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The Best Sleeping Positions For Colic Baby

The Best Sleeping Positions For Colic Baby

If you’re looking for a solution for your colicky baby or an infant, this article is for you.

We will discuss the best sleeping positions for colic babies and other things that will help. When you have a colic baby, you feel frustrated and sad. Your baby is crying and you can see that he or she is in a lot of pain.

You’re trying hard to comfort your child, but nothing seems to be working. If you and your partner are new parents, this can feel like a failure.

Because of that, I will give you some tips and tricks that will help with this problem. Don’t feel bad because you don’t know what to do. Even if this isn’t your first child, it’s normal to be stuck sometimes.

Besides, every baby is different and it’s hard to find what works for every child. Some of the best sleeping positions for colic babies can be ineffective in some cases.

That’s why it’s great to explore and educate yourself about these things. You’re a great parent, and the fact that you have a crying baby doesn’t mean anything. This is a phase that every child has to go through.

Of course, some kids go through it easier than others. You need to stay calm no matter what. Your calmness will help you to find the best solution for your colic baby and you will be able to provide great care.

What Is A Colic Baby?

Colic is a long, frequent, and intense crying session in a healthy baby. If your baby is crying for no apparent reason while being perfectly healthy, it means that you have a colic baby.

Don’t worry, every baby goes through this stage, and you will survive this. It’s important to keep in mind that colicky babies are little human beings. Their bodies are still developing and they’re getting used to everything.

It takes time for a baby to develop completely, so you shouldn’t be worried about these things. Colic happens during the first few months of a baby’s life.

If you see that your baby is crying out of nowhere, usually in the afternoon or at night, it’s probably colic. Baby’s face gets red and you can see their fists clenching, and legs moving.

Of course, your baby can have other similar symptoms. If you’re sure that there is no medical problem, and your baby is having these outbursts, it’s colic.

Cause Of Colic

When it comes to the cause of colic, there truly is no definite cause. A colicky baby is fussy baby and nervous during the first few months after birth, which can be connected to an undeveloped digestive system.

So, the cause of colic is probably a problem in the baby’s digestive system. They simply can’t digest certain foods. Even if they’re only breastfeeding, sometimes the breast milk can cause a colicky baby.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is also something that can be the cause of colic. The main symptoms of reflux are spitting up and vomiting. A doctor can give you some information about treating reflux disease, so don’t wait for too long before making an appointment.

However, reflux disease is quite common in babies, so there is no reason for a bigger concern. As the baby gets older, this condition will go away on its own.

Maybe you’re eating or drinking something that can be a trigger for colic. Sometimes, the cause of colic can be eating too much or sleeping in the wrong position.

However, a cause of colic can also be some health issues, food allergies, or bacterial infection. Babies communicate with their crying. That’s why it’s important to see a doctor when you notice a colicky baby.

If your doctor confirms that there is nothing wrong with your baby and that this phase is a colic phase, go home, and get to work. Do your best to help your baby by using some tricks and methods that provide relief.

The Best Sleeping Positions For Colic Baby

Finding the best sleeping positions for colic babies is essential because the position of their little bodies can help with the colic tremendously.

The best sleeping position for your baby is sleeping on the back. This position is good for their bodies, and spines. So, place the baby on the back, and you safe sleeping is guaranteed.

Even more important, sleeping on the back can reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Your baby should always sleep like this, on a flat surface without any things or pillows that could get in the way.

Many parents suggest sleeping on the tummy. Sleeping on the stomach may help with the pain in the abdomen, but it’s not safe for a baby.

Sleeping on the side is also not recommended, but if you feel that it’s helping your baby, allow him or her to sleep like that, while you’re there to supervise. Some doctors will recommend experimenting with sleeping positions, but please be careful and watch over your baby.

Unfortunately, you can’t help your baby so much with adjusting the sleeping position. However, other things can soothe the baby. Colicky babies are nervous and they have trouble falling asleep. So, try to help your child while he or she is awake.

There are many tutorials and suggestions on which positions are great to help your baby. I will also give you some great suggestions that will bring your baby relief.

How To Help A Colicky Baby

Since there isn’t an ultimate list of best sleeping positions for colic baby, you should look into other ways to help soothe the baby.

Swaddle Your Baby

A great way to soothe the baby is swaddling. Swaddling your baby is a form of calming effect and it’s great for colic relief. Your colicky baby will feel safe and supported when swaddled.

Use A White Noise Machine Or A “Shushing” Sound

A shushing sound reminds the baby of being in your womb. It’s calming and it helps to soothe the baby. You can also try using white noise to help them feel better. Colicky babies need a lot of help to sleep well. So, try to use this method to improve that.

Choose Stomach Or Side Position

When it comes to the best sleeping positions for a colic baby, the stomach and side are not a great choice. However, while your baby is awake and crying try to put him or her on the stomach or side. This could bring a lot of relief.


Gently swinging and bouncing your baby can help with the discomfort. However, be careful not to shake the baby. Find a good rhythm that will soothe the baby.


Massage as a way to soothe the baby is one of the most efficient ways to help a colicky baby. Gentle, circular motions will do wonders.

You can massage the baby’s stomach and chest, but massaging feet and other body parts can also be helpful. Since the most common cause of colic is the baby’s digestive system, a good stomach massage can help a lot with gasses and discomfort.

Try To Get The Gas Out

Try to move the baby’s legs up and down in order to remove the gas from the tummy. It’s not uncommon for colicky babies to pass gasses more since their little tummies are filled with them.

Comfort The Baby

You know what your baby likes. Use a bottle, pacifier, or your breast to soothe the baby. Play him or her some great song

What Else To Do To Soothe The Baby?

Besides choosing the best sleeping positions for colic babies and performing certain actions to help the baby, you can always take better care of your diet.

Foods to Avoid When Your Baby Is Colic


Everything that contains gluten should be avoided when breastfeeding. Gluten can cause bloating and gasses in adults too.

Avoid wheat, oats, rye, and barley. Of course, if your baby is handling gluten well, you don’t have to avoid it. However, better safe than sorry, since gluten is popular for causing digestive problems.

Certain Vegetables

Vegetables like onions, garlic, cabbage, broccoli, and beans can be the cause of colic because of their ingredients. Therefore, it would be good to stop eating these foods while your baby is colicky.

Dairy Products

Milk and dairy products like cheese, ice cream, or yogurt, can worsen colic. They make your baby feel gassy and bloated. If you like these products, you can always choose a dairy-free option. There are many choices available to purchase.

Certain Fruits

Some fruits like melons, peaches, and prunes can aggravate your colicky baby. Try to eat some other fruits to avoid colic. Fruit is important for better digestion and hydration, so just find something more suitable that won’t affect your baby.

If you avoid these things, your baby should get better. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water, just avoid these foods.

Of course, if you think that the food is not the cause of colic, you can always test it. Try to eat certain food and see what happens. Then, try to avoid it and watch the results.

As I’ve said, every baby is different, and you have to find the perfect formula to help your colic baby. That’s why I’m suggesting all these things.

I would like to mention that if you’re not breastfeeding, make sure to choose a good baby formula. Use some of the mentioned techniques, tips, and information to help your baby feel better. Research more about the best sleeping positions for colic babies and other movements that bring relief.

Talk To Your Doctor

There is no cure for colic. However, you can talk to your doctor and see if are there any recommendations. Probiotics or colic drops can help relieve digestive problems.

Colic drops contain ingredients that help the gas to get out from the baby’s tummy. Some teas can help if you drink it or your baby. Of course, all of this should be suggested by your doctor.

Sometimes, there could be a bigger reason for your colicky baby. Maybe your baby has some condition or illness. Your doctor will help you with everything you need, you just need to follow the doctor’s orders.

Many women can’t help their babies, but they choose not to go to the doctor. As I’ve said, if your baby is colic, nothing will help too much. However, it’s important to be 100% sure that it’s colic, not something more serious, so don’t hesitate to contact the doctor and ask for a piece of advice. Maybe there is a medical reason for this.

Nothing Is Working And You’re Desperate

Colic babies are difficult to handle. You can do everything you’ve read in this article and see no improvement. That is very frustrating for parents, but it’s not your fault. Sometimes, tips and tricks don’t work.

I’ve explained that colic is complicated to treat. I am sure that you will give your best to help your baby, and I am sure that you will succeed.

However, if nothing is working, I want you to stay strong. Your baby is crying and you can’t help him or her. Colic babies are stubborn and sometimes nothing works.

I know that you’re desperate, sleep-deprived, and tired. I know that your biggest desire is for your baby to stop crying. And here you are, searching all the information available. If the crying doesn’t stop, you have to keep going.

Keep going forward and look for solutions. As soon as your baby or infant gets colic relief, you will be relieved as well. Until that happens, try to be calm.

Remind yourself that colic is normal. It’s something that happens to everyone. It’s nobody’s fault, and it takes time to pass.

If you get too nervous or stressed, you could make the situation worse. Babies can sense your level of stress. A nervous mom equals a nervous baby. Try to stay calm and patient. As new parents, you and your partner should stick together.

It will pass even if nothing helps. After a few months, everything will be normal again. If you’re extremely tired, ask for help. Ask your partner to take turns in comforting the baby.

Contact your family to help you. Taking some time to rest and sleep is good. That won’t make you a bad mom. Your child needs you, and if you’re not able to function properly then step aside for a while.

Your brain will be well rested after a good night’s sleep and a new day could bring some positive surprises. You might even think of some new tips and tricks that will help.


Best sleeping positions for colic babies and infants are just a part of colic treatments. There are many tips and tricks that will probably help you and your baby if you use them correctly.

If the colic relief doesn’t happen, don’t worry because this period of your baby’s life will go away. Colic is not here to stay forever. Colic is not a serious medical condition, and you just have to keep your composure.

Kathy Bolam

Wednesday 29th of May 2024

Wish I had these ideas when I had two colicky babies! One in 1968 and the second baby in 1971. My first baby needed to be put on neo-mulsoy (sp?) formula which cleared up his problem but still cried all night and slept all day!! Finally ended at exactly 3 months. Second baby had colic too and cried all day but slept fretfully all night long. Severe constipation that lasted all of her life. Finally had to have all but 4 inches of her large intestine removed. She was diagnosed with a condition where she had very little peristolsis (sp?) in her elementary canal. She is doing well, thank goodness. I feel sad when I hear of mothers experiencing colic but it does have an end.

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Tuesday 2nd of April 2024

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