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Baby Shower Prizes: Choosing the Best Rewards

Baby Shower Prizes: Choosing the Best Rewards

Trying to spice things up at your baby shower? Take your party to the next level by including games and rewarding winners with creative baby shower prizes.

Every fun party needs a few games to keep everyone engaged.

By planning amusement in the form of social games, you can stop worrying about awkward silences at your baby shower. It helps your guests get to know each other, form bonds, and creates a happy and festive atmosphere.

Giving away baby shower prizes makes it all the more interesting.

If you’re here, it means that you’re looking for game prize ideas.

However, we’re also looking to help with game ideas, too.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time planning a baby shower or the tenth; our fun and creative ideas can help you make your baby shower truly memorable for everyone included. So, let’s dive right in and start exploring options.

What kind of games should you include?

Fun and Exciting Baby Shower Game Ideas

A good party needs a good game or a few.

With the right game choice for your baby shower, you ensure an enjoyable time for all your guests. Some people are naturally more social than others, but a game gets everyone involved. It also gives your party a unique feeling.

Without ideas, planning games can seem a bit overwhelming.

We’re here to make the process easier.

With the ideas provided below and a little bit of organization and planning from your side, you can turn your baby shower into a unique experience that everyone can look back on and remember fondly. So, let’s get started.

1. A Memory Game

This one’s really simple and easy to arrange.

You don’t even have to leave your house.

Find a box or any medium-sized container that you can easily open and close. Then, put around twenty baby items in the box, but make sure that you have a list of the items by your side so you don’t forget what you put inside.

When everyone’s ready, remove the lid or open the box for everyone to see. Give your guests fifteen to twenty seconds to memorize all the items.

After that, the players get to write down what they saw. The person who remembers the most items in the box wins a well-deserved prize.

Since this is a baby shower, we advise using baby items like diapers, bow ties, baby food, and the like. You can get creative with this one.

2. The ‘I Hope You…’ Game

The purpose of this neat little game lies in sentimental value.

As such, there are no prizes or winners. Everyone contributes equally.

Prepare in advance a bunch of fill-in-the-blank sheets with sentences that start with ‘I hope you…’ and hand them around. Then, tell everyone to write something positive about the baby’s future. It can be funny, too.

You can give the guests a few examples, as well, such as:

  • I hope you get your mother’s eyes.
  • I hope you find joy wherever your tiny little footsteps take you.

After everyone’s done, you can read them out or store them in a box.

When the baby gets older, you can open it and read it to them.

3. The ‘Find the Guest’ Game

The best part about this game is that it encourages interaction.

Depending on how many guests you have, some of them might not know each other very well. As such, this creative game helps your guests break the ice.

Write a list of various statements that match your guests. At the bare minimum, you want to have at least one statement for every guest, but it depends on how many guests you have. With less players, go for more statements per player.

Everyone gets the same card.

Then, the players have to match the statements with the guests.

The only way to do that is through interaction. They have to mingle and ask questions in order to connect the attributes on the card with the guests that match it. To get all the answers, the player has to approach all attendees.

Here’s a few examples of statements that you can use:

  • They have a talent for art.
  • They work as a graphic designer.
  • They have a cat and a dog.
  • They served in the military.
  • They have a hidden tattoo.

You can find more examples online, but we advise coming up with your own statements. After all, you know your guests best. Ideally, you don’t want a statement to match more than one guest. So, be very specific about it.

Set a reasonable timer and let the party begin.

The person who connects the most statements with the matching guests wins and gets a prize. However, as far as baby shower prizes are concerned, we’ll get to those later on. For now, let’s continue exploring fun game ideas.

4. The ‘Guess Who’s Who’ Game

Tell everyone to bring a picture of themselves when they were a baby.

Ideally, a bulletin board holds the photographs, but a wall can do just fine, too.

Place a number underneath every picture. Then, go down the list.

The person who gets the most guesses right wins a prize.

You may be surprised by how many people don’t know what their best friends looked like when they were a baby. Some people, however, have had the same face since birth. This makes for a fun, quick and interesting guessing game.

5. The Drinking Game

A drinking game with a clever twist can be a great addition to your baby shower.

Serve your guests drinks in baby bottles. Choose a drink that everyone loves, but make sure to include a non-alcoholic variant for people who don’t drink or are currently pregnant. Just make sure to fill them up as equally as possible.

An adult drinking out of a baby bottle feels and looks funny.

Also, it’s harder than it looks. Go ahead and try to contain your laughter as you watch your guests drinking ravenously and competitively out of baby bottles.

Whoever finishes their drink first wins and gets a prize.

6. A Drawing Contest

When it comes to drawing games, the worse you are, the better.

Few things are as funny as a poorly drawn interpretation of a baby, and that’s precisely what inspired this baby shower game idea. Drawing a baby sounds easy, but wait until you give it a try when you don’t see what you’re doing.

Get a few paper plates and prepare pencils or markers, preferably.

Instruct your guests to hold the paper plates to their foreheads with one hand as they attempt to draw a baby with the other. Usually, you get everything but the baby drawn on those plates, but it’s bound to make people laugh.

Naturally, the best baby drawing gets a prize.

7. The ‘Make Your Own Planet’ Game

If you’re going for a space-themed party, this game is a no-brainer.

Give your guests a blank sheet of paper and provide instructions as follows.

Tell them to design a planet from their imagination. Make sure that they have enough colored pencils at their disposal, so that no one’s left waiting for someone else to finish. Instruct them to name their planet, as well.

Additionally, they can design the landscape as they see fit, provide the name of the pioneer who made the discovery and also go into additional space-themed details by providing made-up facts about the planet that they’re designing.

When everyone’s finished, organize a little art gallery.

Reward the best and the funniest planetary designs with well earned prizes.

You can save all the drawings and turn them into a picture book, too.

8. The ‘Don’t Say Baby’ Game

Looking for a simple game that doesn’t require effort to organize?

Well, this one’s perfect for you. All you need is a few clothespins.

Whenever a guest arrives, pin a clothespin onto their clothes. Then, explain the rules. Basically, whenever they say ‘baby’, the person with whom they were talking to gets to take their clothespin and pin in onto their own clothes.

The less you say baby, the safer you are.

The person who ends up with the most pins on their clothes gets a prize.

9. The Diaper Raffle

Every parent needs diapers. So, this game makes perfect sense.

When you’re sending out invitations, provide instructions as to how to participate in the diaper raffle. This game encourages friends and family to bring diapers in exchange for a chance to win baby shower prizes at the raffle.

You can write down a preferred brand in the invitations, if you have one.

Also, you can specify size or include different types of products, as well.

When it’s time for the raffle, have everyone seated. Pull a ticket randomly, or as many as you want, and reward the winners with fun and creative prizes.

10. The Price Is Right

The baby-themed ‘The Price Is Right’ game makes an excellent choice.

All you have to do is prepare a list of baby items and how much they cost.

Ideally, you want to display these items for everyone to see. Then, have everyone guess the price. Other parents might have the edge over other guests, but it’s easy to play and who doesn’t like trying their luck?

The nearest price to the retail value without going over gets a point. However, you can make things even more exciting by adding bonus points if anyone guesses the exact price. It’s your party, after all. You make the rules.

Whoever ends up with the most points gets a prize.

What About The Prizes?

Some people don’t like games. They prefer to unwind and relax.

So, it’s perfectly acceptable if you don’t want to include games at your party. It’s perfectly fine to avoid them if you think you don’t have the right type of crowd. However, if you’re here, it likely means that you’ve made your choice.

Now that we’ve covered game ideas, it’s high time we shed light on what kind of fun and creative baby shower prizes you can include at your party.

When it comes to baby shower prize ideas, we have a unique list that’s bound to spark your imagination and take your baby shower party to the next level.

It’s usually the mom-to-be that feels special at these events, but why shouldn’t the guests also feel special? That’s where baby shower prizes come in.

We advise going for gender neutral game prize ideas, since it’s not as taboo as it used to be for men to attend baby showers. Make sure to include them.

With fun activities and prizes, everyone comes out a winner.

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s go through our baby shower prize ideas.

1. Gift Cards

You can’t go wrong with gift cards.

You get to choose from a great variety. For example, you can ditch the classic store gift card for something a bit more exciting, such as a spa gift card.

After all, when it comes to baby shower prizes, you want the winner to feel special. So, don’t be afraid to go for something a bit out of the ordinary.

Planning a baby shower and putting together baby shower prizes demands work and preparation. With gift cards, you make the process much easier for yourself, because it’s easy to get and it’s something that everyone loves.

2. A Bottle of Wine

Nothing says elegance as a good old fashioned bottle of wine.

A bottle of wine makes an excellent gift, too. So, even if the winner doesn’t drink alcohol, they can gift the bottle of wine to someone else at a different occasion.

You don’t have to break the bank, but we advise going for a fancier bottle of wine, preferably red. People attend baby showers to support the mom and dad, and that’s why consumable baby shower prize ideas make a lot of sense.

3. Movie Tickets

Most people like going to the cinema.

However, adults usually only talk about going to the movies, but rarely find the time. So, movie tickets give the winner a good excuse to make time.

Make sure to include two tickets, so that they can bring a friend or a partner.

With game prize ideas, you don’t have to go overboard. After all, this is all about you. Yet, giving out movie tickets or gift cards to whoever wins the games you decide to host makes everything feel a whole lot more exciting and rewarding.

4. Chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate?

Baby shower prizes come in all shapes and sizes, but nothing beats the old classic, chocolate. You can even go for personalized baby shower chocolate to make it feel extra special, if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks.

5. Gift Basket

Gift baskets top the list in regards to creative baby shower prize ideas.

With this prize, you can get as creative as you want, because you can include anything. It can vary from chocolate to candy, from mugs to personalized glasses, anything that you think of. So, let your imagination run wild.

If you have a theme going on at your party, then the gift basket can match it.

Really, there’s a whole range of options for you to consider. If you’re not comfortable with so much freedom or if you suffer from indecision or simply don’t have the time, then we have simpler baby shower prize ideas for you.

6. Fancy Glassware

An elegant prize that everyone loves is a set of glassware.

Usually, people opt for wine glasses because they’re fancy, but you can go for something different, too, such as cocktail glasses or Irish coffee mugs.

You can get a drink to go with the glassware, but it’s not mandatory. After all, glassware can cost a pretty penny, and this party is all about you, anyway.

Some would argue that consumable baby shower prize ideas may be a better choice, but a fine set of glassware is bound to make anyone happy, too.

7. A Winner’s Crown

This prize doesn’t have to cost you a dime, if you make it yourself.

You’re one internet search away from finding out how to create a crown out of paper. Yes, it may take a little time and trial and error, but a crown for the winner to wear throughout the baby shower makes everything feel extra special.

On the other hand, if you’re not the DIY type, there’s bound to be a toy crown that you can buy for the occasion. It’s a one-time thing, but the winner gets to take it home and keep it as a reminder of the fun they had at the baby shower.

If you want, you can also write something creative on the crown.

8. Reusable Water Bottle

Nothing like a little eco friendly awareness to make your party stand out.

A good reusable water bottle makes an excellent gift for any occasion, not just as a prize at the baby shower. It’s the type of prize that, after it’s revealed, those who didn’t try hard enough will wish they had put in a little bit more effort.

A reusable water bottle is a functional type of prize that everyone appreciates.

So, out of all the game prize ideas thus far, this may very well top the list.

Naturally, everyone likes different things. You know your guests better than us. We’re here just to help you explore options that you may have not considered or to reaffirm the baby shower prize ideas that you already have at the ready.

9. A Gold Trophy

Every winner deserves a gold trophy, right?

So, make sure that you reward your winners in the appropriate fashion by preparing gold trophies in advance. Of course, you won’t be using actual gold, but you can go the extra mile by adding custom engraving to your trophies.

You can’t include names since, well, you don’t know the winners yet, but you can add a funny title, for example, something that makes it unique and special.

If that sounds like too much work, and yes, it even sounds like too much work for us, you can just take a piece of paper and tape it on the trophy stand.

10. A Bluetooth Speaker

Out of all the game prize ideas listed, this definitely is on the pricy side.

However, maybe that’s exactly what you’re looking for. We’re here to explore all possible options. In fact, the next part of the article concerns especially cheaper alternatives than the ones already mentioned. So, stick around to find out.

A Bluetooth speaker is a great gift regardless of whether or not you include it in your baby shower prize ideas. You don’t have to go over the top with the quality, but you’re certain to make the winner feel very happy with this type of prize.

Baby Shower Prizes Under 10$

Generally, we advise going for cheaper options.

You don’t want to blow a hole in your wallet. You have so many things to plan.

After all, the baby shower is all about you, not about prizes.

Nevertheless, let’s take a few moments to consider baby shower prize ideas that you can get under 10$ and save yourself some headache, too.

1. Bath Bombs

A both bomb makes for a great prize.

Besides the fact that it moisturizes and hydrates the skin, it’s also extremely fun. Splashing around in a fragrant and colorful bath makes anyone feel like a child again. On top of that, they’re great for relieving stress and anxiety.

2. Homemade Cookies

Do you know how to bake cookies?

Well, when it comes to quick and easy baby shower prize ideas, this may be the right one for you. If you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t take much time. You can also personalize them and make baby-themed cookies for the winner.

Even if you don’t end up choosing homemade cookies as the prize, you can make them for the party, instead. Who doesn’t love homemade cookies?

3. Plants

Go for low-maintenance plants, like cactuses.

You don’t want your winner to win additional responsibility.

You want them to win something cute and easy to look after. That’s why certain plants make this list, because they’re cheap and great for forgetful types.

4. Scented Soap

We don’t usually recommend going for hygienic prizes, since everyone shops for different things. However, you can’t really go wrong with scented soap.

With so many scents out there, you’re certain to enjoy a fun time choosing a suitable prize for the winner, but scented soap won’t give you a headache.

5. Literally, A Dollar

If you want to get a few laughs, a single dollar is the way to go.

For extra points, you can even get it framed.

It’s bound to make everyone laugh, especially the winner.

In Conclusion

With our comprehensive guide, you have nothing to worry about.

From cheap to expensive, from simple to creative, we have crafted a list that has you completely covered. All you have to do is, well, make a choice.

Remember that the baby shower party is for you.

So, even if you’re not particularly interested in hosting games, you don’t have to. Don’t feel pressured to do anything that you think you won’t like.

Nevertheless, you’re here likely because you’re looking for great ideas. From games to prizes, these events make your baby shower really stand out.

With the right ideas, you can make it truly memorable for all your guests.