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Parents Want to Know – Can You Freeze Tupperware

Parents Want to Know – Can You Freeze Tupperware

Can you freeze Tupperware question is like “to be, or not to be” for new parents and is certainly one of the most frequently asked questions.

Namely, they’ve heard about Tupperware freezer containers and know how convenient and practical they are.

However, since some of them haven’t used Tupperware freezer containers before, now they want to know if you can freeze Tupperware (a plastic containers).

So what is the answer to this question?

Since this topic (regarding Tupperware freezer containers) is a bit complex, I cannot give you a simple yes, or no.

Consequently, you should scroll below, and I’ll tell you everything about Tupperware freezer containers for freezing food!

Is It Safe to Put Tupperware in Freezer?

As I stated at the beginning, Tupperware freezer containers make life so much simpler, especially for parents (and people in general) who are prone to having leftovers.

So when you’re unsure what to do with yours, just put them in plastic containers. But does it mean that you can freeze Tupperware?

The answer is some Tupperware freezer containers can be stored inside with frozen food, but then you have some types that are not allowed to.

To be frank, you can place anything your heart desires in the freezer; however, if you’re not careful enough, you may potentially break an item, or even worse things can happen.

One of the best examples of it is glass. Not every sort of glass can be stored in a freezer or microwave.

How come?

Well, that’s because some types of it can easily crack with freezing food inside, or break when exposed to extreme temperatures.

So can this happen if you put Tupperware in the freezer?

In some instances yes.

Bear in mind that specific types of Tupperware freezer containers cannot be defined as freezer-safe, particularly food containers that are poor quality and very cheap.

These kinds of Tupperware freezer containers can quickly shatter and crack when frozen. But on a more positive note, fortunately, you can easily determine whether you can put particular Tupperware in the freezer, or not.

Discussing Tupperware Freezer Containers that You Can Freeze

Now that we determined that you can freeze Tupperware (at least some types) let’s reveal what sort of Tupperware freezer containers you are allowed to freeze!

Tupperware freezer bowls that can be frozen will typically come with a Tupperware freezer-safe symbol embedded in them.

You will most likely stumble upon a snowflake on the bottom of Tupperware freezer containers.

What’s the material like? (of the ones you can freeze food in it and put it in the freezer)

Typically, these types of Tupperware freezer containers are made from high quality, sturdy, long-lasting plastic that can effectively store everything you place inside, like liquids, foods, and snacks.

With these kinds of Tupperware freezer containers, you do not have to stress over cracks, breaks, dents, and many other inconveniences.

The Benefits Of Having Tupperware Freezer Containers

Now, that’s been concluded that you can freeze Tupperware (at least some types), let’s discuss the benefits of owning Tupperware freezer containers.

You already know that (I hope) once you decide to put food in the freezer, you need to be cautious when it comes to preventing the air from entering.

If you keep things airtight, you decrease the risk of freeze burn, negatively affecting the inside.

A vast majority of first-class Tupperware freezer containers have tight-fitting lids that are able to completely lock the air out which makes them perfect for food storage.

It means that the food items that are inside will stay fresh and unaffected much longer than the ones that are kept in typical, poor-quality freezer bags.

Besides, it’s worth mentioning that these containers will prevent the stench from impacting your frozen food.

What are the other benefits of Tupperware containers regarding freezing food?

Another great thing about these items is the fact that they are rigid.

What do I mean by that?

Namely, this means that if you decide to store some fragile foods, such as cakes or more tender fruits, Tupper freezer containers will safeguard them properly, meaning they won’t get crushed.

And to be honest, this level of security you will never get from an ordinary parchment paper or freezer bag.

Are there any other advantages of these containers?

Of course, there are. Although to some of you, this may not be too relevant, to those who care about the environment, I want to remind them that these containers are eco-friendly, unlike some other ones.

Types of Foods You Can Freeze In Tupperware

Since both of us concluded that you can freeze Tupperware, let’s uncover what meals can be held inside.

Fortunately, there are various food options at your disposal, such as stews, casseroles, spaghetti, and lasagna.

But besides that, these excellent containers can store cooked meat (like chicken), cheese, and fresh meats, for instance, steak.

What about liquids?

Yes, you can place liquids in these containers as well, for example they are excellent food storage for smoothies, stock, juice, etc.

How to Effectively Freeze Food In Tupperware Containers

You can freeze Tupperware containers relatively quickly and efficiently and below, I’ll tell you exactly what to do.

1. The first step – Make sure to cook your meals as fast as you can. Then you could put everything in a bowl in your refrigerator before you freeze food and place them in the freezer.

2. The second step – Divide food items into the portion size you wish to keep. If you need Tupperware containers for individual meals, then it would be advisable to utilize smaller containers. On the other hand, if you a freezing larger meals, then opt for bigger containers for freezing food.

3. The third step- When filling the containers, be sure that there’s a small amount of air space at the top of them. This will enable food items to extend, and simultaneously, lower freezer burn.

When Can You Freeze Tupperware?

With every sort of plastic, there comes a low temperature that can potentially cause some serious problems.

And by serious problems, I mean that plastic can become so fragile that it can easily break.

In addition, there’s a chance you could run into some issues when you decide to take out your leftovers and try to reheat them.

If, by any chance, plastic is cracked, you could have chemicals entering your foods.

As previously stated, (when discussing if you can freeze Tupperware), you should pay attention to the snowflake sign if you wish to avoid these inconveniences.

Generally speaking, you must be extra careful when storing the food in the freezer because there are a plethora of containers out there that are not supposed to be in it.

Can Food Be Frozen in Plastic Containers?

If you want to keep food safe (referring to frozen foods), then you must pick a container that comes with a high-quality vacuum sealer, and has a safe plastic that’s going to be able to expand shelf life.

Bear in mind that not every container offers the quality that you need to properly maintain food safety.

When it comes to food freezing, there’s no doubt that freezer-safe plastic Tupperware is the best possible option out there.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that any other Tupperware container isn’t able to store frozen food.

It’s just that when you do not stumble upon a freezer-safe label, you won’t be one hundred percent sure that a certain container is intended for food freezing.

That’s precisely one of the reasons why freezer-safe plastic Tupperware is a great option.  This type of Tupperware can freeze anything your heart desires without negatively affecting your foods, just like glass Tupperware.

Bear in mind that the food items that are put in low-cost, rickety containers can easily develop freezer burn.

On the other hand, if you use Tupperware, defined as freezer-safe, something like this will never occur.

That’s why Tupperware is great!

Yes, it may be costly initially, but you will save money in the long run because these containers won’t crack or break when you put them in the freezer, which, sadly, is not the case with cheaper ones.

Can You Freeze Tupperware Bowls?

One of the most common questions (when it comes to Tupperware containers) is whether you can freeze Tupperware bowls.

So is it permitted or not?

The truth is, it all depends on the sort of Tupperware bowl you are employing.

If you want to be one hundred percent sure if you can freeze Tupperware bowls, then first ensure to cast your eyes on the bottom to see if it’s tagged as freezer safe (remember the snowflake symbol I talked about).

But what are you going to do if there aren’t any signs? Can you then freeze Tupperware bowls and all your food safely?

If by any chance, you do not see any label that states that it is freezer safe, then you must rely on extra measures to ensure everything goes smoothly.

So what can be done in these instances?

For example, (if you’re unsure you can freeze Tupperware), wrap your food items in either plastic wrap or aluminum foil before putting them in the container.

Why does this matter?

Something like aluminum foil is going to safeguard your foods against freezer burn.

Can You Freeze Tupperware That’s Made From Glass?

Yes, you can freeze glass Tupperware, but not every type. If you want to be sure you’ve chosen the right sort, then don’t forget to check out the label on the glass containers.

If it states that it is freezer-safe, then you can definitely put it in the freezer. On the flip side, if that’s not emphasized, then I’m afraid you’ll have to opt for a different one.

What’s the Biggest Downside of Tupperware?

Even though it’s amazing that you can freeze Tupperware containers, their biggest drawback is the fact that they are pretty large, meaning they will take up lots of space in your freezer.

And that’s not the case with plastic bags. If you have a larger freezer, then that’s not going to be an issue when freezing food.

However, if your freezer is relatively small, then it would be advisable to employ something else to utilize the freezer space more effectively.


Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a parent or not; it’s always advisable to be careful when storing your food in plastic containers.

It’s easy to see Tupperware containers are a fantastic option (they are one of the best products out there, but don’t forget the label, please), and I assume that you are relieved now knowing that you can freeze Tupperware (at least some types) safely.

can you freeze tupperware

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