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Can Pregnant Women Eat Ceviche?

Can Pregnant Women Eat Ceviche?

Can you eat ceviche while pregnant? Is ceviche safe to eat when pregnant? If you’re a fan of seafood or a Chinese food lover, I am sure this is one of your food-related questions. Eating ceviche during pregnancy sounds delicious.

I like to write about different kinds of food during pregnancy because so many people like to make exceptions even though they shouldn’t.

I know that pregnancy is hard, and it can be exhausting to avoid certain food. This is even harder when you truly like something or when you crave a certain food.

But, at the end of the day, your health and your baby’s health are what matters. It’s important to read articles like this one just to be sure that you’re not consuming something you shouldn’t. If you’re interested in making food at home and doing some research, you will be able to enjoy most foods even if they’re not allowed.

It’s all about your effort and willingness to be flexible.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Ceviche?

When it comes to answering the question – can pregnant women eat ceviche, the answer is a simple no. However, this negative answer applies to the restaurant and store-bought ceviche.

Raw seafood, like octopus or clam chowder, is prohibited during pregnancy.

Ceviche is made from raw fish, and that’s why you should avoid it when pregnant. Remember, seafood can be consumed when pregnant if you cook it. It has to be cooked, fried, or baked.  You have to use high temperatures to cook it well if you want to eat it.

Therefore, ceviche during pregnancy is allowed if you make an effort to prepare homemade cevicheHomemade, cooked ceviche while pregnant is allowed. It’s not difficult at all, but you have to know that cooked seafood doesn’t taste the same as raw seafood. It’s great of course, but there is a difference.

Still, if I were you, I would try it. Buy everything you need and do your experiment. So, a modified answer to the question – can pregnant women eat ceviche, is yes, if they cook it well. Pregnancy is a time when we wonder about food safety, and we take certain precautions.

Questions like: Is ceviche safe to eat are normal because future moms will search for every piece of information they need. You can even eat prosciutto and pastrami during pregnancy if you make an effort to use high temperatures to prepare these foods.

What Is Ceviche?

Now that you know more about eating ceviche during pregnancy, it’s good to learn more about this popular dish. Maybe you know something about it, and maybe you don’t know anything. It’s always fun to learn new facts about food.

Ceviche is a Latin American dish made from raw fish or seafood. It’s usually marinated for hours in citrus juice like lemon or lime juice.

In some areas, they use a special marinade, but this one with lime juice is the traditional one. Citrus juice is a great marinade for ceviche because it breaks down the proteins and the fish looks cooked.

Ceviche is often served as an appetizer, but it can be served as a main dish.  You can serve different side meals with ceviche – rice, potatoes, or vegetables. To get the perfect ceviche, the marinade has to be seasoned. You can use different ingredients, but chili, cilantro, onions, and aji are essential.

Some recipes say that ceviche should be marinated for 24 hours. However, most modern recipes are all about marinating for only a few hours.

To make ceviche, you should use white fish – such as fluke, flounder, sea, bass, grouper, sole, mahi mahi, rockfish, and kingfish. Some types of ceviche are made from shellfish and shrimp. As you can see, ceviche is not hard to prepare at all.

This dish is very healthy, and as you know, fish is filled with protein, vitamins, and healthy fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Can You Eat Ceviche While Pregnant?

Ceviche during pregnancy should be made differently, and certain types of fish should be avoided. Keep reading to learn how pregnant women can eat ceviche. You will learn some interesting ways of preparing this delicious meal.

So, as a pregnant woman, you should eat cooked fish. It’s filled with iron, vitamins, and other valuable nutrients.

But, there are some types of fish you should avoid when pregnant because they have high mercury levels. Those types of fish are shark, king mackerel, swordfish, marlin, orange roughy, and tilefish.

So, when you’re choosing the perfect fish to make your cooked ceviche, avoid these kinds of fish. You can play with different recipes and add the things you like, as long as they’re safe to eat. I will give you two of the most basic recipes for cooked ceviche. If you love to eat shrimp, one of them will amaze you.

Classic Cooked Ceviche

Since you’re pregnant and you have to cook your fish to make ceviche, you should choose a recipe you like. Buy your favorite type of white fish that is allowed to consume during pregnancy. Chop the fish, and marinate it the same way as you’re making raw ceviche.

After two hours of marinating in lime and lemon juice with spices, fry the fish on medium heat.

When the fish is thoroughly cooked, use some of the marinades as a dressing for your fish. Add chili, herbs, and other desired spices. Add some rice or sweet potatoes, and enjoy. Many people like cooked ceviche. Raw fish is not something everybody enjoys.

Shrimp Ceviche

For this recipe, you will need to cook or fry some shrimp. When they’re done, simply chop them.

Take some lime and lemon juice, and add everything you like- chili, cilantro, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. You should chop everything nicely and add the shrimp. Mix everything carefully so you don’t smash anything. I suggest cooling it down before eating because it will taste much better.

Somewhere near the end of this article, we will also list a few delicious recipes. Make sure to read all the way through.

Food Poisoning While Pregnant

You’ve read so many articles about so many different foods and drinks to avoid during pregnancy. Now you know that raw ceviche while pregnant is also forbidden.

Most of the foods that are not allowed when pregnant could cause food poisoning. All those banned foods can cause food poisoning even when you’re not pregnant.  However, everything is more dangerous during pregnancy.

You need to know that you’re not alone in your body. You’re sharing everything with your unborn baby. Some things won’t affect you, but they will affect your child. Another thing to remember is that your body and your immunity are weaker when you’re pregnant.

You simply can’t fight bacteria and other germs very well. You’re not strong as you were before, and everything is different during pregnancy.

Most of these foods can cause food poisoning that won’t do a lot of damage to someone who’s not pregnant. But, if a pregnant woman gets food poisoning, that could lead to severe complications. So, now you know why it’s important to study everything about different types of food. You have to protect yourself and your baby.

Common symptoms of food poisoning are fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, headache, and dizziness.

Certain foods can cause specific symptoms, but these are universal. If you feel any of these symptoms, it’s important to go to your doctor’s office or ER, especially if you ate something risky. Even if you didn’t eat anything that could cause these symptoms, you should still be cautious and consult with your doctor.

Usually, these symptoms are related to pregnancy nausea and morning sickness. However, if it’s food poisoning, you will need certain medications and medical therapy. You will also have to check your baby in the womb and do some tests to avoid any complications.

Don’t be irresponsible and take care of your health. This period of your life is very important, and you have to pay attention to every little detail.

Risks and Benefits of Eating Ceviche During Pregnancy

We will list some risks and benefits of eating ceviche while pregnant below so you can be sure what to do and what not.


  • As you probably learned, raw fish used in ceviche and other raw seafood usually contain harmful bacteria like Listeria, which in the end can cause food poisoning and possibly impair an unborn child. So, when pregnant, consuming raw ceviche raises the chance of getting listeriosis, which can have significant negative impacts on both the mother and the little baby in the belly.
  • Okay, as you know, pregnancy weakens the immune system, making pregnant women more exposed to foodborne diseases. As a pregnant mother, you should keep that in mind.
  • Particular sorts of fish used in ceviches, such as shark, king mackerel, and swordfish, contain high mercury levels, which can, again harm the unborn baby, especially the nervous system.


  • Ceviche produced with boiled seafood has important elements such as protein, vitamins, and nourishing fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are beneficial to both the mother and the infant.
  • Homemade cooked ceviche allows you to oversee the cooking process, making sure the fish is thoroughly cooked and safe to eat during pregnancy.
  • Ceviche in general can be a mouthwatering and lovely dish that satisfies cravings for seafood while still sticking to the necessary precautions for a healthy pregnancy.

And let’s talk about pregnancy-safe alternatives to ceviche. We’ve got a few:

  • Cooked Seafood Salads: Instead of raw ceviche, try cooked seafood salads with ingredients such as cooked prawns, crab, or lobster. To eliminate any potential hazards, make sure the seafood is properly cooked.
  • Grilled Fish Tacos: Choose grilled fish tacos made with fish that is safe to eat while pregnant, such as salmon or tilapia. Cook the fish fully before adding your favorite toppings and seasonings for a tasty and healthy alternative.
  • Baked Fish Fillets: Season baked fish fillets with herbs, lemon juice, and olive oil drizzle. Baking fish at high heat guarantees that it is properly cooked and suitable for pregnant eating.
  • Vegetable-Based Ceviche: If you want to enjoy the refreshing flavors of ceviche, make a vegetable-based version. To make a wonderful alternative that does not use raw fish, combine sliced cucumber, tomatoes, onions, avocado, and lime juice.

Remember, it’s always important to consult with your healthcare provider before making any dietary changes or consuming new foods during pregnancy to ensure the safety of both you and your baby.


Eating ceviche when pregnant is allowed only if you make it at home and cook the ceviche. Raw seafood is something most people enjoy, but it could cause problems and food poisoning.

These things are even more dangerous for pregnant women since they can cause severe complications for the baby. Luckily, there are ways to prepare your favorite foods. You need to find a good recipe, buy all ingredients, and work hard.

When it comes to preparing ceviche at home, it’s not difficult at all. It can be more delicious since you can add everything you like. If you despise cooking while pregnant, then you don’t really have a choice. You can forget about your ceviche.

Maybe some restaurants will cook it for you, but I don’t think that’s safe enough. You can never rely on someone else to cook the fish all the way through.

Personally, cooked fish and seafood are something I like. I think you will enjoy your cooked, homemade ceviche because it tastes good. Of course, if you hate cooked seafood, then you can only wait for your pregnancy days to be over. Right now, you have to prioritize your baby and yourself. Other delicious foods are good for you.

Find something else to satisfy your cravings.

After all, you won’t be pregnant forever. All these forbidden foods will be available for you one day, and you will enjoy your favorite meals again. Be patient and focus on more important things right now.

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