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Can You Eat Pastrami during Pregnancy?

Can You Eat Pastrami during Pregnancy?

Pastrami during pregnancy is something many women crave for.

After all, who doesn’t like eating deli meats, cured meats, and similar products.

But, pregnancy makes its own rules. There are so many things that could be harmful to you and there are so many things that could be good for you.

Of course, there are certain things that are fine, but only in certain circumstances. As I like to say – pregnancy can be too difficult. It’s even more difficult if you’re sensitive or your immune system is weak.

It’s hard to follow all the rules when you’ve struggled to get pregnant in the first place. But, a mom’s got to do her work.

A mom has to be focused and she has to pay attention to every little thing, every drink, and every food while being pregnant. Pastrami during pregnancy is just another dilemma for a pregnant woman.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Pastrami?

Women can eat pastrami during pregnancy, as long as pastrami is heated so much that it’s steaming.

The temperature of the pastrami should be around 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This way you’ll know that any possible bacteria is killed.

The same rule applies to most deli and cured meats. For example, prosciutto while pregnant is also not allowed unless you cook it, fry it, or bake it.

Luckily, pastrami tastes even better when it’s hot. Hot pastrami sandwiches are quite popular these days. You can also make different meals with heated pastrami that taste great.

Even though deli meats are processed in a certain way, they’re not exposed to high temperatures. The chances of any illness are very low since those who make pastrami have to follow strict rules.

In most cases, those steps are enough to prevent bacterial contamination. If you’ve been eating unheated pastrami before you knew it wasn’t recommended, don’t worry.

You would feel sick by now, and the symptoms would be obvious. But, don’t risk it and eat it only when it’s heated. Make sure to follow this rule and avoid cold pastrami when pregnant.

Pastrami during pregnancy can be beneficial because it’s salty. Most women have problems with morning sickness and nausea.

Salty food helps with that, so pastrami when pregnant could be your home remedy to feel better.

Why Is Pastrami Dangerous?

As I’ve mentioned, the chances of getting sick because you ate unheated pastrami are very low.

Still, anything is possible. Pastrami that is contaminated with bacteria can cause illness for everyone.

However, pregnant women are more sensitive and their immunity is weaker. Their body is working for two, and they’re not as strong as others.

Bacteria that usually contaminates pastrami and other deli and cured meats is Listeria.

Listeria is a germ that causes a disease called Listeriosis. That’s a bacterial disease with simple symptoms like muscle aches, fever, headache, and nausea.

Some more serious symptoms are a stiff neck, seizures, and confusion. This disease is easily treatable.

However, Listeriosis and pregnant women are a dangerous combination. Most of the time, pregnant women who are infected with Listeria don’t have any symptoms.

When they do, those symptoms are similar to normal pregnancy issues like muscle aches, headache, and sometimes a fever.

This is one of the reasons why Listeriosis is more dangerous during pregnancy. It can progress a lot before you even notice some symptoms.

This disease can also negatively affect the fetus. Your baby in the womb could suffer some consequences because you got infected with Listeria.

As you can see, pastrami during pregnancy is not a good idea unless you have time to cook it.

You can even ask for heated pastrami in the restaurant. It takes only a few minutes to create steaming pastrami. If you use the microwave, you only need a minute.

Getting infected with any kind of bacteria is much more dangerous during pregnancy. It’s not just about you, your immunity, or your strength. It’s about the baby.

You never know how something will affect your child in the womb. Bacterial infections can cause lethal outcomes. Since you know the dangers of pastrami during pregnancy, I am sure you will avoid eating until it’s steaming hot.

You shouldn’t just avoid deli meats like pastrami. You should also avoid any kind of meat that isn’t cooked well.

For example, medium steak is also off the limits because there is a risk of bacterial infection.

Recipes With Pastrami

Most people eat pastrami without exposing it to high temperatures. Therefore, it’s normal not to know how to prepare it when pregnant.

I will give you some recipes and ideas that will be very helpful for preparing pastrami during pregnancy.

Pastrami Sandwich

Hot pastrami sandwiches are quite popular, but this meal is even better when you make it at home.

You need some high-quality pastrami for starters. Put some oil in the pan, heat it and simply fry the pastrami until it’s crispy and colorful.

Take two slices of toast bread, put some salad between them, and add your hot pastrami.

You can also add some cheese or other ingredients you like in a sandwich and just broil it. This type of pastrami sandwich will surprise your taste buds. I suggest using pastrami made from corned beef.

Pastrami Pasta

Pastrami soup is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it has a special flavor. You need to cut some pastrami into small cubes and fry it for a few minutes.

After that, add some cooked pasta, pasta water, butter, and cheese. Mix it well, and that’s it.

Pastrami Omelet

Omelet is easy to make and it’s very filling. If you want to spice things up, add some crispy-fried pastrami to your eggs.

This omelet will be delicious and full of protein. Your pregnant belly will adore this quick and easy recipe.

Pastrami Burger

You could fry some pastrami and simply add it to your favorite burger, or you can make your burger from scratch.

Fried pastrami is a great replacement for bacon and it always gives that nice, salty flavor.

Dealing With Cravings

Many pregnant women crave deli meat when expecting their little one. It’s safe to eat deli meat when it’s hot. It’s wise to avoid cold deli meat, including cold pastrami.

I’ve explained the risks, but sometimes you feel like something will happen if you don’t eat that delicious, cold pastrami.

Cravings during pregnancy are not a joke, and they can truly drive you mad physically and mentally.

Your hormones, body changes, and a growing baby give you unhealthy thoughts about food. You can eat so much food, but it still can’t satisfy you.

It’s okay when you have a hard time dealing with pregnancy cravings when you crave something that is not forbidden during pregnancy.

Still, you should have everything in moderation. Hot Cheetos aren’t forbidden when pregnant, but they’re not healthy either.

When you eat a big bag of Cheetos, you will probably feel bad and nauseous, but serious things won’t happen. If you eat cold pastrami instead of hot pastrami, you could catch a serious disease.

Hot pastrami is safe when pregnant, but you should still make sure to find high-quality pastrami that doesn’t contain a lot of additives or salt.

Being safe during pregnancy is a difficult job, but with all this information and support, you can do it. Most people like consuming all kinds of deli meat, and pregnant women are no exception.

You just have to have a strong mind and you have to focus on something else. Some foods are better when they’re not inside you, and your health and pregnancy are also safer.

If you don’t want to eat hot pastrami, try to eat some other meat that’s allowed. Make some homemade food that will calm down your craving.


Pastrami during pregnancy is allowed, but only when it’s steaming hot. You can bake it in the oven, fry it in a pan, or cook it in water.

You can add pastrami to almost anything. Just start small. Pastrami can taste strong, and you don’t want to overdo it. Pastrami during pregnancy is often a craving. Therefore, don’t hesitate and try some recipes and simply eat hot pastrami.

Being pregnant is quite challenging when it comes to food. Many women have problems because they simply want to eat something they crave, which might be harmful.

Most people like pastrami even when they cook it, fry it, or bake it. It tastes more intense, but you still feel that unique pastrami flavor.

If you don’t like to eat hot pastrami, then simply wait for your pregnancy to end. Don’t make any rash decisions, and be patient. Avoiding certain things is for your safety and health.

After all, your baby could be harmed by consuming things like cold pastrami. Simply find another craving, and stay focused on these crucial rules.

All these restrictions will end eventually, and you will be glad that you were strong enough to resist some urges. One day, everything you love will be safe to eat. One day, you won’t be pregnant anymore.

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