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What to Do With Your Kids Yellow Teeth?

What to Do With Your Kids Yellow Teeth?

As a parent, several concerns strike you. Among (most definitely) the most benign ones are related to kids with yellow teeth.

Even though that’s definitely not the biggest issue in the world, a lot of parents want to know how to whiten their kids’ teeth or why are my child’s teeth yellow.

None of these questions should stress you out too much, because, after all, that’s something that a vast majority of parents (particularly new ones) have to deal with at some point.

So if you want to maintain the quality of your child’s teeth and effectively handle your kid’s yellow teeth, then just take a look at the piece of advice I prepared for you below.

Tooth Discoloration & Kids

Now, that I blasted off this topic concerning kids with yellow teeth, it’s time to discuss discoloration first.

That’s something that can either be internal or external. External discoloration is luckily frequently a temporary thing that causes your little one to have yellow teeth and that’s something that occurs for a number of reasons.

If you’re wondering, “Why are my child’s teeth yellow?” and whether this can cause it, the answer is yes, it can.

But on a more positive note, this problem can easily be resolved by simply enhancing the hygiene habits of your kid.

So what do we know about internal discoloration?

Internal discoloration has a little bit different causes unlike the previously mentioned one. It’s oftentimes caused by medications or various medical conditions.

Kids with yellow teeth can easily be spotted (referring to the teeth, not children) because of the obvious discoloration on their teeth.

However, it’s worth mentioning that tooth discoloration can come in a variety of different colors.

Typically, the color is a clear indicator of the certain cause of tooth discoloration. Other colors include:

1. Black – trauma is the main cause of it

2. Brown – this one happens either if your child is drinking too many dark beverages or because of an injury

3. Orange – caused by piling up of bacteria

4. White – happens because of tooth decay

5. Purple, red, or blue – this usually occurs by trauma or because your kid is eating lots of dark foods.

Let’s Dive More Into The Causes Behind The Kids With Yellow Teeth

If you’re still wondering, “Why are my child’s teeth yellow?” and whether it has to do with kids teeth cleaning habits he/she has, I’ll provide you with some more detailed information because the one I added above is slightly vague.

Why My Kids Have Yellow Teeth?

Every dentist will tell you that baby teeth are supposed to be whiter than the teeth of an adult person. However, once your kids start to lose their baby teeth, you will most likely notice the difference (regarding the color) when adult teeth begin to appear.

And then, as a parent, you start questioning yourself, “Why are my child’s teeth yellow?” or “How to whiten teeth for kids?”. That’s because you don’t want your children to have teeth-related problems from an early age.

But don’t worry.

All of this is happening because adult permanent teeth have a lot more dentin than baby teeth. That’s why their teeth tend to look a bit stained below translucent enamel.

Just keep in mind that once your kid becomes older and gets these adult teeth, the yellow staining will become a lot more visible.

Therefore, for those of you who are still wondering, “Why are my child’s teeth yellow?”, I’ll write a more extensive answer.

Underlying Medical Conditions

Different underlying medical conditions can put your child or you on specific medications that lead to staining on the teeth.

The most common illnesses and conditions that lead to kids with yellow teeth are jaundice and hepatitis.

On the other hand, some drugs may cause yellow staining in kids, like tetracycline (antibiotics), when ingested either when children are very young or during pregnancy.

Just keep in mind that the extent of the stain mostly depends on the medicine’s duration, along with the area of the tooth’s enamel that’s been exposed during formation.

So your next question is probably, “How to whiten teeth for kids in these types of situations?”

The answer is extensive bleaching as a part of treatment. Since that can be stressful for most kids, physicians rarely prescribe this antibiotic, mainly if your kid is under eight.

Moving On To Foods & Drinks

One of the most common causes of kids with yellow teeth is precisely this one. Things like soda and soya, as well as highly pigmented foods, are the leading causes of it.

So how to whiten teeth for kids in these instances?

Believe it or not, it’s actually relatively easy. Just make sure to have your kid rinse down his/her mouth with water as soon as he/she is done with the previously mentioned food items or beverages.

Iron in Supplements

This mainly refers to young kids with yellow teeth. Namely, supplements like iron or fluorosis in the multivitamins can often cause teeth discoloration. 

If your child has discoloration that was caused by this, you will notice that his or her teeth have either brown or white stains, which will make their enamel look very yellow.

On the flip side, discoloration that occurs from iron supplements may cause darkish or grey stains.

So how to whiten teeth for kids when they are dealing with this problem?

I don’t mean to sound gloomy, but getting rid of these stains can be pretty challenging; consequently, it would be advisable to prevent them by regularly flossing and brushing their teeth.

Poor Dental Hygiene

This is for sure the most common cause of kids with yellow teeth (and this refers to adults, too!).

Poor kids teeth cleaning habits cause yellow stains. Namely, in these types of situations, plaque accumulates around the tooth’s surface.

Additionally, acidic drinks and foods can cause this, especially if your kid doesn’t have the tendency to brush their teeth on a regular basis.

So if you’re still wondering, “Why are my child’s teeth yellow?”, this is probably the leading cause.

And in these cases, you must be very careful and remind your kid that regular brushing is essential for oral health. Otherwise, it may cause tooth decay or cavity and you will have to schedule appointment.

Genetic Disorders

There are several generic factors (although they are fairly uncommon) that may lead to kids yellow teeth.

The most common one is called dentinogenesis imperfecta and in these instances, a child most likely has either one or both parents who are suffering from it.

If you have doubts about it, then it would be advisable to consult a pediatric dentist to see what needs to be done (in a form of diagnostic and whitening treatments) to resolve this problem.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is the fact that your kid can get thin tooth enamel from some of his parents. The enamel composition is what safeguards the tooth and gives it its color.

Furthermore, a thin enamel may lead to intrinsic discoloration, which may later cause various dental emergencies, such as decay or cavity.

And Then We Have an Injury

A variety of different injuries and accidents can seriously harm the teeth of your child, damaging their nerves.

If (God forbid) your kid suffers some form of trauma, then he/she will most likely develop yellow stains within the next couple of days.

In most severe cases, the stain may appear to be greyish. Fortunately, the staining will be present only around or inside the affected tooth and it’s not going to spread to others.

So what are you going to do if something like this occurs?

In these types of situations, dental health must be prioritized, meaning that you must take your kid to pediatric dentistry for whitening.

Just keep in mind that something like this is sadly a temporary solution, particularly if the stain resides on the enamel. Colors resulting from within the teeth will most likely require more thorough, professional help in pediatric dentistry.

Excellent Remedies For Kids With Yellow Teeth

I assume that you are currently frightened by everything that’s been written here, but don’t worry. There are so many amazing things that you can do to maintain a child’s dental hygiene and oral care. If you need help, then take a look at these suggestions below:

Proper Oral Hygiene

First and foremost, you need to be sure your child is familiar with everything related to oral hygiene.

Tell him/her that poor oral hygiene causes yellow teeth and that it’s of huge importance to brush and floss at least once or twice per day.

On rare occasions, when your kid takes supplements, such as iron, it’s mandatory to rinse and brush his/her teeth immediately after utilizing them.

Why is this important?

Well, if they rinse properly right after taking supplements, they will prevent fluorosis. Remind them that teeth don’t need to be brushed a million times each day, but that once or twice is enough.

Discuss Dietary Changes

I know that a vast majority of kids love eating chocolates, different types of desserts, candies, and cookies, but these are the things that can negatively affect the health of their permanent teeth.

And although I am not trying to tell you to convince your child to steer clear of these tempting things, my point is to try to incorporate as many hard veggies and fruits, such as carrots, apples, pears, cucumbers, and celery.

Not only are these things beneficial for their overall well-being, but they will also prevent the kids yellow teeth and keep the permanent teeth’ surface clean.

You can also perceive these food items as a form of another, a bit different brush that’s going to effectively prevent tartar buildup. 

Surprisingly, some fruits, such as pears and apples are loaded with malic acid which can be seen in various over-the-counter whitening kits, which is a great thing!

Now, here comes the hardest part (I’m scared as much as you right now)… Make sure to restrict items that are packed with sugar, as well as acidic foods.

When I say items that are loaded with sugar, I refer to things like chips, candy, chocolate, sugary drinks, and citrus fruits.

I know that this is going to be challenging (particularly with children with a sweet tooth), but you have to be persistent if you want to avoid having kids with yellow teeth.

Did You Try Lemon & Baking Soda?

If the answer is no, then now is the perfect time to consider this alternative. And to be frank, it’s one of the simplest yet most efficient methods that you can try out to help kids yellow teeth.

So what’s supposed to be done?

For starters, add several drops of lemon juice to baking soda and make sure your kid is employing it when brushing their permanent teeth.

If you want to accomplish the best possible results, then tell your little one to leave the paste in their mouth for at least two minutes, right after brushing and before rinsing.

I must remind you that since this strategy involves citrus, it shouldn’t be done too frequently, otherwise, it’s going to ruin the tooth enamel. Consequently, it shouldn’t be done more than once each week.

Are There Any Other Solutions Besides The Aforementioned Ones?

If none of these options turn out to be effective, then you can give these two a try. The first one is teeth whitening, which includes thorough bleaching (done by a professional) of the tooth enamel.

Although it is very effective, I suggest waiting until your little one is old enough (at least to be 16 years old) before considering this option.

And then we have cosmetic dental services which involve utilizing custom-fit porcelain veneers or bonding with the goal of covering the tooth.

Don’t forget that both of these procedures require ongoing maintenance, hence may not be the best idea for a young kid and their permanent teeth.

However, if you do not share my opinion and you would still like to give it a try, then at least first book an appointment with a pediatric dentist first.


There’s nothing like a lovely, charming kid’s smile. And that’s something that even the most enormous cavity and the yellowest teeth cannot ruin.

However, if you want your child to feel confident and, above all, to be healthy, then this is the topic that must be discussed because they need to know how crucial it is for teeth to be healthy.

So go through everything that’s been written here to see what method is currently most suitable for you.

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