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The Best 3 Year Old Schedule

The Best 3 Year Old Schedule

A 3 year old schedule can be difficult to plan and organize. It is hard but not impossible. Daily routine for 3 year old is something that you should think about. Your little angel is growing and it’s time to plan the best activities, habits, and routines. It’s time to find a way to teach your child some important things that will be beneficial for many years ahead.

A 3 year old schedule at home is definitely easier to plan that the 3 year old schedule outside your home. At home, you’re in control. You have the power and you set the rules of the house. When it comes to kindergarten, and family visitations, it gets a little bit harder.

However, if you use your power at home correctly, your child will know how to behave even when they’re somewhere else. This is the time to start putting everything valuable in their little heads. They are old enough to learn some valuable life lessons and certain skills.

Of course, it’s understandable that planning a 3 year old schedule at home can be difficult nowadays. There are so many things you want to do with your child and there are so many things that you want your child to learn.

Unfortunately, there is not enough time for everything. That’s why it’s essential to think this through. Observe your child and take some time to figure out the best daily routine for 3 year old.

It’s important to know your child to the core in order to make the best plan. 3 year old schedule at home will be a challenge. You will have to work hard and stay strong because creating positive habits is hard. Just be patient and calm in every situation. You will figure this out, just start with your plan and get to work.

Should a Nap Be a Part of a 3 Year Old’s Daily Routine?

Your baby is not a baby anymore. You’re raising a toddler who needs you in a different way than before, and it can be hard to admit that some things should change. It’s natural to see your baby as a small being that needs a lot of sleep and help. It’s hard to understand that they are capable to do some things on their own.

You can feel emotional because of this, but you have to understand that this is normal. Your child is growing and it’s time to be more flexible than ever.

When it comes to sleeping, it can be tricky. First of all, not every child is the same. Some kids need more sleep, and some don’t. So, be patient and see how your child is feeling.

If you think that a nap is affecting your child’s night sleep, try to remove it from the schedule. A 3 year old daily schedule can be planned so well, that your child won’t even remember that it’s nap time.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the first few days will be sensitive. Try to stay persistent, especially if you see that it’s working well. If you see that your child is sleeping through the night, then stick to your 3 year old schedule at home without a nap.

There will be some days when your toddler will be tired. So if you see that it’s not working, it’s okay to allow a nap sometimes. If your child is tired and nervous every day for a while, don’t remove the nap from the daily schedule. Some kids are just not ready. Listen to your 3 year old’s needs.

Just go with your motherly instincts and move with the flow. As a mom, you know what is best for your child, but it’s okay to try out a few different things for a 3 year old schedule at home.

Daily Routine For 3 Year Old

First of all, you have to understand that it’s okay to change this around, especially in the beginning of setting up a new 3 year old schedule at home. You will learn during this process of transition, so don’t stress over it.

Building a daily routine for 3 year old is good because it helps with good sleep, digestion, metabolism, development, and health in general. Of course, if you sometimes break the rules it’s not the end of the world.

There is many information online about a 3 year old schedule at home and a 3 year old schedule in general, but you have to see what works for you. It all depends from person to person. Maybe you are a working mom or stay at home mom. Maybe your child spends the whole day at home and maybe not.

Find what’s working for you. However, I will give you an example of daily activities that will help you to make a daily routine for 3 year old.

First, set a waking up time. This will create a habit of going to bed at the same time every night and waking up on time. A 3 year old’s need for sleep is around 10 to 13 hours.

It’s up to your daily activities when the waking up time should be. Of course, try to stick with the morning hours. If your child learns that waking up early and going early to bed is good, they will practice this much more when they grow up.

For example, the wake time is 08.00 AM. After the wake time, spend at least a few minutes (or more) cuddling with your child. Allow some time to pass, since your kid is still sleepy.

If you didn’t have time to wash up before waking up your child, do it together. It’s important to show your child that going to the bathroom is the first thing in the morning. If you make an effort to show that washing the face and brushing the teeth is important, it will be easier for your toddler to get used to it.

Try to make it an interesting adventure, so they like it. After bathroom activities, it’s time for breakfast. Breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day. For that reason, always insist on eating breakfast. Some kids are more difficult when it comes to eating in the morning, but stay persistent.

Try to get them to eat at least half the food from the plate. Of course, a good and nutritious breakfast is crucial.

Since your toddler is old enough to play independently, let that happen. Of course, stay close, but it’s important to teach 3 year olds to be more independent.

Besides, I’m sure there is something for you to do while the child is playing. After playtime, it’s time for a snack. It can be something they like or something that you feel it’s good for the child to eat.

After snacking, it would be good to come up with a good activity for your toddler. This is the time for learning and developing skills. It’s time to open their mind to something new and interesting. There are so many things nowadays that can be educational and fun at the same time.

Find what’s best for you and your child. Also, try to find something interesting outside. Outdoor play in the fresh air is important.

It’s okay to allow them some TV time. After a certain activity, try to find something they like to watch. Remember, it doesn’t always have to be something educational. As long as it doesn’t have a negative effect, allow your kid to watch something they enjoy.

Around 1 PM it would be a good time for lunch. Again, try to promote a healthy diet. After lunch, it’s really up to you what the next thing on your 3 year old schedule at home is. It can be some activity, playtime, reading, watching TV, or going for a walk.

If you think your child still needs a nap, try incorporating it around 3 PM. Nap time should last about 2 hours maximum. Before the nap, offer your child a snack. If your child is not napping anymore, just use this time for some quite time and rest time.

Since the evening is approaching, it’s also dinner time and family time. It’s the end of the day, so it’s time to relax and do something that’s soothing your toddler. Dinner time is an important part of the day. Before going to sleep, it’s bath time. Bedtime should be around 8 PM. If the child had a nap today, it’s okay to move the bedtime for later.

It would be good to avoid screen time before the bedtime routine. Try it out and you will see that your toddler will fall asleep much faster.

This is just an example of a 3 year old daily schedule. Of course, it’s up to you what the chosen activities will be. It’s up to you what kind of food you will prepare. If you’re not sure, you can always find other people’s daily schedule for 3 year old online.

It’s pretty much like this:

  • wake time
  • bathroom activities
  • breakfast
  • playtime/free time, TV
  • snack
  • learning time, some activity inside or outside
  • lunch
  • TV time, independent play
  • snack
  • nap time (if your child is napping), if not, then some quiet time and rest time
  • dinner time and family time
  • bath time
  • bedtime routine

If you’re not a stay at home mom, you can simply adjust these things. If somebody is babysitting your toddler, give them your desired daily schedule for 3 year old. However, if your child is attending kindergarten, then try to move some of these things around to make sure everything important gets done.

Besides, the weekend is always there to do all of these things. Relax, and try to understand that this is the beginning of creating good routines and habits. Your child needs some rules and guidelines. A 3 year old schedule can be challenging in the beginning, but once you get a hang of it, you will see that it’s not so hard to make a good plan.

Independence Is Important

You are a mom of a toddler, and you have to set some boundaries, rules, and routines. However, this is the time when your toddler is learning so many things. You don’t have a baby in your house anymore. You have a kid who is perfectly capable of doing some things on their own.

That’s why a 3 year old schedule is a big deal that should be planned and prepared as soon as possible. Teach them to eat by themselves if they don’t know it yet. Brushing their teeth and trying to get dressed is also a good thing to teach them at this age. There will be good and bad days, but you have to stay persistent.

At this age, they should be able to have a shorter conversations, and they should be able to recognize things or activities. Give them their schedule in drawing or pictures. Teach them to learn and remember their responsibilities and habits

It can be hard to just let them be, and it’s important to spend some precious time with your children, but it’s important to allow them to be on their own sometimes. The child can’t stay small forever. Independent play is essential for their development. After all, 3 year olds are little people and 3 years are a long time.

So, whatever 3 year old schedule you have, it’s important to give your toddler some freedom. Relax and see what they’re made of. This is the time of their life when they’re soaking up things that will last forever.

Daily routine for 3 year old will make your life easier and with time, it will have a positive effect on your toddler too. So, don’t hesitate and get to work. Make your perfect 3 year old schedule and make it happen.

Stay Calm and Persistent

Before stressing over a daily routine for 3 year old, try to remember that setting up a routine for a grown person is hard. Grown-up people know why a good schedule and organization are good. Yet, many people have trouble following a certain routine.

That’s why you shouldn’t expect too much in the beginning. Your toddler is a small person who doesn’t know anything about responsibilities, a sleeping schedule, good diet. Kids don’t know about some things and ultimately, they don’t care.

That’s why you have to stay calm and patient because it will take some time. Don’t be mad or anxious, stick to your plan. Of course, if something is not working for a long time, change it up a little bit.

It’s important to be reasonable and flexible during this period. Your worrying won’t help you or your toddler. You’re the voice of reason in their life. That’s why you have to stay stable and grounded no matter what happens.


Every child is different. There are some basic and universal recommendations, but you’re the one that can make the best decisions about your kids. That includes creating a productive 3 year old schedule and a perfect daily routine for 3 year old. You know your child by heart and you know what’s good for them.

So, don’t be nervous or insecure, because this is the time when your child needs you. It’s time to give them a sense of purpose. It’s important for 3 year olds to learn that life has its course.

When you start feeling discouraged, we prepared a few quotes about how parenting is hard. It will keep you going on.


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