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Blank Pregnancy Test: What Does It Mean?

Blank Pregnancy Test: What Does It Mean?

A blank pregnancy test is a disappointment to every woman.

If you want to be pregnant, you’re sad because there is no answer and there is no confirmation.

If you’re cheering for a negative pregnancy test, once again you’re surprised and left without an answer.

A blank pregnancy test is not rare at all. It happens often and it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you.

This article will teach you more about blank pregnancy tests, and pregnancy tests in general.

Blank Pregnancy Test

A blank pregnancy test means nothing is showing on it.

There are a few kinds of pregnancy tests, but all of them will show something. Some of them have a digital screen that will tell you if you are pregnant or not.

Some of them will show one or two lines or a little plus sign. All these things and symbols have meaning.

But what’s up with the blank pregnancy test?

The most common reason for this is a “broken” pregnancy test. Just like everything else, a pregnancy test can also malfunction.

Maybe there was an error with manufacturing it, or it wasn’t stored well. It’s possible that the test is expired. Trust me, there are plenty of expired pregnancy tests in the stores.

Sometimes everything seems fine, but the urine can’t reach the testing area. Sometimes the control line is not working.

The point is there are several reasons why a pregnancy test could be broken. None of them can’t be fixed by you, so don’t stress over it and move to another pregnancy test.

This is one of the reasons why it’s good to buy a few home pregnancy tests.

Another reason for a blank pregnancy test is an insufficient amount of urine. You don’t need much of it when taking a pregnancy test, but sometimes it’s too much.

Most women simply pee on it, but sometimes they miss and there is insufficient urine.

Some women pee in a cup, and then they put a few drops of urine on the stick. This can also lead to an insufficient amount of urine.

So, if you don’t want a blank pregnancy test to be your fault, ensure there is enough urine on it.

As you can see, this is not uncommon at all. When you want to use home pregnancy tests and home pregnancy kits, buy more than one, so you can avoid this unpleasant situation.

Now that you know what a blank pregnancy test means, it’s good to educate yourself more on pregnancy tests in general.

Pregnancy Tests

Getting a blank pregnancy test is frustrating, but do you know some other things about pregnancy kits and tests?

A pregnancy test can detect hCG in your urine or blood. This hormone is also called a pregnancy hormone.

A woman’s body starts to create this hormone only when she’s pregnant. The placenta actually produces it.

Placenta is an organ that exists in a woman’s body only when she’s pregnant. This organ is a connection between the mother’s uterus and umbilical cord.

Without the placenta, it would be impossible to transfer nutrients and oxygen to the baby.

So, when a woman’s egg is fertilized and implanted on the uterus wall, the placenta starts to grow and produce the hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin hormone).

This hormone is released into your bloodstream and urine. This is why pregnancy test requires urine or a blood sample.

This hormone is responsible for sustaining a healthy pregnancy and a baby. It’s also a signal for the body to start menstruating.

When you become pregnant, this hormone doubles every day in the first few days. Its concentration is constantly growing in the first trimester, reaching its peak in the 12th week of pregnancy.

When To Do A Pregnancy Test?

A blood test that your health care provider does is more efficient for showing early pregnancy.

Home pregnancy kits and tests can be unreliable, but they’re still 99% correct. According to some researchers, the best time to do a pregnancy test is 10 to 12 days after conception.

This is easy to do when you’re following your ovulation days and fertile window. If you don’t know anything about this, then simply do it when your period is late.

Sometimes a negative pregnancy test occurs when there isn’t enough hCG hormone in your blood or urine.

This hormone is multiplying every day, but sometimes this multiplying is a bit slower. It’s all individual.

I suggest waiting 2 weeks after conception, just to be sure. Unfortunately, sometimes a test is positive at first, but then the hCG levels start to drop.

It’s also possible that a home pregnancy test is false negative or false positive. This happens for many reasons.

A false positive pregnancy test is rare but possible. This usually happens when a woman had a recent miscarriage, or if she’s taking certain medications that contain hCG hormone.

This is why you should always visit your doctor to do a beta test – a blood test to determine if you’re really pregnant or not.

Sometimes a beta test could show hCG hormone in your blood. But, if the levels are low, the test is repeated in a day or two to confirm whether there is a pregnancy or not.

A false negative pregnancy test is much more common. It’s possible to get the false negative beat test and the false negative home kit test.

This usually happens if you take the test too early. There is not enough hCG hormone in your body yet.

Another reason is that you’ve checked the results too soon. It’s essential to follow the instructions and wait for some time before looking at the test.

It’s also wise to take the test early in the morning. In the morning, the hCG levels are the highest.

So, if you’re taking a home pregnancy test, do it in the morning, the first time you go to the bathroom.

Some women took the test in the afternoon, and it was negative. When they retook it the next day in the morning, it was positive.

How To Do A Pregnancy Test?

Maybe you’re searching more about blank pregnancy tests because no matter how many you take, every single one of them is blank.

This probably means you’re doing something wrong. So, I will try to help with these instructions, so you can get the best results.

The first thing to do is to buy a test. There are many brands, and it’s up to you and your budget which one you’ll take.

I recommend buying two tests so you can be sure. Also, wait for two weeks after conception, or do it on the first day of missed period.

Once again, take it early in the morning, the first time you go to the bathroom. Most of these tests are digital, and they have a certain symbol for positive and negative test result.

This information can be found on the packaging. Take the test, read the instructions, and remove the cap.

Put the absorbent tip into your urine stream. If you want this to be less messy, you can pee in a clean container, and then pour some urine into the absorbent tip.

After this, put the cap back on, and wait for 5 minutes. Of course, the time could be different depending on which test you’ve bought.

When it comes to pregnancy strips, it’s also quite simple. You will need a clean container.

Pee in that container, and then simply insert a pregnancy strip inside. Make sure to turn it on the right side.

With pregnancy strips, it usually takes only a few seconds to find out the results. Of course, follow the instructions. Pregnancy strips are usually more affordable, and you can buy a whole package of them for a low price.

Therefore, if you’re trying to get pregnant and you’re doing pregnancy tests all the time, pregnancy strips are a good choice.

You will also avoid using too much plastic and garbage with pregnancy strips. It’s also less messy than this.

I would like to mention that it’s always important to clean your hands, and your private area before taking the test. This will prevent any possible contamination.

Problems With Conception

If you wanted to know what it means to get a blank test for pregnancy, this article was probably helpful.

The blank result is quite confusing, and it’s not a test result that can tell us anything.

However, I wanted to use this article as an opportunity to tell you some other things too.

If you’re constantly taking a home pregnancy test, you’re probably trying to have a baby. This is a beautiful thing that opens a whole new chapter for you and your family.

This urges you to find the best home pregnancy test kit to ensure the correct results.

Sometimes, a test result can be a bit disappointing. It’s not so bad when you’re taking your first test.

But, after a while, and after a few negative test results, you start to feel that tension in your stomach. A negative test does that to a woman.

You’re worried, but you try to hide it. You try to ignore it because you fear that negative test results could mean something is happening.

You also want to ignore it because you’ve heard that anxiety and negative thoughts can affect many things in your body.

The last statement is true. Your mind and your brain control everything, and if you put too much pressure on them, things might go in the wrong direction.

First of all, many scientists and health experts have stated that a couple should try to conceive for at least a year before they decide to do some tests.

Of course, it’s up to you how long you’ll wait, but if you and your partner and healthy, take some time and wait.

Some things take a while, and sometimes everything needs to align in order to make a baby. Try to calculate your ovulation period, and try to have intercourse as often as possible.

Relax and see what happens. I know this sounds impossible, but you have to try. So many people had fertility treatments to have a baby, and they did. After a while, they made one naturally.

Their mind was at peace because they got what they wanted. Relaxation is the key.

So, for a while, don’t think about anything. If you want to have a baby, you’re probably in a stable relationship and you’re happy.

Enjoy with your partner and grow your love. It’s okay to be curious about a blank pregnancy test, but everything else should be forgotten for a few months.

Just buy a few tests or a pack of pregnancy strips, and don’t obsess over it. If you miss your period, simply do the test.

What If There Is A Problem?

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to relax and let nature do its thing, it’s not working.

It’s not a strange thing to have problems with infertility. It has, unfortunately, become quite normal these days.

Luckily, modern medicine has so many opportunities for every couple that is struggling to have a baby.

The first step is very important, and that is finding the best fertility clinic or doctor. If you don’t do this right, then everything else might be in vain.

Ask around, do your research, read some reviews, and ask your gynecologist for recommendations.

It’s okay to find more than one clinic or doctor and see which one you like better. It’s important to feel connected with your doctor.

It’s important to feel supported and understood. This is a significant thing, and it will drain you physically, emotionally, and financially. So, choose wisely.

Tests and treatments will sometimes be uncomfortable, but it has to be like that. Don’t get discouraged if you get a severe diagnosis. Just stay hopeful and follow the treatment.

Problems with ovulation, endometriosis, and even blocked Fallopian tubes are treatable.

Some women don’t have the resources to visit a fertility clinic so they some natural methods. Sometimes they simply want a more natural approach.

Chinese herbs for fertility and meditation for infertility are quite efficient.

A healthy diet is also essential. You could even try some foods for fertility and foods to help implantation.

The point is – there are options, and there are solutions to your problems, don’t get discouraged and scared.

If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Just make sure to take care of your mental stability and health.

You will need a lot of patience and endurance in this process. I can only tell you that it will be worth it. You just need to remember that you’re fighting for something magnificent.


A blank pregnancy test is confusing and frustrating, especially when you want to have a baby. It’s always a bad thing because it leaves you uninformed.

Luckily, this is not something uncommon. This happens to many women, and it’s not a reason to worry at all.

Your only mistake could be the way of taking the test, but that is easily manageable when you follow instructions from the packaging and my instructions from this article.

Home pregnancy tests are amazing inventions that are mostly correct. They allow us to find out such big news in the comfort of our homes.

Deciding to have a baby can be a tough choice, but sometimes it’s even harder to make one. Educate yourself, and don’t give up on your dream no matter what.

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