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5-Year-Old Boy Partially Paralyzed By A Drunk Driver

5-Year-Old Boy Partially Paralyzed By A Drunk Driver

5-year-old boy partially paralyzed by a drunk driver is not the news we want to hear. Unfortunately, these things happen all the time, and it’s good to share these devastating stories.

It’s hard to accept that this is our reality, but we have to become more aware of the fact that alcohol and driving don’t go together. If someone wants to enjoy alcohol, they should find a designated driver.

Many people think that drinking and driving is not a bad thing since car accidents can happen to sober people too. That’s why we need to share these tragic stories.

5-Year-Old Boy Partially Paralyzed By A Drunk Driver

Image Source – WUSA9

Trenton Gatlin-Ketter is a 5-year-old boy who was partially paralyzed by a drunk driver. The accident happened in Fairfax County, Virginia a few months ago. The boy was seriously injured and he’s been in the hospital all this time.

His neck and spine were damaged, and he also had injuries on his pelvis and leg. Trenton is still smiling, because he is trying to be a brave little boy.

The name of the driver who was drunk and speeding is Jermaine Ridgely. He’s 45 years old and he’s been charged according to police.

When the accident happened, the ambulance was behind them, and Fairfax County Fire Department was also on the scene so they all helped the boy right away.

The boy’s mother Shanea Ketter, heard the car even before it hit them, but she didn’t have the time to move. She just heard a loud sound and saw white lights.

She wasn’t injured, so she immediately got out of the car to pull out her son. He wasn’t speaking, but she could feel his heartbeat. The boy had surgery, and the doctors told her that won’t be able to move on his own ever again.

Shane is a single mom and she has two more children. One of those children is a baby, and her financial situation isn’t great.

Before the accident, everything was okay, but now that the hospital bills are piling up, it’s getting harder. Her family is trying to help by collecting donations.

Her biggest issue is the fact that her current apartment is not suitable for someone who has disabilities like Trenton.

She is heartbroken, but she knows that she has to stay strong for her kids. Little Trenton is smiling, and he is trying to be positive, so it’s not fair to feel broken in front of him.

She is trying to take care of him, but she is worried about what to do when they get out of the hospital. Her car was totaled in the accident, and with all these new expenses, she doesn’t know where to start.

Clothing and food and stuff, transportation as well. We are kind of currently experiencing homelessness. So if there are any programs that can help me and my three kids. I am a single mom so if there’s any groups can help me. – Shanea Ketter

She knows that the driver was charged, but she still hopes that he will understand what he did to her little boy. She hopes that there will be justice.

I just hope you know he gets justice for this. This sucks. He’s innocent. He’s only 5. You just took all of his innocence away just childhood all that. This is not going to be a regular 5-year-old living a regular 5-year-old life. – Shanea Ketter.

This little boy’s life is changed forever. But, his family’s life has also changed. Shanea is already a single mom with three kids, and she will struggle a lot to provide for all of them now that her son is paralyzed.

She had some health issues in her last pregnancy, and her life wasn’t great, but she was fighting and pushing forward. This accident will change her forever and she will always feel pain because her son is in this state.

I’ve always been on top of my game when it came to my children. I worked, I made sure they had everything they needed. Recently having a baby took a chunk out. I wasn’t working. I had health problems during my pregnancy, so it was hard on me. – Shanea Ketter

Drinking And Driving

Car accidents happen all the time, and there are many reasons for that. When something tragic happens while someone is under the influence of alcohol, it’s very hard to accept that.

Road raging and speeding are bad too, but when you think about the fact that someone got drunk and decided to drive, it’s normal to get angry.

When we read stories about people who were hurt or killed in car accidents caused by drunk drivers, we all get mad.

We’re all mad and furious in that moment. We want justice, even though nothing can change what happened. Nothing can repair the damage.

It’s important to raise awareness about this problem. We have to educate people about the consequences. We have to find a way to increase routine checks and tickets.

Also, we have to understand that these things affect everyone. When a drunk driver kills or hurts someone, he is held responsible.

Sometimes these people end up in jail. Sometimes they’re on probation. Sometimes they lose their driver’s license. But, all of them have to live with the fact that they did something horrible to someone. People who don’t think like that are pure evil.

Of course, feeling guilty and dealing with authorities is nothing compared to the damage the victims survived. But, it’s still good to remind people that drinking and driving will ruin their life too.

Taking Care Of Disable Children

Shanea is not the only mom who has to take care of a disabled child. Some children were born that way, and others become disabled for some other reason, like accident or illness.

Shanea was already a single mom, but many parents separate after surviving something like this. It’s extremely hard to watch your child in this condition.

The problem isn’t that you have to prioritize your child. The problem is that you can’t do a lot to change things.

It’s like you’re sitting by the bed and waiting for something. You’re scared that your little one will die. You’re scared that something will happen to you, so no one will take care of your sick child.

Taking care of a disabled child is very difficult and draining. It affects your mental health and finances. It affects your parental skills, career, and everything else.

If you have other children, it also affects them. You have to focus on your sick child now, and your other kids have to be neglected sometimes.

This is why I said that these things will change everyone’s life. No matter how strong or positive you are, it’s hard to move on like nothing happened.

However, it’s still important to maintain a positive attitude. We can’t forget that the child is in the worst position.

In this story, little Trenton is too young to understand what even happened. With time, he will see what it means to be partially paralyzed and dependent on others.

These children can only dream of some regular things and activities. That’s why a parent has to be positive and active.

Even if the child is disabled, it’s still important to find some fun activities. It’s still important to socialize with people. When you can’t change someone’s physical health, you can change their mental health and stability.

It’s important to find the best chances and opportunities. Everything is harder for disabled kids, but there are still so many things that can be done.

There are so many people in this world with serious health issues, and they’re still successful and influential. When a tragedy like this one hits you, it’s important to make the best out of it. It’s important to find a way to function.

You can’t spend your whole life feeling sad. You can’t allow your kid to be sad because of all the misfortunate events.

It’s important for everyone to know more about these accidents and the consequences that come after them. Just imagine how easier everything would be if the whole community did something.

We all have to show our interest in helping disabled children and their families. There are many ways to do that, but we can’t ignore them. We can’t just feel sorry for them.

We have to do something that will positively affect their lives. This story should be a reminder for all of us that bad luck strikes often. Innocent people have to suffer, but we can all do something to make the whole situation bearable.

In Conclusion

The story about a 5-year-old boy paralyzed by a drunk driver will touch everyone’s hearts. It’s so sad when something like this happens, but we have to memorize these stories. We have to hear them and we have to allow them to inspire us to fight for justice.

Irresponsible people are destroying our children’s lives, and we can’t ignore this.

Source – WUSA9