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Struggles Of Single Mothers

Struggles Of Single Mothers

Single moms and children who grew up with single moms are heroes. Many people don’t understand the struggle of single moms, and the struggles of children who live with only one parent.

It’s good to remind yourself that single moms are always busy, overwhelmed, and worried. It’s good to remember that kids who grow up with one parent are strong and fragile at the same time.

Struggles Of Single Mothers

I wanted to talk about this topic because I was inspired. David G. Allan from CNN shared his story about growing up with a single mom in Annapolis, Maryland.

He struggled and he felt like he needed more. He felt like he needed better. He couldn’t comprehend the difficulties of being a single parent.

Like most kids, I didn’t want to be different. I wanted to be “normal.” “Why can’t we just be normal?” I’d often lament to my mom.

I was embarrassed by our car, which broke down; embarrassed that we didn’t seem to go anywhere for vacation; that I didn’t have brand-name clothes (thank God for school uniforms that greatly leveled the playing field); or video games; or cable TV; or anything else that my classmates had. I was embarrassed that my dad, who lived in a neighboring state, never came to any school events. And I was teased for it.

It takes a lot of time to understand some things. Luckily, David grew up and matured. He realized that his mom was doing her best. He understood that even though his childhood wasn’t usual, it was good. He had everything he needed.

He even realized that being raised by a single mom has its perks. – Our poverty made me class-conscious even as I earned my way into the middle class myself. My role model for what women are and should be was smart, strong, independent, and deserving of all respect.

Even my childhood embarrassment was character-building, giving me a deeper sense of self-worth that is dependent neither on material things nor the opinion of those I don’t admire.

I’m not embarrassed now. Being raised by a single mother means the opposite to me today: I have a pride in her for enduring so much (including the indignity of a son perpetually embarrassed by our situation).

But even as a kid, I thought of her as a role model of resilience and resourcefulness.

Every hard experience is a lesson. And even though it seems like we’re only struggling in life, we’re actually learning. We’re getting stronger and we’re becoming better people.

It’s important to talk about these things. It’s important to share experiences and it’s important to praise single moms.

Single moms and children who live with their single moms have to know that they’re not alone. There are so many people who are going through the same thing.

The Idea Of A Perfect Family

David told us about his personal experience and he also explained some studies about families and single parenting. But, at the end of the day, numbers don’t mean anything to a struggling mother or a confused kid.

It’s hard to stay realistic because we all want to have a better life. We all want to be happy, free, and peaceful. We all want to see a normal child development.

When you’re a single mother who is always dealing with something, it’s hard to stay positive. It’s hard to find something good when you’re life is always chaotic.

On the other hand, when you’re just a kid who lives with a single mom, it’s hard to see the benefits. Perfection doesn’t exist, but we all know that there are families who have a good thing going on.

There are families with two parents, two incomes, and fun family dinners. When you don’t have this, it’s normal to feel stressed.

It’s normal to feel abandoned and alone. But, you have to keep fighting. You have to understand that this is your destiny and your life. Struggles of single mothers are exhausting.

Being sad and jealous of others won’t help you. You will feel even more miserable if you keep comparing yourself to others. There will always be someone better than you. But, there will always be someone who is going through worse troubles.

It’s good to know the advantages and disadvantages of your life, but try to focus on yourself and your path.

You can change things for the better. Maybe you won’t have the perfect family, but you can still grow love in your life. You can still move forward and find joy.

Dealing With Judgments

It’s easy to encourage single moms and their kids. It’s easy to support them. But, it’s not so easy to experience everything that comes with that life.

Even if you’re a single mother or a kid who lives with a single mom, it’s hard to deal with other people. Sometimes you feel like single motherhood is a curse.

The hardest thing is obvious, but when you make your peace with it and move on, other people will be a problem.

Not all people are good. Some of them just don’t get it, and some of them like to make things hard on purpose. Dealing with other people, their actions, and their judgments is very hard, but it’s not impossible.

The most significant thing in all this is prioritizing what matters in life. Every person that makes things hard for you shouldn’t be a part of your life.

Celebrating Single Moms

This article is a reminder that single moms are strong and resilient. They deserve to be acknowledged and praised. They do so much and people think it’s easy.

Their kids are loved and protected, even though their lives are harder. They’re always trying to find financial independence and provide better living conditions.

A mother’s love is magical and pure. It’s a special force that can make everything better. Single moms have so many tough choices and decisions, but they’re still fighting. They’re not quitters.

They still try to protect their children and their mental health. They’re struggling with long-term problems and they still try to provide good child care.

It’s important to support single mothers and single parents in general. They deserve a lot of help and empathy.

In Conclusion

Single moms and their children are strong and brave. People tend to forget that, and it’s always good to read something that will remind you how hard it is to be a single parent.

It’s always good to learn that many people were raised by single moms and they’re doing great. Try to be aware of single moms and their heroism.

They need everyone’s support and help. They need to see that the world has their back.

Source: CNN