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Maddie Lambert – A Teen Mom Who Made It

Maddie Lambert – A Teen Mom Who Made It

Maddie Lambert – A Teen Mom Who Made It will remind you that teen parenting can be a good thing sometimes.

Many teens have babies nowadays, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Things can be better, and those teens can turn around things for themselves and their babies.

If society stopped judging them, everything would be better. Teen pregnancy is something that most people avoid, but when it happens, we have to support those kids.

This article will tell you more about an American girl called Maddie Lambert.

Maddie Lambert – A Teen Mom Who Made It

Image Source – Instagram – @maddieelambertt

Maddie Lambert is from Texas, and she was born in 2003. Maddie has 4 siblings, and she had a pretty normal life until she got pregnant at 13 years old.

She openly speaks about her mistakes, and she admits that she had a few unprotected sexual intercourse.

The father of her baby was also a teen at the time. His name is Isaac and the two of them were broken up when Maddie found out about her pregnancy.

He tried to be in the picture, but he didn’t have a good support system. He sees Everly from time to time, but he’s not around much. So, Maddie was a single teen mom.

The most important of her is the support she received from her friends and family. Nobody was thrilled, but people knew that there was nothing they could do.

Maddie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and she named her Everly. She attended online classes, finished high school, and she even started college.

She started a YouTube channel which helped her to share her story and earn a lot of money. With time, she became quite popular on all social media platforms – Instagram and TikTok, and she managed to earn enough money to buy her own home at 18 years old.

She still wants to set a good example for her young daughter, so she is trying to find a regular job while going to college.

Where Is Maddie Now?

Image Source – Instagram – @maddieelambertt

Maddie Lambert is now Maddie Lambert-Crowley. She is 20 years old now and she is married. She and her husband are expecting a baby boy, and they have a great life.

One of the best things about their marriage is the fact that her new husband adores her daughter Everly. They spend a lot of time together, and she sees him as her dad.

The two of them were in a relationship for two years before getting married. They’ve met through some mutual friends, and they simply hit it off and found joy together.

Even though they’re 20 and 21 years old, they love each other and want to be a real family.

Personally, the best thing about Maddie and her life path is the fact that she truly took care of her child. She had support and help, but that’s something that everybody has.

She knows that having a baby is a responsibility and she is very mature for her age. She wants to make the best out of her life, and she wants to be her daughter’s role model.

Hate Comments

Image Source – Instagram – @maddieelambertt

It’s nice to hear that Maddie had a lot of support from her loved ones, but she still had some negative experiences.

People tried to convince her to terminate the pregnancy. They would also leave hate comments on her social media platforms. Threats, insults, and bad jokes were a part of her normal day.

Luckily, Maddie was strong and confident. She knew what she wanted, and knew that her child was the most important person in the world.

But, not all teen moms are like Maddie. Being mature at that age is almost impossible. Being confident is also a challenge. Maddie is unique, but other teen moms could do better if society helped them.

Another problem is that so many people thought that Maddie was taking advantage of her parents. They commented how Maddie is guilty of having a baby and her parents have to suffer too.

Maddie’s parents weren’t thrilled about her pregnancy, but they’ve accepted it. Her mom knew that her daughter needed her. She knew that she had to be there.

Maddie tried to take care of her baby on her own as much as possible. She started earning money at a very young age, so she didn’t expect her parents to raise her baby.

Another problem with all these hate comments is the fact that so many adult women have families and babies, and it’s okay for them to get help from their parents or another family member.

Why is this a problem for teen moms? They deserve even more help. Some people just want to be negative and they want to crush someone’s spirit. If you can’t help someone, don’t make things harder than they are.

Dangers Of Unsupportive Society

There are many teen moms who don’t have any help or support from their loved ones. That’s quite common, and it’s hard to change that.

But, if the rest of the world realized that we have to protect those teen moms, everything would be better.

The easiest thing to do is to judge them. Trust me, they know that they made mistakes. Sometimes they’re traumatized for life. But, at the end of the day, they will become a parent.

They will become young mothers, and we have to support them. We have to find a way to help them through school and job hunting. Maddie was successful and lucky, but that doesn’t mean that every teen mom should be famous.

We have to give them different opportunities. We have to give them a choice. When we start looking at teen moms differently, they will do better. They will take better care of themselves and their children.

When they’re depressed and scared, a lot of bad things could happen. They could suffer their whole lives. Their children could suffer too. So, don’t judge people. Don’t make it harder for teen moms. They need our help to survive.

Maddie and Everly are happy and blessed now. They’re living a good life, and they’re proof that anything is possible.

Teen Dad Problems

In most cases, teen couples who become parents don’t stay together for the long run. This is not surprising because, at the end of the day, they’re just teenagers. They’re not mature enough to understand love and relationships.

If they were, they wouldn’t make a baby at that age. They have to be mature about their baby, but they can’t be mature about anything else.

Maddie’s daughter Everly sees her father, but she lives with her mom and her new husband. Sometimes she doesn’t see her dad for months. This happens a lot with teen dads, but how to change that? How to help them?

First of all, society has to understand that mother and father are equally important. Many people think that the mother is more important because she’s the one who’s pregnant and she’s the one giving birth.

It’s true that babies are more connected to their moms, but dads still matter. We have to inspire these young men to take responsibility for their actions.

We have to teach them to grow up. Many parents who have teen sons don’t understand that their sons are equally responsible for that baby.

It’s important to educate everyone. Teen pregnancy is hard to deal with, but we have to be prepared to welcome a new life into this world. We have to be better people if we want our children to make smarter choices.

Supporting Pregnant Teens

Many people attacked Maddie for supporting teen pregnancies. But she has one famous quote. Lambert said:

I don’t support teen pregnancies, I support pregnant teens.

And just like that, a teen mom taught us a valuable lesson. She wants people to care about sexual education.

She urges people to talk with their kids, siblings, or friends about the consequences of sexual intercourse and the struggles of teen parents. During her pregnancy, she was afraid for her baby’s health because there were many concerns due to Maddie’s young age.

Even when your life turns out great, you still have to deal with so many problems as a teen parent. We have to work on educating our kids.

Maddie started having sexual intercourse when she was a 13-year-old girl. Some of her friends started at the age of 12.

We have to adjust our sexual education and we have to be more open about it. Try to be more understanding and try to help teens.

However, supporting pregnant teens is important. You can talk about protection and abstinence all the time, but when you find out that a teen is pregnant, it’s time for support.

It’s time for a different type of talk. You have to be supportive. You have to be helpful. Try to help that teen by teaching her some important things about having a baby.

Try to help her to continue with school. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stranger, a friend, a family member, or a teacher. You should show that you care.

Teenagers shouldn’t be pregnant but if it happens, we have to be there for them. We have to help them because they’re kids who will have kids soon. They’re scared and their lives will be changed forever.

We can help them with that change, and we can help them to be strong and resilient.

In Conclusion

Image Source – Instagram – @maddieelambertt

Maddie Lambert was a teen mom, but now she is a young happy woman who made it. She knows that she could’ve been smarter, but she embraced her destiny.

She was responsible and focused. She stayed in school and she didn’t give up on love. She found a way to give her daughter a good life.

Many teen moms aren’t this lucky, and they don’t know how to find that luck. It’s our job to help them. It’s our job to support future generations.

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