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Wife-Beating Wrestler Steve Austin

Wife-Beating Wrestler Steve Austin

Steve Austin is still one of the greatest names in the WWE industry (World Wrestling Entertainment Industry). He is retired but occasionally has a match to prove his talent and strength.

Besides, wrestling he is also an actor and social media person. His nickname “Stone Cold Steve” is justified not only by his career but also by his personal life.

Wife-Beating Wrestler Steve Austin And His Past

Many wrestling fans don’t know that Steve Austin has a history of violent behavior toward his ex-wife Debra.

They were a power couple two decades ago, and they had a lot in common. Debra was also a wrestler, and she was called Queen Debra.

After her wrestling career, she stayed with WWE and WCW as a manager and promoter. She was quite famous and people saw her and Stone Cold Steve as the perfect match.

What Happened?

In 2002, Debra reported Steve to the police for the third time. He was beating her for a long time, but that last time was the worst.

There were rumors that even police were shocked by her bruises. Steve was arrested in San Antonio – Texas, but he didn’t do any prison time.

He pleaded “no contest” a few months after he was arrested. This means that he wanted to accept the conviction, but he didn’t want to plead “guilty”.

As I’ve mentioned, he didn’t go to jail, but he was on probation for one year, and he had to pay 1000$ fine. Additionally, he got 80 hours of community service.

Debra Claims That WWE Tried To Protect Steve Instead Of Her

Debra was always open about the domestic abuse she survived because she wanted other women to understand how wrong it was.

It can start very gradually. It takes you away from your loved ones. People that knew me, they could tell I was becoming more in shell because he didn’t really want me talking to people and I was becoming really like a recluse and that’s not my personality. Everyone knew that (he was controlling me) but, you know, he was Steve. You don’t mess with Steve.

I remember that the first time he hit me was in the hotel room. He actually slapped me and then he threw me across the room. I had a bruise on my face and then I had to go to the doctor.Debra in an interview with WWF Old School.

She also said in a few other interviews that WWE knew what was happening, but they didn’t do anything. Some people believe that they’ve tried to convince her to drop her allegations because Steve was very popular and had a lot of fans.

Why It Happened?

Wife-beating wrestler Steve Austin was very popular, and the American working class loved him. It was hard to believe that he did something wrong, especially after the WWE welcomed him after his probation and community work. Nowadays, he would probably be canceled.

Because of his fame, many people had their doubts and many people were interested to know why he was violent.

Maybe people thought that Debra did something wrong. Maybe they thought that she was violent toward him, so he defended himself.

When people like someone, it’s hard to accept the fact that he is guilty. In a few interviews, Debra actually stated that the reason for his aggressive behavior was always something silly and irrelevant.

He just wanted to hurt her. She was his victim and it’s quite disappointing that so many people had doubts just because he was famous and liked.

After all this, he claimed that he loved Debra and that some of her allegations weren’t honest. He claimed that alcohol was never his thing, even though many people saw him use it.

Steroids, Alcohol, and Aggression

One of the most important of this story is the fact that Steve was using steroids, but he also liked to have a few drinks. Debra claims that even without these substances, Stone Cold Steve was quite nervous and aggressive.

He had a complex personality, and everything was worse when he was under the alcohol influence. Many scientific studies prove how dangerous steroids are. When you mix alcohol and steroids, you can become very violent and aggressive.

Steroids and alcohol are very dangerous, and even though they’re not the only reason for violence, they aren’t helpful at all. It’s important to speak up about the dangers of all these things. It’s important to find a way to fight against harmful substances.

The world of sport is more mysterious and secretive than you think. There are many popular people who look like the perfect role models, but they’re not.

What Happened To This Forgotten Power Couple?

After this incident, Debra left WWE, and Austin retired in 2003. His final match was with The Rock. In 2008, he was welcomed into the WWE Hall of Fame. He became a host, an actor, and a social media influencer.

He had a few comebacks, and he will have a lot more of those. He is very famous, and many people think that he is one of the biggest wrestling stars when it comes to professional wrestling.

He married Kristin Feres in 2009, and he is still married to her. They never had any known domestic abuse problems, and they claim to be very happy together.

When it comes to Debra, she also stayed in the same field. She appeared on some shows, gave some interviews, and had some film roles as well. She didn’t marry anyone after her divorce from Steve.

In Conclusion

Debra and Steve were popular, strong, and loved by everyone. They truly were the “it couple” back then and their story is heartbreaking.

Violence can happen anywhere, to anyone. It’s something so evil and so wrong, and even if you’re famous you can still experience it. There are many untold stories about domestic abuse, and this story can be a motivation. This story can persuade someone to ask for help.

Domestic abuse is still present. Even though it’s 2023, some people still don’t understand why certain things are wrong.