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Real Stories Of Domestic Abuse Victims

Real Stories Of Domestic Abuse Victims

Real stories of domestic abuse victims will help you to see how many people survived horrors. Every story about violence is real, but it’s easier to understand the pain when you hear it from regular folks.

When you learn about a domestic abuse case in the news, it’s usually something big or it’s about someone famous. These stories you will be reading about are unheard of.

Every story is emotional and difficult, so let’s talk about some of them. Let’s see what it’s like to be in this type of life situation.

Real Stories Of Domestic Abuse Victims

Before we start talking about these unfortunate situations, I would like to mention that I will take fractions from the stories.

If you want to learn every detail and every story, visit the source – Domestic Abuse Victims Of Reddit.

Bad Stepmother

Not all stepmoms are bad, but some of them are pure evil. Reddit user from North Reston, Virginia – Meandmybassethound – talks about her awful experience with her stepmother.

The worst day was when she was threatening to kill my littlest sister (she was 2 at the time) and my other sister and I hid her under our mattress so she couldn’t find her. She also burnt one of my paper mache art projects from elementary school because she was mad at me about something. It stopped because my sisters and I would sneak over to our neighbor’s house and tell the neighbor lady about the abuse. CPS was called and we moved in with our grandparents.

This heartbreaking story has a happy ending, but so many of them don’t. It’s important to understand that we have to choose our partners wisely. We have to protect our children by all means.

One of the best lessons from this story is that it’s important to speak up. It’s important to be brave and tell someone what’s happening. Just imagine if these kids didn’t tell anyone about their abuse.

Unfortunate things can happen to anyone, but it’s important to try to make a difference.

Men Are The Victims Too

In most cases, domestic abuse victims are women. But, we shouldn’t forget about the men. Men are also abused every day. It’s even harder for them to deal with this. They’re afraid of speaking up and they’re afraid that people won’t believe them.

If they’re being abused by a manipulative person, they’re afraid that the story will be twisted around.

Reddit user – Jester1979 – is a man from Hatfield, England who went through hell with his partner. She manipulated him and he stayed with her for years.

You mistakenly believe her when she says she will feel more secure if you get married and have a baby, but inevitably you find yourself three months into a marriage with a 9-month-old baby, arguing at 4 am with her hands round your throat, screaming into your face that you’re as worthless as your family.

You finally crack and break down. She calls the police and lies to them, telling them that you assaulted her. You’re cut and bleeding, she has no marks on her at all yet you are the one who is arrested and put in a police van in front of all your neighbors.

This man had a rough time. He was abused, and he was arrested because his partner accused him of domestic abuse. She lied and she ruined his life in every way possible.

However, this man escaped. He is free now. He is still fighting for justice, but he is healing. He is the perfect example of standing up for yourself. Standing up for yourself is often messy and difficult, but it’s essential.

When you start fighting for yourself you will feel like you made the situation worse. You will feel like you’re ruining people’s lives.

Some people will blame you for everything, but you have to stay strong. You have to stay strong and you have to find a way to keep pushing forward.

Surround yourself with people who will believe you. Surround yourself with people who will help you recover.

Love Can Make You Blind

Love can complete you and help you with so many things. Having a partner that fulfills you is a blessing. But, sometimes love can be tricky and deceiving. Sometimes we love the people who shouldn’t be in our lives.

Love and manipulation often go together. That’s something that a Reddit user – MrsBearasuarus – from Pennsylvania can confirm.

When he wanted things done a certain way. I did it. The people around me knew what was happening, but I never realized. I was happy. We never fought. I was easy to manipulate.

When she met her partner, she thought that she met her soul mate. She thought that everything he said was true, and she didn’t see what was going on. She wanted a loving home with him.

It started with small things. He manipulated her into leaving her job, friends, and family. In the beginning, the fights were normal, but a bit later, he started slapping her.

After the few first slaps, he started breaking her bones. He would apologize, but he would do it all over again. She was also a victim of sexual abuse by him.

This victim was trapped with this man for years. She tried to get away from him, but she would always come back.

She was confused and she felt weak. She already had two children from her previous relationships. She got pregnant by him too, but his abuse caused a miscarriage.

She felt like she was on a roller-coaster for years. She tried to be the perfect wife. She tried to please him. But, the abuser always makes a mistake. The abuser always finds something you’re guilty of.

In the end, she was saved. One of those unfortunate events led to other people calling the police, and she finally left him.

For a while, she went to Georgia, but she came back to Pennsylvania after a while. She is trying to move on. She is trying to tell others that abusive relationships will destroy her.

This is one of the most detailed confessions from real stories of domestic abuse victims. It talks about the abuser, the victim, and all the mistakes and manipulations that happen to so many people every day.

It talks about the hardships of being a parent. It talks about a desire to feel loved and accepted. It doesn’t talk about love. Love is not connected to abuse and manipulation. Love is not so difficult and violent.

This story should inspire every woman who feels trapped by her partner. This story should remind all of us that we have to take care of confidence and mental stability.

Nobody Deserves Abuse

Some people had more than one abuser in their life. It’s not their fault, it’s just their bad luck and their lack of confidence.

When somebody experiences abuse, it reflects on their confidence and stability. That means that they have problems with choosing the right partners or friends. They keep surrounding themselves with abusive people.

That’s why it’s important to talk with others. It’s important to ask for professional help. When someone experiences more than one abusive relationship, it’s very hard to live a normal life.

Reddit user – 45MinutesOfRoadHead – from Chattanooga, Tennessee, had a few bad experiences in her life. Even though she’s happy now, she still struggles with having a normal relationship.

My dad walked in on my mom beating me one day and he shoved her off of me and told her that if she ever touched me again he’d have her arrested. She quit for a while, but the verbal abuse got worse. She would berate me about nonsensical things daily. She started getting physically abusive again, and at that point, my dad and I left with my brother. She was always good to my brother, it was me that she had the issue with.

When your mother does awful things to you, it can traumatize you for the rest of your life. People are so complicated, and sometimes it’s impossible to explain their actions.

It’s important to know that violence is never an option. If you think that parents can’t be cruel, you’re wrong. This story proves it.

It’s even more complicated when the parent is constantly abusing one child. This victim thought that she wasn’t worthy. She thought that she was annoying and undeserving.

Her mother did all those horrible things to her, but not to her brother. She thought that it was a clear message that her mother was good, and her brother was good, but she wasn’t.

That kind of trauma doesn’t go away. This woman will always feel insecure, and she will always have to fight against her dark thoughts.

Unfortunately, her life was hard and complicated even after her father left with her and her brother. Her confidence was low and her judgment was impaired. She made some bad choices and gave herself a few other difficulties to think about.

But, everything can be solved. Problems with money and school are always temporary. This woman had another difficult experience with her ex-partner. She spent a year with an abusive and manipulative partner.

It’s been 5 years since we split, and he spent the first couple of years harassing the hell out of me. It ranged from breaking into my house, trying to fight my fiance in public, and slashing my tire. But now he’s moved on and is 27 and dating a 19-year-old. So that concerns me, but I haven’t heard anything about him being mean to her, so at least there’s that. I still have some trust problems. Like, when my fiance does something nice for me I’ll often wonder if he’s doing something nice to cover up a bad thing that he did. Luckily, I’m engaged to a nice guy.

She found her happiness, but she is still insecure. She still doesn’t know what a real relationship looks like. When your partner is constantly manipulating you, it’s hard to know what is right and what is wrong.

It’s easy to crush someone’s confidence, especially when the person has already gone through the abuse. It’s hard to leave when somebody is playing games with your mind. But, it’s never too late to stand up for yourself.

When you feel unhappy and miserable with someone, you should leave. There are so many bad people in this world, but there are also so many wonderful people who will show what real love is.

It’s Possible To Not Be Aware Of The Abuse

Reddit user – highheelcyanide – from Indianapolis also shares details about her long-term abusive relationships. She survived so many things with this man, and she thought that she was the person of her life.

In the beginning, she didn’t even notice certain red flags. She thought that he was devoted and loving. She thought that he wanted to take care of her. He manipulated her in so many ways, and she felt obligated to be with him even after he showed her dark side.

He wasn’t pleased with anything she did, and he tried to make her feel bad about every little thing.

With time, verbal abuse and manipulation became so bad that she was treated like his property. He would buy her everything she wanted, but he wouldn’t give her any money.

He even physically attacked her a few times. He controlled her diet, style, and everything else. She felt like a puppet.

As for how I coped, it was a lot of denial. He would shower me in gifts and buy whatever I wanted. I filled my dream house with all the things I ever wanted. I read a lot. Watched a lot of movies. By this point I had no friends left so I did whatever I could to fill my time. I rescued dogs. I convinced myself that I was so lucky to have him. He had a really bad childhood and I told myself that I couldn’t give up on him. I couldn’t hurt him like that. I made a vow and I couldn’t abandon him. I didn’t even realize he was abusive until the last few months of our relationship.

When you think of domestic abuse, you think of all the horror stories you’ve heard. But, things are always more complicated. Sometimes it’s impossible to find a way out. Sometimes it all seems like a nightmare.

The moral of the story is that your feelings matter. When you feel like something is wrong, and you don’t have your freedom, you have to leave.

It won’t get better. It will get worse. Relationships are about happiness, peace, and compatibility.

Abusive Relationships Can Ruin People

It’s hard to go through domestic abuse, but it’s even harder when it changes your personality.

Reddit user – sharontravels – from California, who now lives in Korea, became a different person after her relationship.

Afterward, I had two other serious relationships. It would also start off really great, but then I noticed that I was becoming an abuser. I was doing exactly the same things that my abusers had done to me. I had to break things off. I’m still in therapy and working through my issues. The most important thing I’ve learned is that I cannot love another person without loving myself first.

Before she met her ex-boyfriend, she was abused by her parents. She watched her parents abuse each other. She thought that the abuse was normal for most people.

When she met the guy who abused her, she tried to justify his actions by so many different things. He didn’t let her go anywhere without him. Hi disrespected her and he controlled her.

She wanted to be with someone. She wanted love. She was so well-controlled by him that she didn’t want to leave. She knew that their relationship wasn’t good. She knew that he was the abuser.

Eventually, he left. He left her to be with someone else and he even took her money. But, she was still under his control. She still tried to help him and she still believed him.

Luckily, her friend helped her. She was saved by her friend. She went to therapy to help herself. She finally escaped from him.

Unfortunately, all this abuse and manipulation turned her into one insecure, unstable person. She wasn’t a very good partner in her relationships afterward.

She was almost like him – controlling, jealous, and manipulative. But, she wasn’t a bad person. She realized that she was not doing well. She realized that she was making some serious mistakes.

It’s important to admit when you need help. This person asked for help and she realized that she had a lot of self-work to do. She realized that she could start over.

Domestic abuse victims need a lot of self-love. It’s important to know that you can always start a new chapter in your life.

Sometimes Abuse Doesn’t Look Like Abuse

I’ve shared a few parts of a few stories from this life-changing Reddit post. All of these stories are hard to hear, and even harder to tell. As you can notice in some of the stories, the abuse looks like a normal relationship between parents and kids, or partners.

Sometimes, the victims feel like they’re doing something wrong because so many people are going through the same thing.

If you’re the victim, you have to understand that every type of abuse is important. You were born to be happy and free. You don’t have to be controlled. You deserve to live your life the way you want to.

Any type of domestic violence is bad and needs to be reported. Sexual violence, family violence, and every type of physical abuse are something awful and you have to contact the authorities.

You have to do this for your mental health. You have to share your story and become a survivor of domestic violence. These victims want to help everyone. Young people and old people have to stand up against violence.

Ask your family and friends for help. Use these survivor stories to motivate yourself. Keep in mind that victims are strong. Victims are survivors.

In Conclusion

There are so many stories about domestic violence. Some of them are relatable, and some of them aren’t.

Some of them are a bit scarier, but all of them are completely terrible. Even if you’re not a domestic violence victim, it’s important to raise awareness about this problem.

If you are a victim, these stories will remind you that you’re not alone. You’re a survivor and these things can happen to anyone. Don’t blame yourself and fight for your freedom. Fight for your peace and stability.

Find support and find resources that could help you. Every peace of information is crucial when you want to save yourself. 

Victims of domestic violence shared their survivor stories because they want to remind people that it’s never too late to escape the horror. It’s never too late to save yourself. There is always a chance for things to get better if you’re brave enough.

Source – Reddit