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Can You Wear Waist Trainer While Pregnant?

Can You Wear Waist Trainer While Pregnant?

Waist trainer during pregnancy isn’t something that a lot of women would even think about.

We all know that waist trainers are made for certain purposes and it wouldn’t be logical to use a waist trainer while pregnant.

However, if you’re someone who likes to wear waist trainers, it’s normal that you want to learn if you can wear them during pregnancy.

A waist trainer is a part of your daily routine and you’re used to wearing them. As a pregnant woman, there are many things you have to change.

You simply want to know every detail and every explanation. Pregnancy can disrupt your daily habits and routines, but it won’t last forever.

If you want to know more about wearing a waist trainer while pregnant, keep reading because this article will help you.

Can You Wear Waist Trainer While Pregnant?

Waist trainer while pregnant is not allowed. Wearing a waist trainer while pregnant is not safe for you or your baby.

Waist trainers are made to compress and tighten your body. They compress more than your waist.

They compress your internal organs and wearing a waist trainer while pregnant could harm your baby. Waist trainer while pregnant could cause birth defects or anomalies. Most importantly, it can cause miscarriage.

Besides, since your stomach is bigger at this period of your life, wearing a waist trainer while pregnant could damage your ribs and affect your breathing.

As you can see waist trainer while pregnant is not an option. It’s not safe and there is no reason to wear it. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your pregnancy belly. It’s beautiful, natural, and normal.

You’re growing a baby inside you and there is no need to use a waist trainer while pregnant in order to hide your belly. First of all, you shouldn’t hide it.

You’re doing the best thing right now – creating a new life. Secondly, you can’t hide it with a waist trainer even if it was allowed. You have a baby inside you.

Your belly is not big because you’re overweight. It’s big because there is a little human being in there. Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have extra pounds.

Wearing a waist trainer while pregnant is very dangerous and not recommended.

What Is A Waist Trainer?

If you’re not sure why wearing a waist trainer while pregnant is not a good option, I will try to explain it.

A waist trainer is a piece of clothing that goes around your waist. It’s made of thick materials and metal boning.

It usually has laces, Velcro, buttons, or a zipper, so it can be tightened. A waist trainer is also called a corset. The difference between a waist trainer and other shapewear is the fact that a waist trainer squeezes your waist.

It’s a lot tighter than regular underwear. It’s uncomfortable to wear and it prevents you from doing some basic things. It’s hard to breathe, move, bend over, and similar.

Many people wonder why someone would wear this. The question is simple – it makes you look skinnier and it hides your stomach.

Women like to say that corsets make them look snatched and good-looking. Wearing a corset gives you an hourglass figure.

Many people believe that wearing a corset all the time gives you permanent results, which is not scientifically confirmed. This is why a corset is also called a waist trainer – it’s supposed to train your waist to be slim. People call it waist training.

Corsets were made of elegant and silky fabrics. Since people started to believe that they can change their appearance forever by wearing a waist trainer, companies started making corsets from different materials.

Nowadays, you can buy corsets in every color and design. They’re made from cotton, neoprene, velvet, silicone, leather, faux leather, etc.

The only thing that can be achieved by wearing a waist trainer all the time is sweating more than usual and correcting your posture.

It can seem that wearing a waist trainer helps with weight loss and reducing your waist size.

However, the only way to achieve this is with the right diet and exercise. Wearing a waist trainer that doesn’t affect your breathing, movement, and digestion is okay on some special occasions when you want to look slimmer.

Even in these situations, you can find good shapewear that is a safer option and has the same effect.

Many women have reported breathing problems and digestive problems because they wore waist trainer all the time and they were too tight.

This is why wearing a waist trainer while pregnant is forbidden. It’s something that can be harmful to women who aren’t pregnant.

Luckily, people have invented regular shapewear and maternity shapewear. So, there is no need to think about waist trainers.

Maternity Shapewear

Before going into this topic, it’s important to know that regular shapewear and maternity shapewear are not the same.

Regular shapewear is tighter and it can be similar to wearing a waist trainer while pregnant. Therefore, you have to do your research and find the best maternity shapewear.

Maternity shapewear provides your body with mild compression. It won’t hurt you or your baby.

It’s comfortable and great as an undergarment. It helps you to wear certain clothes. Of course, if you don’t find it comfortable, don’t wear it.

If you can’t find maternity shapewear near you, you can order it online or find regular shapewear that is plus size.

Wearing shapewear during pregnancy can make you feel more comfortable. For example, comfortable spandex leggings are a great way to fight sweaty thighs.

When we talk about other compression clothes during pregnancy, it’s important to mention compression socks.

Compression socks can be recommended by your doctor. High-compression socks are great for people who suffer from varicose veins, spider veins, thrombosis, or similar illnesses.

They can prevent deep vein thrombosis, which is possible during pregnancy. Wearing compression socks is good if you’re traveling, sitting for a longer time, or working a job that is physically stressful.

Sometimes you can’t avoid these things even if you’re pregnant. Even if your doctor doesn’t recommend these socks, you should ask if you have problems with swelling, spider veins, and pain in your legs. A pregnant body brings many difficulties and challenges.

The most important thing for pregnant women is to be safe and comfortable. Some women wear shapewear when pregnant to feel more confident, so I understand why you’re interested in this topic.

As you can see, even though a waist trainer while pregnant is not an option, there are other choices.

Waist Trainer After Giving Birth

Now that you know that waist trainer while pregnant is not allowed, you might be wondering about the postpartum period. The answer to this question is a bit detailed.

Some doctors recommend wearing something to support your belly, but there are specially designed postpartum belts.

So, if you want to wear a waist trainer during the postpartum period, you would have to consult with your doctor. Also, you should choose something that is not too tight or something that can be adjusted.

Many women had positive experiences with wearing postpartum belts and shapewear. According to their experiences, wearing something slightly tighter around your waist is good for shrinking your uterus to its original size faster.

If you want to help your body to recover from childbirth, a raspberry leaf tea is great for postpartum recovery.

There are some other types of tea for postpartum healing that can help.

That being said, your belly will go back to its original size quicker than without any postpartum belt, trainer, or postpartum wrap.

Some pregnant women look for postpartum trainers because they want to be ready when they give birth.

Postpartum waist training is even more popular among women who had C-section. During a C-section, abdominal muscles are cut. That can cause a saggy belly, and many women claim that postpartum waist training combined with postpartum exercises is a way to solve this.

Additionally, the right diet is also crucial. You have to consult with a professional if you want the best diet that will make you look better, without affecting your health and possible breastfeeding.

If you have issues with C-section scar pain, it’s good to learn what can you do to help yourself.

Don’t do things by yourself. If something bad happens, it could be too late to do something. There are people who will give you the information and support you need.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how your belly looks. Pregnancy is hard and it changes you.

The most important thing is that you and your baby are healthy and happy. However, every woman wants to look good. So, if you want to do something for your appearance, I understand.

Just make sure it’s safe to wear and safe to do and follow the doctor’s recommendations and advice.


Waist trainer while pregnant is not safe to wear. It can be very harmful to you and your baby, and it can lead to serious consequences.

If you’re someone who likes additional body support during pregnancy, you can always find good maternity shapewear.

Maternity shapewear gives you perfect compression and gentle support. It can help you to feel better in your own body.

It can be hard to find the best options for yourself during pregnancy. But, that’s normal. Pregnancy is challenging, and it’s important to be educated about possible risks.

Postpartum waist training is popular, and if you follow the right directions, it’s safe and beneficial. There are many options that can help you to get back on track after having a baby.

Of course, your health and your baby should be your priority. Listen to your doctor, and take it easy. Pregnancy is not a small thing, and it takes time for everything to go back to its original place.

Take care of yourself and explore different ways to prevent health complications.

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