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Potty Training One Year Old – Where to Begin?

Potty Training One Year Old – Where to Begin?

Potty training a one-year-old is something that a vast majority of parents start considering around this age.

However, just like many, they are not sure if their toddler is ready to use the toilet and get rid of diapers.

You are probably wondering if potty training a one-year-old is even a great idea since your toddler may be too young for the toilet.

However, the truth is, there’s no such thing as early toilet training.

How come?

Well, that’s because a lot of children are ready (developmentally) around 18 months, while there are those children who are ready much earlier to eliminate diapers from their lives.

Speaking of potty training a one-year-old, did you know that in some countries, parents introduce it to a 3-month-old baby?

So this just goes to show that potty training a one-year-old isn’t such a bad idea after all. That doesn’t mean that I do not understand your concerns. (once you decide to use the toilet and say goodbye to diapers)

If you have some doubts and questions when it comes to potty training a one-year-old, then bear with me because today, I’ll discuss everything related to potty training a one-year-old and so much more!

Stay tuned!

Potty Training a One-Year-Old – Signs That Your Baby Is Ready!

Before I dive into potty training, a one-year-old topic, I would like to remind you that the Potty Training Method I will mention can be helpful when it comes to early potty training.

First you need to pay attention to these signs below before you even start considering potty training a one-year-old and completely getting rid of diapers.

Remember that this doesn’t necessarily mean that your child will show all these signs. 

The point during this whole potty training a one-year-old process is to follow your gut instinct to determine whether your toddler is ready for early potty training.

Some mistakes might be made in this training a one-year-old journey, but that’s also okay. The point is to be one hundred percent sure if your toddler is ready for early potty training or if diapers should still be an option.

So how will you be able to tell if your toddler is ready for the toilet or not?

1. Your toddler is able to walk/run – In order to begin with early potty training, your toddler must be fully mobile, meaning that he can reach the toilet all by themselves

2. Hyperactivity – Potty training a one-year-old is going to be practically impossible if your little angel cannot be still for at least a couple of minutes. If he/she is not able to focus on anything then your entire potty training a one-year-old will go to waste!

3. Shows interest in the potty and the waste – Did you notice that your toddler is super excited when going potty or is very curious about the poop and urine (yes, they tend to do that)? If that’s the case, then this just may be a sign that potty training a one-year-old is going to be successful.

4. Love watching others going to the toilet – If your child loves spending time with you or others while being in the bathroom (doing you know what), plus asks some questions in regards to it, then here’s another good sign that you should pursue your potty training a one-year-old plan!

5. Frequent dry diapers – Even though you may think that your little one is not ready for potty training, his body will most definitely show the signs that it is. How you probably wonder? Namely, if you notice that there are some dry diapers between two-hour changes, while others are wet, then his little body is letting you know that it’s time to embrace potty training a one-year-old decision.

6. Being dry even after sleeping – The story is similar to the aforementioned one. If the diapers are dry even after a nap, then it means that the bladder is big enough to hold in urine, which is a great thing because it means that soon he’ll be diaper free.

7. Understands what the word potty means – Besides words that you are usually using, like mama and dada (oh, and let’s not forget gaga and gugu), your kiddo will also understand what you’re talking about when you are using the words “poop,” “potty,” and “pee”.

If you are using some of these terms and you realize that your child actually knows what you’re talking about (and even goes straight to the potty), then it’s definitely time to consider potty training a one-year-old.

8. Will try to tell you that it’s time to go to the bathroom – If you want potty training a one-year-old plan to be successful, then you must communicate properly with your kid.

Keep in mind that, at that age, they may not be able to use the right words to tell you that it’s time for the bathroom. However, they will show some other signs, such as squatting or grunting, to let you know what’s on their mind. So pay attention to these things!

9. It’s all about success – Your baby will feel good about themselves once he’s done with the potty.

And that surely means that potty has become a huge part of his life and that training your child to get used to it was successful, which is a major accomplishment at that age!

How to Start Potty Training a One-Year-Old?

If you’re positively sure that now is the right time to begin potty training a one-year-old, then you should implement some of my Potty Training Methods in order to execute all of this correctly.

Slowly Introduce the Toilet

For starters, you should discreetly and gradually start this while training a one-year-old discussion around your kid’s first birthday (that’s the best age for sure) to see how he will react.

One of the most effective ways to do so is by welcoming books that are related to this and reading them with him. Most children love them!

Another cute yet effective way to blast off this topic is by saying one of these things. For example, “I wonder if Eddie (your child’s favorite toy) wants to go potty!”. It’s one of the best approaches parents can use on kids when it comes to this.

I mean you do not literally have to utilize this strategy, but something similar to it that’s going to stimulate your little one to start considering it.

Have a Certain Schedule When It Comes to Potty Training

Whatever Potty Training Method you opt for, at the end of the day, it’s of huge importance to follow a certain schedule.

So how can you accomplish that?

Well, if you present this whole “venture” as a ritual, then potty training a one-year-old is going to be very successful because your little one will start perceiving it as a habit.

It would be amazing if you had your kid sit on the potty every few hours, even if he doesn’t have the need to go.

The best time to do so is as soon as he wakes up, before you leave the house, before nap, and before bedtime.

Tell your child first to remove pants, then diaper or underwear next, and then to sit on the toilet. (if he needs to poop then it will take longer).

Then think of something fun that the two of you can do (a game that he loves is a good idea) while he is “on the throne”. Parents must improvise in these types of situations if they want their kids to get used to the potty.

Don’t Forget to Praise!

Let me tell you right that this entire potty training of a one-year-old is not going to be seamless. There’ll be a plethora of mistakes and accidents along the way. And that’s completely okay.

Remember, that there are kids out there who are 5 or 6 years old and still sometimes do not stay dry. Your kid is only a few months old, so don’t be too rough on him. 

That’s precisely why you should never yell at your little angel, or even worse punish him just because he wet his pants.

He is currently in the learning process and all errors are welcome and normal. So instead of doing anything negative, it would be so much better if you offered some encouragement or even give a small reward (such as a glass of his favorite yogurt) to your kiddo so he can be proud of himself.

For instance, you can employ a sticker chart, meaning that every single time your child goes to the potty successfully, he will receive a sticker, and three of them means that it’s time for some prize.

However, make sure not to overdo it. Because some kids tend to stop doing a certain activity if they were excessively punished and praised for it by their parents.

So if your toddler refuses to sit on the potty all of a sudden, that just might be the reason.

Proper Hygiene Is a Must!

Yes, potty training a one-year-old is important. However, some things are as equally essential, and that’s precisely this one.

These types of habits must be set up from an early age if you want them to last forever.

So what are the most important things to remember?

For starters, each time your kiddo uses a potty, he needs to wash his hands, and of course, wipe and flush.

Now, even if he doesn’t employ the potty, he still needs to wash his hands. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), parents should teach their kids to wash their hands with either warm or cool water, put in some soap, and scrub for roughly half a minute.

If you want to spice things up and to encourage your little anger further to wash his hands, then I suggest purchasing some cute, kid-friendly soap (that’s perfect for someone who is 12 months or older) and incorporating a happy tune while he is washing his hands.

This way, he will only think of cheerful moments each time he has to go to the bathroom and later wash his hands.

More Things To Try Concerning Potty Training A One-Year-Old

Opt For Pull-Ups

If you want to start toilet training, yet you are scared that your child won’t be able to use the toilet the right way (at least at the beginning), then for starters, I suggest buying pull-ups.

They are generally an amazing option because they can be pulled down like underpants each time your kiddo is using the potty.

If by any chance an accident occurs once he starts using the potty, he can easily rip them off.

And then, in time, once he gets used to child potty (and of course becomes successful in it), then you can replace pull-ups with training pants.

Bearing A Bottom Is A-Okay!

Of course, this refers to ONLY your child (silly you!). If you want to start potty training successfully, then some awareness when it comes to this must be raised.

What do I mean by that?

Well, you need to let your little baby know that his body will try to send him some signals that it’s time to visit the “infamous” potty chair.

If he’s allowed to run around with the lower half unclad (in your household only, of course), then he won’t be able to ignore his urge to pee, since there’ll be no diaper to hold the urine.

Now, make sure to keep the child’s potty close to him, so that your child can sit on it as soon as he realizes that “nature is calling”.

Be Alert!

Bear in mind that you do not live with a big kid (after all, he is just 14 months old) so you need to be more alert than him when it comes to this.

Search for telltale signs (such as straining or fidgeting) and then nicely ask him if he may need to use the potty.

But what are you going to do if it’s too late?

It doesn’t matter! If that’s the case, then simply have your kiddo sit on the potty so he can associate the urge with the potty.

Patience Is the Key!

Even though you have a wonderful kid, don’t forget that even a wunderkind can take a couple of weeks to “excel” in potty training proficiency. He is only a few months old, so bear that in mind!

During this journey, both of you will come across various hurdles and you may even take several steps back before you move forward, but that’s okay!

The whole point of everything is to turn potty into a habit, not to have unrealistic expectations. (who said that you mastered it in two days?)

Therefore, as I mentioned above at some point if some accident happens, do not punish, scold or yell! I know that you are probably not too excited by the idea of cleaning the floor that’s full of pee or poop, but try your best to stay calm and collected.

Take a deep breath and keep reminding yourself that even Rome wasn’t built in a day and that you need to arm yourself with patience if you want this mission to be accomplished.

Keep in mind that screaming and overreacting will most definitely not encourage your child to be better at this. On the contrary. It might just do the opposite, so what have you accomplished then? Nothing!

Drinks Should Not Be Cut Down

Now, there are lots of parents out there who think that if they cut down on drinking, their child will drastically decrease his chances of having these sorts of accidents.

But to be honest, this way of thinking is completely ridiculous, not to mention unhealthy as well.

In fact, it’s much more effective than you may think it is. Namely, stepping up his fluid intake will provide him with a lot more opportunities to be successful in this endeavor.

No Arguing In The Bathroom

Forcing things doesn’t lead anywhere. After all,  if your toddler refuses to sit on the potty, it’s not the worst thing that can happen.

So instead of arguing all the time, the American Academy of Pediatrics wants to remind you to give up on this for a while (maybe just a couple of weeks, not months) and wait for your kid to come around.

What you must never do is compare him with his buddies or siblings or constantly pressure him. As I stated previously, potty training is not always going to be smooth sailing.

Both of you will be on the verge of a nervous breakdown (you in particular), and yes I know that you are looking forward to ditching the diapers, but that’s not going to happen overnight.

On a more positive note, eventually, you will get there. It’s going to be a bit hard and overwhelming at first, but that definitely doesn’t mean that you should give up.

Items to Consider If You Want To Begin With Early Potty Training

Now, there are some items on the market that I found very useful when it comes to this process. So if you would like to have some things by your side that are going to streamline everything, then you should definitely take these things into account.

3-Level Protection Potty Seat

If you have a bathroom that is relatively small, then it would be advisable to buy a training seat instead of a potty chair.

So what’s so spectacular about this training seat?

Namely, it is intended for early training and represents perfect support for both infants and younger toddlers.

Additionally, it comes with a cushioned seat, handles (that will make your little angel feel safe), and a backrest.

It is ideal for every sort of toilet, however, it doesn’t consist of a handle that you can put on the toilet tank, which means that you will have to obtain one separately.

Looking For a Portable Potty Training Seat? Check this one!

Now, here’s something that I’ve recently run into that might just come in handy. I’m talking about Gimars Portable Folding Potty Training Seat, which is a great thing to have in possession, mainly if you frequently go outside with your little one.

And if by any chance your kiddo is scared of public toilets, then you can definitely make use of this one.

One of the best things about this portable seat is that it is very practical due to the fact that it can easily be folded to fit perfectly into the diaper bag.

Furthermore, it has a nice carrying bag as well. If you decide to acquire one, just ensure to bring some wipes with you so you can properly clean it after each use.

Moreover, it also comes with some non-slip silicone pads to keep everything in place and make sure your baby safely finishes his job.

Its only downside is the fact that it isn’t the sturdiest thing in the world and doesn’t fit well on all public toilets, but other than that, it’s truly a good choice for every parent who is looking for something that’s portable and practical.


What can be concluded so far?

Well, the only thing that comes to my mind is that potty training a one-year-old is surely not a piece of cake and that, at times, you won’t have enough patience to put up with it.

Just keep telling yourself that it’s not the end of the world and that everything shall pass eventually.

I know that it’s hard to imagine things this way right now, but whenever you want to scream at the top of your lungs, just ask yourself, “Did I overcome potty issues in a blink of an eye?”.

Of course, you didn’t. Keep calm and wait for inevitable potty success!

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