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Nice Things To Say To Your Grown Son

Nice Things To Say To Your Grown Son

Even when you have adult children, you will always care about them as if they were little.

That’s why you’re here. You want to come up with some great, nice things to say to your grown son. Maybe you feel like there is no need to give them advice or something like that.

However, your children are always your children. Don’t be afraid to say what is in your heart. Trust me when I say, they will appreciate your nice words. They will enjoy them because now they know the true meaning behind those words.

I will try to suggest some nice words to say to your grown son. These words of love and encouragement will strengthen your bond.

Why Is It Important To Say Nice Words To Your Grown Son?

Everybody has feelings. Everybody enjoys hearing lovely things. While we raise our children, we’re filled with joy and love. We cuddle them and we say the nicest things to them.

However, as our children are growing up, those conversations filled with love are not so common. Everybody gets preoccupied with something else and there is always something important to talk about.

Just like you had your worries, your adult son has them. No matter how happy he seems, he would love to hear something amazing from his mother. Your words of encouragement and love will push him forward and give him the motivation he needs in life.

No matter how hard it is, when we hear something positive, we light up. Your son is an adult with responsibilities and obligations, but sometimes he wants to be treated like a baby boy. He knows that you love him, but I am sure that some words of love and care will do good for both of you.

What Are Some Nice Things To Say To Your Grown Son?

I Love You

This is so simple and so true. Maybe you say it all the time when you’re finishing a phone call with your son, or when you’re saying goodbye at the front door. However, take some time, and out of nowhere, hug your son or hold his hand and tell him – I love you.

Tell him that you want him to know that in every moment of his life. It’s the truth and no matter what happens you will always love him unconditionally. It’s important to say “I love you” without any specific reason. You will make him feel special.

I’m Proud Of You

Every mother is proud of their child. However, it’s important to say that. Sometimes, people feel like they haven’t accomplished enough. They feel like they’ve failed.

That’s why it’s essential to remind your son of the fact that you are proud of him. Tell him that you’re so proud of him and his life. You are happy and honored to be his mother because he’s such a good person. You are so proud that he is the man he is.

You tell him that you want him to feel good about himself. You are proud that he became the man you’ve always wished for him to be. When he hears these words, he will be touched and relieved. After all, you’re his mom. Since he was a little boy, he always wanted you to be proud of him.

I Am So Happy That You’re My Son

This is one of those nice things to say to your grown son that will melt his heart. Sometimes we all feel like we aren’t enough. We feel that other people had certain expectations.

We feel that we’re disappointments to our family. For that reason, saying this is so important. Your son will feel special and unique after hearing this. He will feel like you’ve chosen him to be your son. Without a doubt, he will feel enough.

Give Him Compliments

Compliments matter in life. They mean to us and we want to hear compliments from the people we love. Your son is the best son for you, and you should make him feel special.

Tell him that he’s smart. Tell him that you’re proud of his intelligence and quick thinking. He will feel confident and motivated to do amazing things after this.

Don’t forget about compliments like “You’re so handsome” or “You’re so funny”. People need to hear this. Your son needs you to praise him. By doing this you will give him the energy and power to build his self-esteem.

It Will Be Okay

As a parent who is old enough to have a grown son, I am sure you know that life is hard. You’ve already been through some hardships and difficult situations.

You are more experienced than your son. Because of that, he will appreciate your words of comfort. When you see or feel that he’s going through something difficult, tell him “It will be okay” or “Everything will be fine”. You’re his mommy, and he will feel better when he hears this. Besides, this is one of the nicest things to say to your grown son.

He will feel your support and love, and this situation won’t break him. Be there to comfort him and care for him. Help him to heal and move on.

I Support You And I Believe In You

Life is full of ups and downs. Your son will be through thick and thin just like every other person in this world. He will make some wrong choices, but it’s important to let him choose his destiny.

That’s why you should be his support system no matter what. Believe in him and tell that you believe in him and his goals. Show your support and love. Even if you think that something will be bad for him, try to be there. Be next to his side.

You’re his mum and he wants your approval. You won’t agree on everything, and it’s okay to give him a suggestion or advice. Just don’t push it. You’ve lived your life and you’ve made your choices. This is his time. Tell him that you will be there by his side no matter what.

Tell him that you know that he will be happy with the outcome. Use these words of encouragement for your grown son.

Your faith will grow his faith. A positive mindset and optimism will push him harder and he could accomplish those dreams and goals that seem unattainable.

I Will Help You And I am Here

There will be times when your son will experience failure and loss. Even if you’ve expected this, or even if it’s not something serious, be there to help him. Tell him that you’re there and you will help him. Ask him what he needs at the moment.

When we lose something or someone, we feel alone. He knows that you’re his mom, but sometimes he needs to hear words of love and care. He will know that you’re his eternal companion in life, so don’t hesitate and say these nice things to your grown son.

So, be there to help your son rise above negative things. Be there to give him a hand in everything. When he knows that you have his back, he will pick himself up faster.

These are only some of the nice things to say to your grown son. Of course, you know your child, and you know what could be the best thing to say to him.

I suggest you make a list of 10 things to say to him, and you will always be prepared to give your son some words of love, comfort, and support.

Besides nice things to say to your grown son, I suggest doing some gestures that will make him feel special. Don’t forget about his birthday.

Even though he’s an adult now, make him a surprise for his birthday. Everybody has birthday wishes and everybody wants to hear a loving “Happy Birthday”!

Make him his favorite meal and buy him some small things that he loves. Your son needs you as his mom. You’re the only person in this world that has every right to spoil him.

Every nice thing to say to your grown son should always come from your heart. Even if you don’t see it on my list, use it. Everything that could put a smile on his face is important to say. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions.

Even if he responds weirdly at first, don’t give up. He is probably surprised and doesn’t know how to react. Show him that you mean it, and relax him with your kindness and warmth.


If you’re a mom with adult children and you’re searching for a list of nice things to say to your grown son, you’re the best mom ever. Of course, this article can also be used as a list of nice things to say to your grown daughter.

The point is, you want to be there for your children and you want to share your unconditional love. Use every single day and every single opportunity to show your love and affection. No matter how old they are, your children need you.

So, don’t be afraid to shower them with your love. Do it even when they’re in a bad mood. Do it all the time, because life is too short to keep that kind of love inside you.

nice things to say to your grown son


Tuesday 25th of June 2024

good article


Tuesday 18th of June 2024

What to do if your children won't speak to you and won't tell you why?

Cheli Martinez

Thursday 6th of June 2024

That was wonderful

Patricia Worley

Friday 24th of May 2024

Very good read. Also, very important and often overlooked. I always tell my adult son how much I love him. But, I fail to say I love you in other ways. Sometimes I think he’s numb to hearing “I love you”. This article gave me ideas that I will use. I hope that he feels warm and cozy inside with hearing other compliments.

Connie King

Wednesday 8th of May 2024

This is lovely! Thank you for writing this. I needed the reminder. Mother’s Day is Sunday. I am going to give it a different twist and express to my only child the appreciation and love I have for him. Thanks so much and the tips. Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy! Sincerely, Connie