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Finding the Best Office Chair for Pregnancy: All-In-One Guide

Finding the Best Office Chair for Pregnancy: All-In-One Guide

Back pain setting in? Pregnancy introduces a different dimension of physical changes and discomforts.

Sitting for long periods of time in an uncomfortable chair worsens these symptoms.

However, we’re here to help you find the best office chair for pregnancy.

Understanding how your body changes during pregnancy is a great start.

We advise getting ahead of the symptoms by investing in a high-quality office chair before your back and neck start aching.

The sooner you purchase a comfortable office chair, the sooner you can get your changing body accustomed to a healthy sitting position.

Office chairs come in great variety. Finding the best one may take some time, but it’s going to be nothing less than life-changing.

As always, health and comfort should be your primary concern, regardless of whether or not you have a baby growing in your belly.

We have to take all manner of factors into consideration in order to find the best office chair for pregnancy. From durability to adjustability, chairs vary in more ways than one.

While finding a comfortable chair certainly helps to alleviate some of the discomfort, you also have to take frequent breaks to hydrate, stand up, stretch and do some exercise, too.

Do all of this in a smart, cohesive manner and all your discomforts will soon fade.

The Benefits of Investing in an Office Chair

Anyone who has been working long-term in a seated position can tell you a thing or two about back pain.

Now that you’re pregnant, you may experience more back pain and overall discomfort than usual. That’s precisely why you need a high-quality office chair.

The importance of investing in a comfortable chair for pregnant women can’t be overstated. The benefits come in great variety, but they all aim to make life easier for you.

With the right chair, you will finally stop rubbing your neck and back in frustration.

Let’s take a moment to explore the benefits of finding the best office chair for pregnancy:

   1. Provides better comfort and support.

   2. Offers adjustability and ergonomic positioning.

   3. Ensures durability and longevity.

   4. Improves your posture.

   5. Reduces strain on your back and neck.

   6. Supports your spine.

   7. Accommodates your changing body.

A pregnant woman deals with many discomforts. Working from a home office or at an office can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t treat the soreness and the aching of your back and neck as it worsens.

A good office chair can make these problems go away.

While searching for the best office chair for pregnancy, the two main factors at play are comfort and support.

Ideally, the chair you end up picking should provide specialized contoured cushions and backrests, adjustable support and full length padded armrests.

The best office chairs for pregnancy provide ergonomic positioning.

What does that mean, exactly? An ergonomic position keeps your back, neck and head straight and upright at all times, while simultaneously supporting your back curves.

Keep in mind that your body changes throughout pregnancy. Therefore, my dear pregnant ladies, the ideal chair should have multiple adjustability options in order to satisfy your individual needs.

On top of that, spending a few extra bucks on an office chair guarantees longevity. The durability of the chair should outlast your pregnancy and support you for a long time.

A lot of office chairs can be adjusted into a healthy slouch position.

When you need a break from your work, tilt the chair back to give yourself a more relaxed position that eases the pressure of maintaining the correct posture for an extended period of time.

During pregnancy, it can become increasingly difficult to remain seated for longer intervals. So, it’s important to find the best chair to satisfy your needs.

All of these benefits add up to promote healthy sitting positions.

When you’re trying to find the best office chairs for pregnancy, it’s important that you try them out first. So, give yourself a few minutes to really feel the chair and how it impacts your posture.

Feel free to take your time as you explore the options each chair provides.

Choosing the Right Office Chair for Pregnancy

Looking for the best office chair for pregnancy? Then, you have to take several key features into consideration in order to make sure that you purchase an ideal chair.

First of all, a perfect office chair for pregnant women has adjustable lumbar support, which allows for manual adjustment of the lumbar area in order to perfectly fit your spinal shape.

This level of customization allows you to pinpoint the ideal curvature.

Another factor you have to take into account as an expecting mother is a padded seat and backrest.

The comforts they provide alleviate pressure on your hips and lower back, making it easy to sit at your computer or laptop for prolonged periods.

Overall, the best office chair for pregnancy benefits from general adjustability.

As your body changes, you want to make sure that you can always find the most comfortable sitting position.

To do that, the chair has to provide adjustable height, tilt and armrests.

All these features come at a cost, but you deserve all the support and comfort you can get.

If your chair of choice meets these requirements, it’s likely that it’s also very durable – which is another factor to take into account. You need a good and reliable office chair.

The best office chair for pregnancy should have an ergonomic design.

What does that mean, exactly?

Ergonomic implies that the chair has been specifically designed for two things: efficiency and comfort. These types of chairs provide the best sitting positions.

Additionally, before you make your purchase, try out the chair and see how it supports your spine.

Consider the general comfort because regardless of price – comfort differs from person to person.

Some extra features include padded armrests and a headrest, too.

The best chair for pregnancy covers all your needs. So, make sure to test it out and actually sit in it before deciding. If possible, try not to shop online to avoid unknowns.

If there are certain specific needs that your chair needs to meet or if your back and neck pain are making it impossible even to think, then you should not hesitate to consult a medical professional for guidance and, if needed, treatments to alleviate discomfort.

Best Desk Chairs for Pregnant Women

Desk chairs come in all manner of shapes, sizes and functions. Choosing the right one may take some time.

Visually, all of these office chairs look great and comfortable, but the ultimate test lies in sitting down and paying attention to how they support your posture.

Nevertheless, we have procured a list of starting points, desk chairs that we believe deserve your attention and benefit from a wide range of adjustable functionality.

One of these desk chairs will certainly satisfy all your needs, but due to their many differences, you have to do your research to find the best chair for pregnancy.

Keep in mind that these options are listed in no particular order.

Let’s do a quick overview before we jump into details:

      1. Steelcase Gesture Ergonomic Office & Desk Chair

      2. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

      3. Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

      4. Flash Furniture High Back Executive Chair

      5. HON Ignition 2.0

      6. Serta Works Executive Office Chair

      7. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

Regarding desk chairs, the more adjustability options, the better.

The best chairs benefit from a range of customizability options that ensure good posture and ergonomic positioning regardless of height and weight, which makes them ideal for pregnancy.

1. Steelcase provides excellent office furniture solutions.

Gesture, this company’s well-received chair-line, applies cutting edge technology so as to offer the ultimate sitting position not just for pregnant women, but for everyone.

The adjustability provided supports a range of postures that ease pressure on your back.

Gesture’s selling point is, in fact, its adjustability, because it checks every box.

Chairs for pregnant women need to have multiple adjustable options in order to accommodate their growing and changing body, from adjustable lumbar support to seat sliding functions.

In regards to comfort, it can’t get much better than this.

These types of desk chairs utilize the ergonomic design to the fullest; even so, every body is different, so you have to make sure that that they support your spinal shape and your body weight before purchase.

However, Gesture’s main selling point remains its adjustability.

From adjustable lumbar supports to arms, seat depth and height, anything you can possibly want to move and shift around to find the ideal sitting position for yourself – these office chairs provide.

In regards to quality, Gesture chairs feels solid and durable. Some parts of the chair may feel a bit wiggly, but keep in mind its adjustable options, flexibility and overall weight.

Although everyone has different taste, in general these desk chairs look sleek, modern and cool, making them the ideal option for a modern up-to-date workplace environment.

Nevertheless, they’re on the pricy range of the spectrum.

2. The Herman Miller Aeron embodies ergonomic technology.

Human design meets ergonomic technology – that’s what the Aeron desk chairs are all about.

Although ergonomics differ from person to person due to the fact that we all have different body shapes, Aeron chairs are renowned for meeting just about anyone’s needs.

Herman Miller makes great chairs, but are they good for pregnant women?

The first thing to note is that these chairs are in the high price range.

Nevertheless, the feel of sturdiness and premium quality promises durability for many years to come, and definitely justifies the price. In fact, these chairs are known for being very long-lasting.

When it comes to the design, that’s always going to be a subjective matter.

Aeron has a particular design overall that you either love or hate. Its industrial design looks and feels like a workplace chair, but we understand that it may not satisfy everyone’s taste.

Especially today, with more and more home offices popping up, people are looking for office chairs that match their personal taste and design – so it’s important to consider it.

Much like the previous suggestion, the Aeron office chair provides a considerable variety of adjustable options, which makes it an excellent chair for pregnant women.

However, the chairs usually come in three sizes. That means that you have to get the size right.

In regards to the Aeron, it’s major downside is the fact that it doesn’t have adjustable seat depth, which means that you can’t keep making more comfortable room for yourself as your body grows and develops during pregnancy.

Make sure to keep that in mind.

Although the seats provide enough room, make sure to sit on each and every variant so as to find the one that perfectly blends ergonomics and comfort for your personal needs.

Keep in mind that the Aeron takes some getting used to if your body is not familiar with mesh seats.

The way mesh seats distribute weight may feel odd at first, but you can get used to it rather quickly. As a pregnant woman, make sure to take this into consideration.

One of the best parts about these desk chairs are their reclining options. The way they’re designed, these chair make it extremely easy to recline when you need a break.

Consider all the factors and benefits listed above when purchasing an Aeron office chair, because while it’s a great chair overall, it may not be the best office chair for pregnancy.

3. The Duramont Ergonomic – adjustable and reasonably priced.

The first two chair options are in the high price range. Now, let us introduce a mid-price range solution for your pregnancy needs.

The Duramont Ergonomic office chair offers a variety of functions that help alleviate stress and promote a healthy sitting position.

The Duramont Ergonomic allows you to lock your position at any angle during reclining. That alone makes a huge difference, because a comfortable seated position doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone.

Whether upright or reclined, this option adds flexibility.

No matter your height or weight, the Duramont Ergonomic is one of the best office chairs for pregnancy due to the amount of ergonomic adjustability features that it provides.

To help you prevent back and neck stress and strain, the Duramont Ergonomic features fully adjustable back support.

All of these adjustability options work fluidly to ensure that you can quickly and easily find a position that’s perfect for your pregnant body.

From adjustable lumbar supports to tilting and reclining – this chair has it all when it comes to positioning. However, another key factor of the Duramont Ergonomic is its quality.

For the price you’re paying, you’re getting a reasonably durable and sturdy chair.

However, the Duramont Ergonomic has a few cons, as well, which is understandable at this price range.

For example, the armrests are a bit harder than preferable, so it may feel rougher on your arms after a hard day’s work in the office, especially without breaks.

Overall, this chair is in the mid-price range, considerably less expensive than the two previous chairs we covered – but, as always, this comes with its own set of compromises.

In our opinion, when choosing the best office chair for pregnancy, you want to make sure that you spare no expense and get a high quality desk chair that satisfies all your needs.

4. Flash Furniture chairs – a blend of style and elegance.

Let’s talk design first, because we consider these chairs to be perfect for any working environment. The modern design adds a degree of progressiveness to your personal workspace, especially with the high-back version and all the benefits it provides.

However, is this the best office chair for pregnancy?

There’s a few factors that we have to take into account.

The disadvantage of the high-back Flash Furniture chair is the lack of adjustability with the lumbar supports.

Nevertheless, it still feels pretty comfortable.

One thing that you have to keep in mind that there’s no chair on the planet that’s going to feel good after too many hours in a seated position.

Taking frequent breaks to get on your feet, to stretch, to take a short walk all helps towards alleviating back and neck pain.

With the Flash Furniture high-back chair, you will quickly feel a noticeable change in your joints and back. It’s specifically engineered to engage your core in a healthy way.

Aside from the high-back variant, the mid-back desk chair is also impressive.

Due to its price, however, you’re going to miss out on some adjustability options which could mean that it’s not the best office chair for pregnancy – but you’re going to save a few bucks.

5. The HON Ignition 2.0 offers high-quality ergonomic support.

The adjustability features included make this a great chair for pregnant women.

This mid-range desk chair benefits from a contoured seat and backrest, which is certain to alleviate a lot of discomfort that you may experience as your body changes throughout pregnancy.

As soon as you sit on this office chair, your lower back breathes a sigh of relief. The adjustable lumbar support ensures full customizability to match your personal needs.

Additionally, the HON Ignition 2.0 can be adjusted in height and tilt. The armrests can be adjusted, too. All these options allow you to find an ideal position when you’re pregnant.

On top of that, this chair has a sturdy, durable frame and is made from high-quality materials, which guarantees that it’s going to outlast your pregnancy and support you for a very long time.

For these reasons, it’s one of the more popular office chairs out there.

Yes, it has more plastic parts than some of its competitors, but it’s well-designed and made with longevity in mind. The arms feel sturdy and there’s no noticeable creaking involved.

In terms of design, the HON Ignition 2.0 goes well with everything. The sleekness and the elegance of its design make it attractive and suitable for any workspace environment.

Not only is it an excellent chair for pregnant women, but for anyone looking to find an ergonomic chair with loads of customizability and adjustability options.

Regardless of body type, the HON Ignition 2.0 provides support and comfort for the whole work day.

6. The Serta Works Executive Office Chair – comfort and versatility.

The Serta Works office chair prioritizes comfort above all else.

For people who spend a lot of time sitting at their desk, this chair provides the ultimate comfort while also maintaining the correct positioning of your spine and, therefore, ensuring good posture.

Hard to say whether it’s the best office chair for pregnancy, but the adjustability options it provides allow you to find a perfect ergonomic position regardless of weight and height.

At this price point, you get a lot of value.

The seats are made from bonded leather, which isn’t for everyone. As opposed to desk chairs listed above, the leather adds a specific feel that may not match everyone’s visual taste.

However, for those that do appreciate it, the chair looks elegant and smooth.

As opposed to more modern-looking desk chairs, the Serta Works Executive version has a classic design that works well with more professional and business-oriented workspaces.

The Serta Works office chair offers adjustable lumbar support, which further alleviates pressure on your lower back.

Additionally, you can also customize height and tilt, making this an ideal office chair for pregnant women looking for flexibility and maneuverability.

Its durability provides long-term support. It’s a future-proof investment.

Even though the leather can oftentimes wear and tear, the Serta Works office chair has been proven to withstand frequent use while simultaneously satisfying all your ergonomic needs.

The backrest of this chair has ergo-layered body pillows which work well to support your spine and to ensure that you can work long hours without facing any discomfort at all.

When you’re trying to find the best office chair for pregnancy, the most crucial aspect is not all the features the chair offers, but the space and the dimensions.

You want the chair to match your body as it grows and changes. Make sure to actually sit on it before buying.

If you’re looking for something really comfortable and appreciate an old-school design that successfully utilizes modern ergonomic features – then this your go-to office chair.

7. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair – futuristic comfort.

First things first, out of all the chairs listed for pregnant women, the Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair has the most interesting design.

So, if you’re looking for a chair that looks and feels not modern, but innovative and pioneering – this is the chair for you.

Looks aside, is it any good? While the assembly may take you some time, the end results are certainly worth it, because this unique-looking desk chair has complete adjustability.

Is it the best office chair out there for pregnant women?

Well, that’s something that you have to discover for yourself by actually taking the time to sit in it and to see how it affects your posture. We’re here to provide a brief summary of all the features, the pros and cons.

Overall, the construction looks and feels solid. It’s a sturdy chair that’s built to last.

The extent of its customizability options allow you to find a perfect ergonomic position, regardless of your height and weight, in order to alleviate your back and neck pain.

If you’re looking for quality, the Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair provides.

The best part about is that it’s specifically engineered to offer support for long-hours. Therefore, the futuristic look isn’t just for show; this desk chair is extremely comfortable.

Although the price may initially seem a little steep, the features definitely justify it.

It has all the ergonomic features you need to provide support throughout pregnancy, which makes it one of the best office chairs out there in terms of proper support and performance.

Tips for Relieving Back and Neck Pain

Working during pregnancy can be hard on your pregnant body.

You’re prone to many discomforts, especially back and neck pain.

Finding the best office chair for pregnancy can help some of the pain, but there’s a lot of other things that you can also do.

The best home office chair for pregnancy makes it easy to maintain good posture – but you still have to maintain it. Remember to sit with your feet placed flat on the floor.

Do your best to avoid slouching. When you need a break, you can always recline your chair to relax.

Investing in a high quality chair guarantees a comfortable seat. Spare no expense when it comes to your personal health. After all, you have to take care of your changing body.

However, even if you find the best chair for pregnancy out there, it’s not magically going to solve all your problems. Sitting for long periods of time is certain to strain your back and neck.

So, make sure to take regular breaks to stretch your legs and move around.

Other than that, pregnant women need to exercise, too. The exercises you do, however, should be done in moderate-intensity.

Exercising will strengthen your muscles and allow you to work at your desk for prolonged periods of time without facing any discomfort.

If you’re doing all of the above and still facing soreness, consider consulting a medical professional, because it may point to an underlying issue that you have to resolve.

When the pain is persistent, don’t tolerate it. Seek professional guidance and treatments.

To recap, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Maintain good posture.
  2. Sit with feet placed flat on the floor.
  3. Take regular breaks. Stretch.
  4. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine.
  5. Consider consulting a healthcare professional.

In Conclusion

All in all, investing in a proper office chair can help you alleviate a lot of discomfort that comes with pregnancy.

Keep in mind that if the pain is too severe that you shouldn’t force yourself to work until your body feels ready to sit for prolonged periods of time.

The best office chair for pregnancy contributes to your body’s physical health by providing essential support for your lower back. It helps you maintain good posture.

However, it’s not all about finding the best office chair for pregnancy. It helps, but you have to practice physical self-care, as well.

From taking regular breaks, stretching and exercising, there’s a lot that you can do to strengthen your muscles and ease the pain.

Finding the best office chair for pregnancy takes time. So, be patient.

Consider the factors covered in this article so as the fine a desk chair that perfectly suits your changing body.

Even if you don’t experience any discomfort at the moment, it’s better to prevent than to cure.

Purchasing a high quality office chair with a lot of adjustability options and a comfortable seat allows you to keep your physical well-being in check during pregnancy.

Also, my dear pregnant ladies, be cautious when ordering desk chairs online.

Ideally, you want to try the chair out and sit in it for at least a few minutes in order to understand how it shapes against your back and spine.

This way you can ensure that you find the best office chair for pregnancy.

best office chair for pregnancy

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