that doesn’t require a lot of planning but is definitely very interesting and beneficial for your baby.

Namely, something like this is going to stimulate their curiosity. For starters, you can hide their favorite toy (because only then you can be sure your child will be interested in playing this game) somewhere.

Of course, it shouldn’t be anything that’s too difficult, because the point is for your little one to find it, right? As soon as that happens, you will get the proudest and happiest kiddo in the universe!


I know that this period of time is going to be very tiresome for you because you will quickly realize that you didn’t give birth to a human being but to an energy-filled Tasmanian devil.

But that’s why these activities are here. They are going to help you tame this peppy child of yours in a blink of an eye! If my suggestions do not help, then it’s time to consider giving up your baby for adoption! (joking of course)

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