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Can You Suck In Your Stomach When Pregnant?

Can You Suck In Your Stomach When Pregnant?

Women who’ve never been pregnant probably wonder why anyone would ask, “Can you suck in your stomach when pregnant?” but that’s because they’ve never gone through these changes.

Sucking in your stomach is a common thing among pregnant ladies because some of them are simply not capable of accepting their “new body.”

That’s especially the case with first-time future moms because no matter how prepared they think they are, most of them aren’t.

Pregnancy is far from easy. The body goes through numerous (both physical and mental) changes, often leading to body dysmorphia.

That’s why “Can you suck in your stomach when pregnant?” to me is an entirely logical question.

But does it mean that sucking in your stomach is safe?

I’ll answer that today!

Is It Safe to Suck In Your Stomach When Pregnant?


Is it bad to suck in your stomach while pregnant?

Namely, what I do know is that sucking in your stomach is “doable” with most pregnant women. However, this refers to the period until midway through the second trimester.

Generally speaking, sucking in your stomach during pregnancy will not negatively impact the baby since it’s protected by numerous layers, along with amniotic fluid.

However, I wouldn’t say that sucking in your stomach is the best possible idea. (although you may think it is right now)

I’m glad that you are asking, “Can you suck in your stomach when pregnant?”, because, at the end of the day, that’s an entirely valid question.

The risks of sucking in your stomach do not apply solely to pregnant women. There are various dangers to it:

Sucking In Your Stomach Can Lead to Structural Problems

Everyone (this doesn’t refer to pregnant ladies only) should keep their shoulders back, chests out, and chins up.

If you’re sucking in your stomach (both flat and pregnant), then none of these actions can be executed.

And if you do this regularly, it will cause structural issues.

Sucking In Your Stomach Causes Breathing Problems

There’s no need to remind you how breathing is essential. Therefore, if you’re continuously sucking in your stomach, you won’t be able to breathe properly or efficiently.

So it would be best not to do it all the time.

You can suck in your stomach when pregnant from time to time, but if you do it for a longer period of time, it’s going to lower blood pressure.

And that’s something that’s going to harm both you and your baby potentially.

Intensive Pressure On Organs

Excretory processes and digestive processes may suffer as well if the internal organs in your tummy are clenched.

Most pregnant women struggle with bowel problems due to the strain on the anal sphincter.

Plus, some of them oftentimes pee due to the pressure on the bladder. Consequently, if you do this frequently, you will further worsen these conditions.

What About Confidence?

Most pregnant women ask, “Can you suck in your stomach when pregnant?” because they can’t stand the thought of looking “fat.”

And that’s especially the case when they must attend a special event, where they are “obligated” to look nice and elegant.

All of this causes additional pressure on them to look great.

And that’s completely understandable, particularly if you’ve been fit your entire life.

So yes, you can suck in your stomach when pregnant for a short period of time, but please do not get used to it.

Not only will it negatively influence your physical health, but it will do so on your mental health too.

I know that your current body does not look attractive to you right now, but it doesn’t mean that you should be hard on yourself because of it.

You Can Suck In Baby Bump By Opting for These Alternatives

Although I would love nothing more than to see you feeling comfortable in your body, however, to help you I will tell you when you can suck in your stomach when pregnant.

Find Some Super-Cool Maternity Clothes

I am generally always full of fashion ideas when it comes to new moms and pregnant ladies. Therefore, you can suck in your stomach when pregnant by finding some ultra-gorgeous maternity clothes.

I mean, after all, you knew that this day would and that you would have to go to the store to purchase some larger sizes.

But just because you’ll be buying something that you didn’t wear before, it doesn’t mean that it should look nasty.

That will never be the case when you have a true fashionista like me, by your side.

Plus, the good news is that maternity clothes, these days, are much more beautiful and visually appealing than they were fifteen to twenty years ago.

For example, it would be best if you purchased a strapless maxi dress that’s long and elegant, and that’s going to make you look like you are going to a party.

These sorts of dresses are not only very comfortable but sophisticated and gorgeous as well. With them, you won’t look like you can suck in a baby bump but like you’re not even pregnant.

Another great thing that you can try out is a pencil skirt, along with a turtle neck top.

I know that some of you will think that skirts shouldn’t be part of your maternity outfits, but please, have you ever tried to wear them?

Believe me, once you give them a try, you’ll immediately change your point of view. Plus, if you spruce it up with a beautiful turtleneck top, you will look like the most breathtaking pregnant lady in the world.

With this aforementioned combination, you can suck in your stomach when pregnant for as long as you want.

Nothing Without Accessorize

You can hide a baby bump by using some striking, huge earrings and jewelry in general. I know that you probably think right now that I am out of my mind, but this is honestly a great way to hide your belly.

But nothing ever makes sense when you’re pregnant, am I right?

So why is this such a great idea?

Well, that’s because, this way, you’ll be able to shift the focus of others on your accessorize, not on your tummy.

So yes, you can suck in your stomach when pregnant if you look like a flashy but cute, human version of a Christmas tree.

Layer, Layer, Layer

This idea is especially beneficial early on during pregnancy when your belly is not as visible.

Things like cardigans, longer jackets, and coats will help you perfectly hide your stomach. They are a safe yet glamorous way to hide your tummy.

Even though winter is practically over, it doesn’t hurt to mention these items because they are very helpful during colder days.

Do Sit-Ups

You can relatively suck in your stomach when pregnant by doing sit-ups. But please, just bear in mind that they are allowed only in the first sixteen weeks of the pregnancy.

After that, it would be best if you avoided this activity. It shouldn’t be done for too long.

So what is the main benefit of it?

Namely, it will help you have strong core muscles, which can significantly help once it’s time for delivery.

As I previously stated, you shouldn’t be performing them after 16 weeks.

However, there are lots of other pregnancy-safe workouts that you can try out that will strengthen your core muscles too.

Have You Considered a Pregnancy Support Belt?

Here’s something that you can obtain online. If you’ve never used it before, I’ll explain below its primary purpose.

Namely, it is designed to support and strengthen your tummy muscles, which frequently deteriorate when you’re pregnant.

With it, your belly will look smaller, meaning you can suck in your stomach when pregnant if you opt for a pregnancy support belt.

Remember that it shouldn’t be worn regularly or wrapped too tight. So please be careful!

Yoga Classes Are a Great Thing!

These classes can definitely be perceived as safe exercises that are ideal for any pregnant woman who needs something soothing. And that’s precisely what this exercise represents.

Additionally, these exercises help you stay relaxed and focused while, at the same time, they help strengthen your body and prepare it for the “forthcoming events.”

During these sessions, you’ll be able to tone your tummy and strengthen your muscles which are going to be of enormous help when it’s time to give birth.

That’s precisely why it’s one of the best forms of physical activity during pregnancy, so be sure to take it into consideration. Pregnant women simply love this exercise.

When Can You Not Suck Your Baby Bump In?

Now that I’ve told you when/how you can suck in your stomach when pregnant, it’s time to move to moments when it’s not allowed because you do not want to harm your back and pelvic muscles.

I know that as a pregnant woman, you want to hide your baby bump.

However, if any physical activity that you’re doing feels uncomfortable or painful, you should definitely steer clear of it; otherwise, you will impair your pelvic floor and posture.

That’s because you can harm both you and your growing baby.

Therefore, if at any given moment, pregnant suck makes you feel unnatural, please stop it right now.

In addition, you also shouldn’t suck your tummy while you are lying down on your back because that’s also not good for your pelvic muscles.

Why is that?

Well, that’s because something like this adds more pressure from gravity on blood vessels in your belly, which is crucial to providing your baby with oxygen.

Things to Know About Your Baby Bump

Although giving birth and pregnancy are some of the most wondrous moments in women’s lives, most of them usually discover that they are pregnant between weeks 4 to 7.

Even though women know that their bodies are about to alter, they are still overwhelmed by numerous changes that occur during pregnancy.

Now, those who discover they are pregnant relatively early typically have a lot more time to prepare themselves for the upcoming changes.

While these things differ from one woman to the next one, pregnancy bellies start to be noticed between 12 weeks and 16 weeks.

As I previously mentioned, if you’re worried that your stomach is going to be too visible, then you can always opt for maxi dresses or anything else that’s going to make you feel beautiful yet comfy.

How to Know If You Have a Baby Bump?

Oh, yes! This is probably the most common question when it comes to this topic.

Once you notice that your bump has appeared, you will probably (in the beginning) try to comfort yourself by thinking that your belly is bigger because you ate lots of pizzas, chocolate, etc.

But deep down, you know that’s not the case.

So, below, I will show you some signs that will tell you if your tummy is bigger due to the baby growing or because of a large appetite.

The Second Trimester is About to Begin

As I stated above, usually between 12 and 16 weeks, you’ll start to notice a bigger belly. You will notice how your stomach is starting to swell.

It’s Your Second Pregnancy

If this is your second or third pregnancy, then you will most likely start to notice a baby bump much sooner than was the case with your first pregnancy.

Consequently, if you see that your belly is expanding, that’s because your baby is getting bigger.

Why is this the case when you’re pregnant for the second or third time?

Well, that’s because now you’re dealing with weaker abdominal muscles.

Since they are familiar with everything happening during pregnancy, they simply try to adapt as much as possible.

Your Tummy Is Bigger Now

Not only will your belly look larger, but you will also have to welcome brand-new stretch marks. (I know that you are thrilled by that!)

Furthermore, you will most likely notice stretch marks not only on your stomach but on your thighs as well.

But don’t worry. Something like this is completely normal during pregnancy.

I mean, generally speaking, stretch marks are not painful at all. They are here simply because your skin is unable to stretch fast enough.

The only thing that may cause slight discomfort when it comes to them is itching.

However, if you want to get rid of it in an effective way, then just simply purchase cocoa butter. This will definitely give you some relief.

Whatever you do, just please do not scratch the area that’s covered in stretch marks.

Why is that?

Well, that’s because you are going to damage your skin further. Oh, and please, be sure to stay away from the sun, or at least purchase good sunscreen.

Your Clothes Feels Tight

This is undoubtedly one of the surefire signs that you’re pregnant. You no longer can wear your old jeans, and tight shirts no longer make you feel good.

But look on the bright side. Your belly is bigger because there’s a lovely little human inside you. What a beautiful thing!

You will start to notice your baby bump within the first few months.

What’s the Difference Between Belly Sucking & Belly Pumping?

When you suck in your belly, you are simply breathing in and holding the belly. It’s like you are hugging the baby.

Conversely, belly pumping can be defined as an exercise that will help you synchronize your core tummy muscles with your breathing.

With it, you will lift the stomach all the way up from the diaphragm to the pelvic floor.

Diaphragmatic breathing with deep core engagement is a workout that will strengthen your core muscles, keep them active, and prepare you to give birth.

If you want to belly pump, then simply follow your breath.

Start inhaling to extend your tummy, and as you exhale, you will activate the abdominal muscle and pelvic floor.


I know that pregnancy is both rewarding and stressful at the same time and that a lot of you do not like what you see in the mirror. (referring to belly growth).

But just keep reminding yourself that this too shall pass and once you see your little angel in your arms, you will quickly forget about all these “inconveniences” (like sucking a pregnant belly) that you felt during pregnancy.

Keep that in mind each time you feel insecure about your body.

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