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Can You Eat Hot Cheetos While Pregnant?

Can You Eat Hot Cheetos While Pregnant?

It’s no secret that practically every pregnant lady goes through different sorts of cravings (including eating hot Cheetos while pregnant) during this period of time.

And that’s something that shouldn’t come as a surprise even if you start yearning for some weird combinations like pickles and chocolate (imagine that).

Some of these pregnant woman’s cravings cannot be adequately explained, so there’s no point in stressing too much over them.

On the other hand, it’s completely understandable if you suddenly want to have spicy food like hot Cheetos while pregnant, and yet, you’re not sure if pregnant women can eat Cheetos at all.

That’s because hot Cheetos are not perceived as the healthiest option in the world due to various additives and colorings.

But is it that harmful?

Can you genuinely eat hot Cheetos during pregnancy?

Without further ado, I’ll tell you that, yes, you can enjoy this heavenly spicy snack pregnant if you crave spicy food.

However, if you want to gather more interesting and useful information regarding eating hot Cheetos while pregnant, then scroll below, and I’ll tell you everything!

Everything You Need to Know about Eating Hot Cheetos While Pregnant

Now that it’s concluded that everything is going to be just fine if you eat hot Cheetos while pregnant, let’s dive into the ingredients that this delicious snack contains.

What I do know is that it is high in fat, a bit high in calories (which is okay, you have to gain weight from something, right?) and packed with sodium.

But just because it is loaded with sodium, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your feet will turn into Bigfoot from eating one bag (or two) of hot Cheetos while pregnant.

Just like with any other snack, eating hot Cheetos during pregnancy is all about moderation. Hence eating it once in a while is not going to negatively affect your health.

But the question is, why do you crave hot Cheetos? (no judgment)

Well, this can be linked to a number of things. However, there’s no science behind it that’s going to explain why some women crave hot Cheetos while pregnant.

What I do know is that different food cravings start during the first trimester. However, they can occur at any moment during pregnancy.

And now you’re probably wondering, “Okay, so why am I not craving apples, or oranges, or anything that’s remotely healthy?”

According to some studies that were conducted several years ago, women who are craving hot Cheetos while pregnant subconsciously want to eat something that’s going to make them cool down.

And for these purposes, there’s nothing better than to gorge yourself on some hot Cheetos while pregnant because you’re tired of feeling hot (not in the way you think) all the time!

Bear in mind that this is just a single theory.

In fact, there are several reasons why a lot of ladies crave hot Cheetos during pregnancy, and below, I’ll discuss some:

1. Hormones – There’s no need to remind you (because you are already experiencing it on a daily basis) that various hormonal changes happen during pregnancy. And precisely these changes can influence your senses (of smell and taste), food-related needs, and aversions.

2. Nutritional deficiencies – If you’re craving hot Cheetos while pregnant (or any other spicy food) it may be a sign that you have a deficiency of particular nutrients.

For example, if your body doesn’t have enough sodium, then it’s not unusual to crave hot Cheetos during pregnancy. Now, this doesn’t mean that eating hot Cheetos while pregnant is going to solve this issue, this is just an assumption that is not one hundred percent proven.

3. Psychological reasons – One of the main reasons why a vast majority of women want to eat hot Cheetos while pregnant is precisely this one.

Do you remember, how when you were young, your parents didn’t allow you to eat anything unhealthy before bed?

And now that you’re an adult who doesn’t need anyone’s permission, you simply want to devour anything that’s unhealthy (particularly that delicious bag of hot Cheetos) even if you do not want it that bad.

Or, maybe at some point, you’ve asked yourself can pregnant women eat Cheetos, and now it’s no longer just a simple question but has turned into a typical food obsession that you cannot easily resist even though you know that it’s not the healthiest option.

What Do Hot Cheetos Contain?

As previously stated, eating  spicy food like hot Cheetos while pregnant is not going to negatively impact your health (if you eat it once in a blue moon), however, it’s always advisable to take a look at its ingredients.

So what can be found in one bag of hot Cheetos?

Natural and Artificial Flavors

Several years ago, Food and Drug Administration prohibited six synthetic food flavorings: ethyl acrylate, benzophenone, myrcene, eugenyl metyhl ether, pyridine, and pulegone.

What was the reason behind this decision?

Well, that’s because it’s been proven that all these chemicals can potentially cause cancer in laboratory animals.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that something like this (God forbid) is ever going to happen to you. 

It just goes to show that any woman who feasts on hot Cheetos while pregnant is not doing herself a favor. Moderation, moderation, moderation!

Moving On to Artificial Coloring

The truth is various things that you can purchase today in the stores practically swim in artificial coloring.

Therefore, poor hot Cheetos are definitely no exception. However, I completely understand if you’re turned off by this fact.

In some countries, many of these artificial colorings are banned because it was uncovered that they may potentially affect behavior in some kids.

And that’s one of the main reasons why some ladies stay away from hot Cheetos while pregnant. They simply do not want to risk anything.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Well, here’s something that can be found in a variety of different foods, including our beloved hot Cheetos.

So what do we know about it?

It’s a flavor enhancer that’s typically put into processed foods to “imitate” umami flavor, which is a sensation that’s similar to savory. 

Even though it definitely improves the flavor, many reports have showcased that it’s not very healthy.

Do They Contain GMOs?

Although there isn’t enough scientific evidence to support the conclusion that GMOs are harmful, what I managed to uncover is that a lot of countries are obligated to label it on the packaging.

And then, you’ll stumble upon places where GMOs are prohibited entirely. It’s also worth mentioning that GMOs result in increased pesticide use that is getting into the foods we are consuming.

And that’s not good for our lovely planet earth, or for unborn babies. What’s interesting is the fact that, for the time being, the labeling of GMOs in the United States is not required.

So what can you do if you want to avoid food that contains GMOs?

It’s simple. If the packaging is certified organic, then you’re good to go. On the flip side, you can always look for the “Non-GMO Project” certification that can oftentimes be found on a variety of different packages.

In case you didn’t know, Frito-Lay (the maker of hot Cheetos) actually does have some non-GMO snacks that are actually pretty safe to eat while pregnant (and in general).

How to Eat Hot Cheetos During Pregnancy Without Harming Your Baby?

All pregnant mothers prioritize their baby’s health and always want to do whatever is in their power to make sure they have a normal, healthy pregnancy.

But what are you going to do if your craving for hot Cheetos while pregnant is haunting you, and there’s nothing you can do to escape from it?

Well, then you have to tell that little flamin’ hot Cheeto to find another victim (and that eating spicy foods is not your “thing” right now) while you focus on eating other types of Cheetos that are not as spicy.

Fortunately, these days, you can run into Cheetos in over fifty different flavors.

And what’s even better is that some of these flavors are actually intended for babies and won’t definitely harm their health.

Therefore, if you don’t want to live your life without Cheetos (me neither), then just turn to other flavors!

Nothing Like Homemade Ones (Drooling)

If you simply must eat hot Cheetos while pregnant and you get the feeling like this craving is taking over your body, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and make your own delicious hot Cheetos!

So how can you do it?

To be honest, I cannot jot down all the steps (it would take me a lifetime); however, what I can do is let you know that there are a plethora of informative YouTube videos that will help you make hot Cheetos like the most experienced Master Chef.

Split your Cravings into Trimesters

Although it’s okay to eat spicy foods like hot Cheetos while pregnant, it would be advisable to avoid them during the first trimester.

How come?

Well, that’s because, during the first trimester, your fetus is in its early stages of formation; hence, it would be great if you avoided things like hydrogenated vegetable oil, and processed foods. Instead, turn to healthy snacks and healthy foods in general. privacy policy privacy policy 

Generally speaking, anything that’s been made at home is always a much better option. That’s because you’ll be putting real, natural ingredients that cannot frequently be found in store-bought packages.

Can You Replace Hot Cheetos With Anything Else?

Of course, you can! In fact, there are so many spectacular options that could help you beat this craving.

Below, I’ll add some great, healthy alternatives. But it definitely doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consume things like ice cream, or anything similar to that. Just be sure to have these below more often.

Let’s Begin With Veggies!

It is widely known that vegetables are loaded with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, and more importantly, they prevent tube defects in babies. 

Therefore, if you want to bombard your immune system with something that’s healthy, then make sure to eat things like spinach, broccoli, and kale.

If you find these superfoods to be a bit tasteless, then try to dip them into (your) homemade hot sauce. This will surely jazz things up and take your veggies to the next level.

Nothing without Fruits!

Every single person on this planet knows how beneficial fruits are for us. And that’s especially the case with pregnant women and their babies.

Consequently, it would be more than welcome to consume fruits like grapes, berries, apples, and bananas. All of them are going to provide your body with essential things, such as minerals and vitamins.

And that’s of huge importance, particularly in the first three months of pregnancy. 

Whole Grains

Do you, by any chance, have issues with stomach acid and acid reflux? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to add whole grains to your diet.

Not only will you be able to eliminate these issues completely, but you will also feed your body with vitamins, fiber, and plant compounds.

So what are you supposed to be eating then?

Think wheat berries, brown rice, quinoa, oats, and many other things of a similar kind. If you find these food items to be plain and boring, then just Google some recipes that will make you fall in love with all of them.

Are Dairy Products Okay?

Yes, yes, yes! In fact, they are more than desirable because they can help you maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

So if you’re a fan of dairy products (as much as I am) then make sure to consume things like cheese, yogurt, and milk. And occasional ice cream is fine as well!

What about Fish?

Many pregnant women are wondering are these foods safe and the answer is yes! Just keep in mind that raw fish is not the best option, however, if the fish you acquire is properly cooked, then there’s nothing to worry about.

What’s generally great about fish is the fact that it contains good fats that are beneficial for you and the growth of your baby. One of the healthiest options when it comes to this is Salmon because it’s loaded with healthy fats.



So what can be concluded about spicy foods after everything that’s been written here?

Are hot Cheetos safe?

Yes, we determined that already.

Although hot Cheetos contains some ingredients that are not the healthiest things in the world, don’t worry!

If you eat this snack in moderation, your baby will not turn into a spicy little Cheeto!

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