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The 6 Problems Of Adults Who Were Spoiled As Children

The 6 Problems Of Adults Who Were Spoiled As Children

Parents always have good intentions for their children.

They do their best not to repeat the same mistakes as their own parents.

They give maximum love and attention to their little ones.

And yet, it’s fair to ask whether too much love can be detrimental to a child’s development and adult life.

Sometimes, even the best intentions have bad consequences.

That’s why adults who were spoiled (spoiled rotten?) as children all have the same problems.

Clearly, most of us would like to read our children’s wishes in their eyes and give them everything they want.

But receiving too much praise and too many things in childhood can ultimately damage a person’s self-esteem.

In fact, it’s just as dangerous as too much indulgence, doing too much homework, and so on.

Yes, spoiled children have trouble managing their own lives later in life.

So here are the six typical problems people face when their parents keep saying “of course, sweetheart!”.

1. Spoiled children become adults who can’t accept failure

If we don’t learn to endure failure and disappointment as children, it affects us even more as adults when something doesn’t go our way.

Mom and Dad can no longer take our side and argue with people to ‘save’ us.

  • Parents who do homework for their ‘too tired’ children;
  • Parents who argue with other children at the park, because they didn’t let their little one go on the swing;
  • Parents who yell at the teacher for their child’s poor grades;
  • And so on!

These parents always do everything for their children, and once they’re grown up, they don’t know how to do anything for themselves.

If there’s the slightest problem, they call mom or dad.

And they do everything to avoid taking responsibility for their mistakes.

2. Spoiled children become adults who quickly give up

Sooner or later, we all find ourselves in a situation where we have to fight for something.

But the people who always got everything they wanted as kids never learned to fight for their goal.

They didn’t even learn to persevere because if something went wrong, Mom or Dad solved the problem.

Even as adults, they tend to give up as soon as they encounter an obstacle.

It’s rare then to see them persevere in a sporting activity, in a business or in anything else for that matter.

These are the types of people who have dabbled in everything, but never finished anything or even just kept going.

3. Rejection and criticism are unbearable for them

Did someone refuse to go out with them?

Didn’t get the promotion they applied for?

It must be a mistake, these people really are morons!

It’s really not their fault, but someone else’s. Someone who misjudged them.

Someone who misjudged their personality, someone who lied about them and so on.

Yes, that’s how someone who was mom or dad’s little prince (or princess) as a child reacts to rejection.

The problem: this person misses a good opportunity to question himself and grow up, because he doesn’t even suspect that sometimes, the problem lies deep inside.

Others are always to blame for failure.

But this person is perfect!

4. Spoiled children become adults who take success for granted

For spoiled children, ‘no’ doesn’t exist.

For these grown-up children, only their desires and goals count.

And everything must be done as they see fit!

Otherwise, they react like children, making tantras and throwing themselves on the floor.

As a result, they never learn to truly appreciate positive things.

Which is sad, because the ability to look forward to the little things in our lives brings many beautiful moments of happiness.

But they also don’t appreciate the big things Mom and Dad do for them.

This could be buying an apartment with their sacrifice, financial help or free childcare.

5. They can’t take the initiative

Why get involved when everything works itself out?

People who, as children, only had to say “give” to achieve something, often wait for others to take care of important things and solve them.

Why should I take part in this group project?

There are already six people working on it.

Just put my name down.

And that goes for everything.

They don’t make an effort in their love relationships, they don’t help their parents and they always rely on their friends to do something.

They take without giving!

6. They always think they’re overworked

I’m moving…

I have to change my address, stop my subscriptions, call my employer, etc.

Oh my goodness!

I don’t know where to start!

If everything was served up to them in childhood, how can they suddenly have every segment of life, every obligation under control now that they’re on their own or adults?

No wonder the pampered are often overworked and nervous.

We can’t really blame them…

But there is some consolation for all those spoiled by their parents who now have to face the consequences: what their parents missed, life finds an unconventional way of teaching us.

And, fortunately, we learn new things all our lives and adapt to the demands placed on us.

Even when we were spoiled as children.