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Ta’Kiya Young – A Pregnant Mom Shot By The Police

Ta’Kiya Young – A Pregnant Mom Shot By The Police

Ta’Kiya Young – a pregnant mom shot by the police – caused a lot of sadness and disappointment.

People can’t believe that she is gone, and they can’t believe that the police killed her. Unfortunately, these things happen more often than you think. It’s devastating to know that people are killed by the police.

Of course, the police always have a reason for shooting at someone, but it’s still something that causes a lot of questions. It still seems wrong to be dead because of the police.

After all, the police should be protecting us. This story will tell you a little bit more about the unfortunate event. You will also learn who was Ta’Kiya Young.

Ta’Kiya Young – A Pregnant Mom Shot By The Police

Image Source – The 19th News

Ta’Kiya Young was a 21-year-old mom, and she was fatally shot and killed in front of a grocery store. All of this took place in Columbus, Ohio.

She has two older sons, a 6-year-old, and a 3-year-old. Her due date was in November, and her family is devastated that this happened. They want justice and they want to see someone punished for this.

Ta’Kiya wanted to create a stable family, and she adored her two boys. She also had big plans for her career, and people say that she was a very bright young woman.

Unfortunately, Ta’Kiya is no longer with us. A police officer killed her at the Kroger parking lot near Columbus.

Ta’Kiya was in her car when two police officers approached her and asked her to get out of the vehicle. She refused to do so, and after refusing all of their verbal orders, she started the car and drove forward to hit a police officer who was in front of her car.

He took his gun and fired a single shot through the windshield. The car continued to move until it hit a building. Ta’Kiya and her baby died in the hospital.

She was suspected of shoplifting alcohol, and since the store employee notified police, they wanted to investigate the situation. She didn’t want to cooperate and things took a wrong turn.

People are aware that she made a mistake, but they are also angry because she lost her life because of something so small. Ta’Kiya and her unborn child are dead and nobody can change that.

Two young boys are left without a mother, and it seems like there is no good explanation for everything that happened.

We’re all going to be rallying around (her sons), and be the village for them … Taking care of them, getting them into school, and keeping them focused and not having them hate the police. I don’t want them growing up like that. – Nadine Young, Ta’Kiya Young’s grandmother

Blendon Township Police Chief John Belford said that processing the body camera footage would take time because of the redactions that are required to be made by Ohio law.

Their police department is small, so it took some time to release the body footage. We still don’t know the names of the police officers who were there. They wanted to protect these people since they didn’t know what could happen.

I encourage Blendon Township to allow us to know the officers involved in the shooting; otherwise, we have to assume that all 15 of those officers may be potentially a murderer … That’s not fair to anybody, it’s not fair for this family to be bullied by a system that should be protecting them. – Columbus Attorney Sean Walton

People were also protesting at the Kroger parking lot because they wanted justice and they wanted someone to take the fault.

It’s hard to believe that shoplifting deserves losing a life. There are some vicious criminals out there, and a pregnant mom lost her life.

Young people make mistakes, but because I make mistakes, I should learn from them and not die from them … When I’m hearing that shoplifting now equates with losing your life — and you’re pregnant? That deserves outrage. – Malissa Thomas-St. Clair, Young’s former teacher.

There will be more investigations into this case, but none of them will bring back Ta’Kiya and her unborn daughter.

It’s A Cruel World We Live In

Ta’Kiya’s death is a tragic event and we can’t do anything that will erase what happened. Her death can be a lesson to all of us.

It doesn’t matter if the police are right or not, we have to cooperate with them when they ask us. Losing a life over something small is not worth it.

In so many cases, people are not guilty of something at all, but it’s still important to cooperate with the police. Being too proud and too brave is not good in these situations. Police shootings are dangerous for every person nearby.

Of course, Ta’Kiya shouldn’t lose her life over something like this, but she could’ve handled it better. Now is not the time to blame her, but we have to understand the seriousness of the situation.

There are so many serious criminals and we truly live in a cruel world. The police have to do everything in their power to protect us, but sometimes things don’t end well.

Still, we can’t hate the police. There are bad officers and police brutality exists, but we can’t judge everyone based on a few situations.

At the end of the day, the police will help you if you need some help. Ta’Kiya’s grandmother said that she wants to raise Ta’kiya’s boys in a way that doesn’t make them hate the police.

And she’s right. Things happen and there are people who should’ve made better decisions, but we have to focus on the future.

Those boys will be adults one day, and it won’t be helpful if they hate the police. They are allowed to feel uncomfortable around them. They’re allowed to be reminded of their mother’s death when they see a police officer.

But, they shouldn’t be hateful and they shouldn’t be motivated to cause problems with the police. Every day is a new day, and we have to accept what happened. We have to deal with it the best way we can.

Mourning And Disbelief

It’s perfectly normal to feel sad about the death of this young woman. She deserves our grief and compassion. She deserves to be remembered. However, sadness can make us irrational sometimes.

It’s hard to understand that the police officer was trying to protect himself. When you think about the fact that Ta’Kiya was a young, pregnant woman, it seems so wrong to think that she’s dangerous.

But, the police officer didn’t know that. They didn’t know anything about her. Now that she’s gone, it’s safe to say that the police could’ve handled the case better.

On the other hand, Ta’Kiya’s reaction wasn’t great either. This is an unfortunate event, and her family will never get over it.

It’s okay to ask the police to take some accountability. It’s okay to ask for a police officer to reveal himself. I hope that her loved ones will remain calm and composed. I hope that they won’t do anything before they think it through.

The whole nation should feel sorry for Ta’Kiya and her children. We have to understand how serious this loss is.

We have to understand that accidents happen every day. This is a lesson to be more careful. This is a lesson to teach our children to be more careful no matter what they do.

In Conclusion

Ta’Kiya Young is no longer with us, and her tragic death will be remembered forever. She was young and she made some mistakes, but she deserved better.

She needed a fresh start and she worked hard to get it. Her kids deserve better and, sadly, they didn’t get it.

We have to stay calm and we have to find a way to mourn her loss without scandals. After all, a police officer who shot her is also a human being. If she killed him with her car, people would feel heartbroken over that.

We have to understand that this was an accident. Police should be more careful and patient. Citizens should be more respectful and calm.

Everyone can and everyone should do better so we can stop these tragic situations. A young mother lost her life. We should do something to prevent this situation from happening. We need to change our perspective and protect ourselves by staying out of trouble.

Source – USA TODAY