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The Best Indoor Activities For Teens

The Best Indoor Activities For Teens

Learning more about fun indoor activities for teens is beneficial for parents and teens themselves.

With younger children is always easier to find something fun to do. After all, younger kids don’t even need toys sometimes. They like to play with boxes, plates, shoes, and other household items. Their brains work differently and it’s easier to amuse them.

On the other hand, amusing teens is different. They are older and they know many things. They are going through physical and mental changes, and it’s very challenging to find something that will make them happy.

Even when you find something your teenagers like, it’s highly possible that they give up on it soon. They are sensitive and they change their mood a lot.

This article will help you to find some fun indoor activities for teens. You will know what could make them smile and what could amuse them. Of course, some things won’t work for some teenagers, but you will have more options.

Most teenagers like to hang out at home, in their rooms, or with their friends. They enjoy spending their free time using their phones and computers. That’s okay, but finding something interesting for them will be great for their attitude and mindset.

The Best Indoor Activities For Teens

Before we dive into everything, I would like to mention that these fun indoor activities for teens will also be fun for parents. These indoor games for teens won’t just be beneficial for your teenagers. They will be beneficial for your relationship with them.

These amazing, fun indoor games will bond your family together. You will laugh and have fun. That’s why you need to read this article and memorize these things.

Guess The Song

This is a fun indoor activity for teens because it’s simple to play and it’s connected to something we all love – music. Grab a few papers, and pens, and you’re ready to go.

This indoor game for teens is simple to learn. Every person who’s playing should write a few verses of a certain song, leaving a few blanks in every sentence. The other players should fill in the blanks. It only takes a minute to win, so be fast! Take turns and make a little song competition.

This is a great indoor activity for teens and parents. Of course, it’s also one of the group games that teenagers can play together without adults.

Cooking With The Family

Having a family cook-off or simply cooking together is a great way of bonding and learning. Teenagers are little people. They think they’re adults and mature enough to do adult things, so let them.

That’s not true, but doing some adult activities with them is good for both parents and kids. Having a family cook-off is a great way to have fun and compete with each other.

Pick a dish to make, set the timer, and let the games begin. If some family members are not interested in playing, they can be the judges. It’s a game that can be fun for everyone.

If you’re not so sure about having a little competition, then just cook together. It’s a fun indoor activity that is educational and amusing. You will teach your kids to prepare some amazing meals, and you will have a chance to spend some quality time together.

If your teens are not interested in cooking, just tell them that you see them as grown-ups and that you think how they should learn more about cooking so they can be independent. The trick of giving them independence always works.

Board Games

Board games are one of the most fun, rainy-day activities for older kids. These group games can be fun for the whole family. They are often educating and interesting.

Some of the most popular board games are Phone Phever, Monopoly, Scrabble, Cards Against Humanity, Uno, Dominoes, Cranium, Operation, etc…

I have to tell you that there are so many new board games and card games to play. All of them are so innovative and interesting. Try to look them up with your teenager and let them decide which new board game to buy.

These modern times are filled with new things we don’t even know about. So, be open to them and learn something new together with your child. These fun games are also great for teens- tweens (pre-teen children), not just for teenagers.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great indoor game for teens. Try to encourage playing this game by creating a reward system. Whoever tries the most gets a prize.

This fun indoor activity for teens can be played on Christmas or birthdays. They will be motivated to play the game because they want the gift. Just make sure to get them a great present, so they will be in the mood for a scavenger hunt next time too.

Karaoke Party

Karaoke parties are the best. It might take some time to convince your older kids that this is one of the best games for teens, but don’t give up. This is a great indoor activity during rainy days.

As a matter of fact, it can also be done outside while the temperature is hot. Many adults and teenagers think that singing is embarrassing. However, karaoke is about having fun and making an effort.

Try to explain that to your kids. Tell them that this is not about being talented and skilled. It’s about having fun while singing your favorite songs. There are many karaoke microphones and speakers available to purchase.

They’re quite cheap, but they can bring a lot of family fun into your life. Music is something that brings all of us together, so try to convince your older kids to do this.

Doing House Chores And Creating A Reward System

Doing house chores is not one of the best fun indoor activities for teens and it’s definitely not an indoor game for teens. However, it can become one. As your child is getting older, it’s important to teach him or her that doing chores matters.

We all want to spoil our children and we let them off the hook easily. It’s hard to make them do everything that should be done. But, it can be done.

As I’ve mentioned before, tweens teens, and teenagers want to seem older than they truly are. So, tell them that doing house chores is a part of being an adult.

Tell them that if they want to have nice things, and go to that friend’s birthday party, they have to show some responsibility. Since it’s possible they refuse to participate, try to offer them something in return. A small prize can do wonders. It might seem like bribery, but if it’s going to make your kid vacuum the floors it’s worth it.

Creating a habit is quite difficult, so it’s okay to reward them if they do something around the house. Another great way to motivate your kids to do some house chores is creating a competition.

For example, you can clean the bedroom, your partner can clean the kitchen, and they clean the bathroom. The one who is the fastest and most efficient wins.

I know that this seems like an unusual indoor activity for teens, but it will encourage them to do something beneficial for the whole family.

Coloring Books

I know that coloring books may sound childish, but there are adult coloring books. It’s not just about coloring a Disney Princess. There are beautiful coloring books about nature, symbols, TV characters, and much more.

They have a lot of pages, and they are very calming. This could be a great activity to include in your family’s fun time. Buy a few identical coloring books, and see whose design is the best.

This is creative, motivating, and calming for parents and kids. It’s soothing and relaxing, and it’s so simple, yet effective indoor activity for teens. You can use coloring books on sunny and rainy days.

Video Games

Video games have a bad reputation. That reputation is completely justified since most of these games are violent and time-consuming. But, as I’ve said before, we live in a modern world.

Sometimes, you just have to explore what is out there. This is a great indoor activity for teens since most teenagers love playing video games. It’s okay to limit the time of playing, but there is no reason to hate this fun indoor game. If you can’t beat them, join them.

Find a good video game that’s interesting for everyone. Buy a few joysticks and let the games begin. It’s fun, active, and competitive. Playing video games with your kids will make you look cool, and they will feel like you understand them a bit more.

Playing Sports

Playing sports is one of the greatest activities for kids. Of course, if your kids aren’t into sports, don’t push it. However, playing sports doesn’t have to be about perfection.

Playing sports is about fun and physical activity. Find a way to play sports inside the house. There are many options. It’s okay if nobody is good at these sports.

This should be a fun game for friends and family. Besides, playing sports is a great form of exercise and a great way of getting rid of negative energy.

Watching Movies

I know that watching movies doesn’t sound like an unique idea. But, many parents forget about this simple, yet fun indoor activity for teens. Everybody likes watching movies and TV.

Find a good family movie, sit back and relax. But some snacks and make some popcorn. Grab some pillows, dim the lights and enjoy. Just pick out a movie that will be fun for everyone, not just you. Teenagers and adults have different preferences, so try to think about them.

Hide And Seek

Playing hide and seek is not something that’s only recommended for little kids. This is a game that can be fun for older kids and adults. Your teenagers will probably make fun of this idea, but try to persuade them to try it.

When they feel the excitement of this old, and simple game, they will thank you for suggesting it. Experiment by turning off the lights, or wearing a blindfold.


Many people aren’t brave enough to dance in front of someone else. Your children will probably laugh at you for suggesting this, but everything can be more interesting than it sounds.

There are so many virtual dancing games, where you have to follow certain steps in order to win. This will definitely be something they will try. If they like to dance, then you don’t even have to buy a dancing game. Just play a good song and have fun together.

Learning A New Language

Learning a language doesn’t sound like a fun indoor activity for teens. However, it can become fun. Learning a language is difficult, but it becomes easy and entertaining with the right approach.

Using cards, movies, cartoons, and quizzes is a great way of learning something new. Of course, this is both educational and fun. If your kid is not interested in learning a new language even after your tricks, don’t push it.

Reading A Book

Reading a book seems like one of the best indoor activities on a rainy day. Many teenagers hate reading, but it’s a great way to relax and have fun. Reading a good book will wake up their imagination.

They will be smarter and more confident. Don’t offer your kids the books you like. Let them choose something they find interesting.

There are so many genres, and they should pick the best one. Luckily, there are so many gadgets and apps that make it easy to read every book on the planet.

Another great way to have fun while reading books is reading the same book as your child and then talking about it. It’s a great way of bonding and sharing thought and opinions.

Truth Or Dare

Playing truth or dare can be tricky for parents and kids. So, before starting this game, set some rules. This game is not about violating someone’s privacy.

It’s about having fun and being silly. Ask some simple, funny, and random questions. Don’t ask about something they don’t like to talk about.

Truth or dare is more suitable to play among friends and siblings. As a parent, you can simply suggest this indoor game, and leave the room. That way, they will probably have more fun.


There are many types of puzzles. It doesn’t matter which type you choose, every one of them is interesting and fun. It helps your kids to think harder and be more observant.

It’s simple to play and it’s something that is calming for the mind. So, don’t ignore this traditional, yet fun indoor game.

Spa Day At Home

Spa day at home sounds fun, but it’s usually not so interesting to boys. Still, try to convince all the family members to have a family spa day at home.

You can put on a hair mask and a face mask. Make a scrub by using oils and sugar. Do a pedicure and paint your nails. You can do whatever you like and whatever seems relaxing.


Again, decorating sounds girly. However, it doesn’t have to. Giving your child the freedom to decorate their own rooms is reserved for both girls and boys.

Don’t be too strict, they’re kids, and whatever they choose, they will change their opinion in a few years. You can paint the walls together, move the furniture, and do a few DIY projects together.

Working Out

Working is something that every person should be doing. If you’re someone who exercises regularly, try to inspire your children to follow your example.

Try to work out in a group, and simply have fun. If you’re not so active, this is a great time to start exercising.

Try to motivate yourself and your whole family to work out together. There will be laughs and fails, but with time, you will see progress in everyone’s physical and mental health.

Spending Time With A Pet

If you don’t have a pet in the house, think about getting one. Spending time with a pet is not always a fun family activity, but it’s great for kids to have a pet.

Teenagers are confused, sensitive, and misunderstood. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try o bond with them, it’s not working.

Having a pet will teach them to be more responsible. Besides that, a pet will give them love and support without saying a word. Sitting with your pet on a rainy day is a perfect thing to do inside the house.  Pets will always bring joy and love to your family.

Another great reason to have a pet inside is to wake up positive emotions inside your children. Kids who grow up with pets are more emotional and kind.

Therefore, don’t hesitate and get a pet that will bring the whole family closer. Having a pet is great because even when you don’t know how to amuse your kids, you have a pet to do so. Additionally, many family games will become even better when there is a pet involved.

Play With Lego

Playing with Legos is great for teenagers and adults. There are many Lego sets that are made for older kids. Purchase them and build something together.

It’s relaxing and interesting. It doesn’t require a lot of hard work or a lot of talking. Just be creative and focus on those little bricks. This is even more beneficial if you have a teenager who is stressed and angry. It will remove those negative emotions.

Taking Pictures

With all these smartphones, cameras, and gadgets, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to learn how to take a good photo. Of course, this activity is even better when you can go outside and take some pictures.

But, you can also have fun inside the house. Most teenagers like taking selfies, and photos in general. Take pictures of each other in the family, and your day will be filled with laughter.

Make silly faces and make each other laugh. Challenge your kids to take some great photos of you or the house. Besides having fun, you will create memories that will last a lifetime.


All these fun, indoor activities for teens will help you to be a better parent to your children. Some of them will be a complete failure, but some of them will work like a charm.

Some of them are great for the whole family, and some of them are great for kids only. It’s important to give teenagers enough freedom, but it’s also important to affect their lives.

Being a teenager is hard, so try to remember that. It was hard for you to be a teenager back then. It’s even harder to be a teenager now. There are so many temptations, wrong paths, and wrong decisions.

The world has so many evil things to offer. Also, the world has so many great things to offer nowadays. You have so many things to do with your kid that will be beneficial for both of you.

There are so many games, activities, and ideas. Everything is easily accessible. You just have to make an effort and figure out what works for your kids. Find something that will keep them busy.

This article will give you some great ideas. The most important thing is to think about your child. Don’t push your kids to do something you like. Try to hear them out and try to understand.

Besides these indoor activities, think about other activities as well. There are so many options nowadays. Everything is so easy to get and find. Again, don’t pressure them, but give them some suggestions.

Playing sports and playing instruments will help them to be more mentally stable and happier. It’s important to encourage good and productive behavior.

When you understand teenagers, it will be easy to find fun activities and fun games. It will be easy to have a good relationship with them. Of course, understanding is nearly impossible, but don’t give up. It’s your job to give your best.

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