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Practical Gifts For A 2-Year-Old

Practical Gifts For A 2-Year-Old

If you’re wondering how to choose the best practical gifts for a 2-year-old, I’ve got you.

To be honest, it’s quite stressful to find gift ideas for children nowadays. Let’s admit it, they have everything they want and more. It’s normal to have a bunch of toys, and it’s normal to buy new toys all the time.

That’s the truth, but it wouldn’t be right to stop buying gifts for the little people.

We all want to make the kids happy, and we all want to surprise them. Since they have everything they want, it’s a difficult task to surprise them.

But, don’t worry. I will give some great examples of perfect gifts, practical gifts for 2-year-olds. I am sure they will be happy and amazed by your interesting gift ideas.

It’s up to you to choose the best option. After all, every child is different and you have to pick the right thing.

If you’re the parent, I suggest writing down this list of these perfect, practical gifts for 2 year old. You can choose one or two from the list, and you can give the rest of the list to your friends and family.

I am sure they want to buy something amazing for your little one. So, it would be great to help them out.

Practical Gifts For 2-Year-Olds

This list will be filled with different things and interesting suggestions.

Some of these practical gifts for 2-year-olds will seem weird since many of them are non-toy gifts, but I want you to be open-minded and think about every gift thoroughly.

You can always buy regular toys if you don’t find something that looks fun. But, I think this article will help you to find something unique.


I know that giving furniture to a toddler seems silly, but hear me out.

When I say furniture, I am referring to small furniture that is made for toddlers – toddler-sized furniture.

Small tables, small chairs, small bean bags, a small kitchen to play with, etc…

Toddlers usually want things adults have. When you give them a perfect little chair that fits just right, it will make them feel special.

A great practical gift for a 2-year-old is a bed. There are many options, and you can choose a bed with their favorite character, in their favorite color. They will love sleeping on their own when they get a great bed like this.

Of course, it depends on your budget and which piece of furniture you will buy. The point is, toddlers will love their own little kitchen. They will cook imaginary meals and enrich their minds.

Buying them a chair or a desk as a gifts is far more practical than buying them a toy kitchen, but if something is going to have a positive effect on them, it’s okay to purchase something less practical.

I would also like to mention that buying storage boxes, shelves, and organizers is also one of the most original gift ideas. You probably know that toddlers like anything that seems like it’s made for adults.

So, find a big, colorful, toy storage box. This will motivate them to pick up their toys, and it will be great for cleaning up the mess in the house. Personally, this is the best non-toy gift idea that will be useful for toddlers and their parents.

Potty-Training Accessories

Finding something great that is connected to potty training is one of the most practical gifts for 2-year-olds. Even if the child you’re buying gifts for, is already potty-trained, it’s good to find something to motivate him or her.

For example, you can buy them a potty-training seat with little ladders that goes on the grown-up toilet.

It is secure, so they won’t fall. They would be sitting on the real toilet, with a little help. This is a great gift if the toddler is all about being like a grown-up.

If the grown-up toilet seems scary, you can buy the “My Size Potty”. This is a potty that looks like a real toilet, but it’s smaller in size so it fits the toddler.

If you’re buying a potty for a boy, you can buy them a potty-training urinal. These can be found in different colors, and they usually have an aiming target.

Bathroom Accessories

Toddlers are too little for some things, but it’s important to encourage hygiene and everything else related to it.

There are many bath sets and bath organizers for toddlers to purchase. You can find little shampoos, little soaps, sponges, bath toys, and body brushes. This is too cute and toddlers will adore this since it fits their size.

They will want to have a bath just to scrub themselves with their new favorite bathroom accessories.

Another great practical gift for toddlers is a toothbrush. This is the time when they should be learning to brush their tooth on their own. You can even purchase an electric toothbrush for toddlers.

There are also toothbrushes in different shapes and colors that will attract toddlers’ attention. This is a learning and practical gift for a 2-year-old.

Night Light

A night light is a very practical gift for 2 year old. You can find them in different colors and sizes. You can even purchase a personalized night light.

Many 2-year-olds are sleeping by themselves at this age. If they’re not, they will be sleeping alone very soon. A night light is pretty, fun, and practical.

It will chase away the nightmares and fears. It will give them a beautiful view just before they go to sleep.

Tents And Teepees

Personally, tents and teepees are great practical gifts for toddlers. Even though they’re still little, toddlers want to explore the world on their own. They want to have some privacy from time to time.

A tent or a teepee is great for giving them some alone time. It will motivate them to play on their own and be more independent. Besides, this will be a great new place to keep all the toys.

The best thing about tents and teepees is they’re very affordable, they come in so many colors and shapes, and they can have different designs, with some amazing characters toddlers love.


When it comes to gift ideas for toddlers, board books are a great option. This practical gift for 2 year old is durable and interesting, and it will develop their brain.

It’s a great thing for learning and you have so many options to choose from. If the toddler likes certain things, you can always find a good book that is connected to that topic.

For example, there are many books about animals that are amazing. So, if the toddler likes animals, this is a great choice of book.

Art Supplies And Accessories

Art supplies are a great choice when it comes to practical gifts for toddlers. This is a non-toy gift that will be great for kids. It will help them to develop their motor skills, and it’s fun!

So, look for some play dough, drawing mats, coloring books, or crayons and you’re good to go. This might be messy, but it’s better to buy something like this because the toddlers will be artsy somewhere.

Most of them end up drawing on the walls, so it’s better to buy them art supplies to avoid that.

If the toddler you’re buying the gift for is crafty, there are some amazing kits to buy. All you have to do is find the perfect art set for the little one!

Pretend Play And Housekeeping Gifts

I’ve already mentioned that buying a toy kitchen is a great gift idea. However, you should also think about some useful things.

There are little broomsticks and clean-up sets to purchase. This will boost child’s independence, and teach them that doing chores is normal.

There are also toy vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and toy dishwashers. These toys will amuse your toddlers. For example, when a parent is washing laundry, a toddler could pretend to do it too! Toys like this are great learning gifts.

When we talk about pretend play, there are also practical gifts for 2-year-olds that will encourage their imagination.

For example, buying them a fireman costume, a toy cash register, or a doctor set, is very inspiring.

My sister got a white uniform and a plastic stethoscope when she was a toddler, and that was the time when she decided to be a doctor.

She actually became one. So, pretend play can be a great way to influence kids. The best gifts for kids are those that can affect their actions and opinions.

Lego Blocks

Lego blocks are one the best traditional and practical gifts for 2-year-olds. You might think that lego blocks are old news, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Every toddler and older child loves playing with legos.

This choice of gift is great for encouraging them to think logically. It’s great for developing their motor skills, and it’s fun.

Another reason why lego blocks are a great, practical gift for 2 year old is the fact they’re indestructible. They will last forever, and it’s something kids can play with even when they’re older.

This gift idea is simple, but it’s classic. You can’t go wrong with buying legos.


Tricycle is a great practical gift for toddlers, because it will help them to develop their motor skills and work on their balance.

It’s fun, and it will lead them to drive a bicycle eventually. So, this is a good way for toddlers to get used to it.

It will last quite a while, and they will definitely use it all the time. You can look into specialized, balance bikes that are adjustable and that will be even more useful for toddlers.

First Piggy Bank

A piggy bank is a great practical gift for 2-year-old kids. It will motivate them to save money, and it will be super fun.

You don’t have to buy the classic piggy bank. Try to find one that is not ceramic, so it doesn’t break easily.

There are many options. You have piggy banks that sing, talk, or glow in the dark. This will be something that will last for a long time. I still have the piggy bank that my mom gave me when I was a kid.

Learning Flashcards

There are some amazing people out there who invented all these fun gifts for our kids. When we talk about flash cards as toys, you can make some by yourself.

However, since they’re quite cheap, you can also buy them. There are so many options to choose from.

You have flashcards with animals, food, cars, buildings, clothes, and much more. I suggest buying colorful flashcards since this will be a great way of learning colors and things at the same time.

Flash cards are educational, fun, and one of the best practical gifts for toddlers.


Puzzles are also a great gifts idea. Nowadays there are so many different kinds of puzzles. They’re made of different materials, in different sizes, and amazing colors.

You can find a great set of puzzles with any character or any object you want. This is a great gift that will push a toddler to think and connect things.

Picture Books

Picture books are a fun, and practical gift for 2-year-olds. This will spark their imagination, and it will teach them many valuable things.

If you choose some of the most interesting picture books as a gift, I am sure that your special toddler will love them. Just try to find something durable, because kids are prone to destroying fragile things.

Eating And Drinking Utensils

2-year-old toddlers are probably eating most of their meals on their own. However, they need help. They spill things a lot, they can easily break plates and glasses, or even hurt themselves.

Buying them eating and drinking utensils that are made from durable materials is a great gift idea. You can buy a special set that includes everything they need.

Most of these things are made to be spill-proof, and stable on the table. They are also easy to clean. The best thing about this practical gift for toddlers is that you can find it in different colors, shapes, and designs.

Farm Animals Set

You might think that the farm animals set is not one of the best kids for kids. However, that’s not true. Playing with animals, and making a little far is very fun for kids.

Besides, this is one of the most educational and practical gifts for 2 year old if you’re looking to teach them more about the animal world.

I suggest buying a bigger set with a lot of different animals and objects. This will be a fun game for the kids for a long time.

Sleeping Bag

When toddlers get older, it can be difficult to keep the under their covers while they sleep. They move around a lot, and they’re always uncovering themselves.

It’s common for a toddler to give you a hard time with their sleeping schedule.

If you’re a parent who’s having problems with a 2-year-old nap strike, learn some efficient ways to deal with it.

Buying a comfy, sleeping bag for toddlers is one of the most practical gifts for kids. You can find them in many colors with different motives.

This will encourage them to go to bed on time, and they will be snuggled and safe in their sleeping bag. It’s great for the parents too, since covering the kids all night is not fun at all.

My older kids are still into sleeping bags. Of course, I had to switch to a bigger one with time. Besides keeping them warm, it’s also quite relaxing.

When kids sleep in a sleeping bag, they feel safer and more peaceful, like somebody is hugging them.


A blanket is one of the most practical gifts for everyone, not just for kids and toddlers. A colorful, comfy, and warm blanket is always useful and it can make the child feel protected.

Try to find a nice-looking blanket that toddlers will love. It will be something that will always want next to them.

Sensory Tables

Sensory tables are a gift that will definitely amuse toddlers. It’s fun, and it’s great to develop their skills. With a good sensory table, kids will develop their motor and language skills.

They will learn many new things and they will be more advanced if they use sensory tables. Even though it looks like a toy, it would say that this is one of the non-toy gifts. It’s educational, practical, and useful.

This table can help if the child is struggling with delayed gross motor skills.


A backpack doesn’t sound fun at all. It is a practical gift, but is it practical for a 2-year-old?

The answer is – yes. Toddlers are learning new things every day, they want to do the things adults do, and they want to have their own things. A backpack will be fun for them, and they will love the idea of having a personal bag.

Raincoat, Rainboots, And Umbrella

Most toddlers and older kids love having fun in the rain. Jumping in the puddles, and running in the mud is truly fun for them. Since most parents don’t like the rain or the idea of getting wet and dirty, this is a very practical gift for 2-year-olds.

It’s also a great gift idea if you’re looking for non-toy gifts to buy.

The kids will be excited because they will finally have a good argument to go out in the rain, and the parents won’t mind because the kids will be protected.

If you make an effort to buy a raincoat, umbrella, and boots that look fun and colorful, you will amaze the kids.

If you’re thinking about some other clothes as a gift, it’s good to see which baby clothing trends are popular now.

Giving Toddlers Their Old Toys

This option is good if you’re a parent looking for some practical gifts for your 2-year-old toddler. I’ve mentioned before that kids usually have a lot of toys that just sit there around the house.

You can hide some of these toys and just give them later as a gift. This is a great option if the money is tight, and it’s quite practical.

We all want to give our kids the best things, but sometimes we have to play games. Personally, if you can’t afford new things, and your kid is not playing with the toys he or she already has, go with this gift idea.

DIY Projects

If you’re crafty, making something is a great gift idea. After all, the best gifts are those that come from the heart.

When it comes to making something, it’s better to include the toddler in this process. Kids love being included. They like making things and everything is interesting to them.

So, start with making something fun. A kite is easy to make, and toddlers love it. It’s not just fun making the kite, it’s also fun to play with it. Of course, you can buy one, but if you’re crafty make one with the toddler.

Visiting A Place

New places and different environment are always fun for kids. Even though going somewhere does not seem like a good gift idea for a toddler, it could be.

Visiting a museum, beach, cinema, theme parks, animal farms, new playground, or zoo, is exciting and amusing for the children. It’s also educational and it definitely goes together with other practical gifts for 2-year-olds.

If you want to take the child to the beach, it’s good to have a complete guide for a safe and fun beach trip.

Think About The Kid’s Personality

This article is a great and very helpful gift guide. However, if you want to find the best gift that is also practical, fun, and educational, think about the toddler and his or her personality.

Every child is different, and it’s important to give them gifts and toys they will absolutely love. If you’re not close to the kid you’re buying a gift for, and you don’t have any gift ideas, it’s okay to ask parents. After all, you want to give them something useful and something they’re going to love.

If you’re a parent or someone close to the toddler, take some time and observe the kid. If you truly want to make an impression with your gift ideas, you have to understand the child’s nature.


I am sure you never imagined you will be searching the internet to find the best gift ideas.

Finding a perfect gift for a 2-year-old child has never been harder. The time we live in is full of choices, possibilities, and amazing things to get.

It’s quite hard to surprise and amaze anyone. Even the kids are hard to impress, and that’s the reason why we all want to find new ideas for gifts. That’s why we have this gift guide to help you.

At the end of the day, it’s not about the gift, it’s about being there for the kids. It’s about showing them love and care. Buying gifts is just another way of showing our affection.

Many people don’t think about practical gifts for the kids, but they should be. We live in such an advanced era, and we should use all these amazing things the world has to offer.

If there is something out there that will be fun for toddlers, but also practical and educational at the same time, why not get it? Non-toy gifts for 2-year-olds are more popular than you think.

I hope you got some great gifts ideas and I am sure you will find what is the most suitable. Pick something that seems right to you. If the gift is from the heart, the kid will love it.

practical gifts for a 2-year-olds